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Historical Monuments in Campeche

3 historical monuments in Campeche

Historical Monuments in Campeche
Campeche Wall
Campeche was a very successful port dedicated to the export of timber and dyes, as well as gold and silver from nearby regions. This certainly does not go unnoticed as caribbean pirates began attacking just 6 years after it was founded in the year 1540. For 200 years they terrorized Campeche, raping, burning and robbing their people. In the year 1668, 5 years after an attack by pirates brotherhoods all bonded, the Spanish monarchy decided to constructed a thick wall of 2.5 km. It was of Hexagon shape and surrounding the community. The wall had 5 bastions or links between the sides of the wall, which acted as strong where troops were staying, due to its large size. At present only 4 bastions and much of the old wall stand, which becomes the major tourist attraction of the city.
Historical Monuments in Campeche
Baluarte of San Carlos
For a good panoramic view to the ocean but no assistance about history place.
Historical Monuments in Campeche
Stronghold of San Francisco
Because of the importance and the role that the Franciscan missionaries played in Mayan village, the land owes its name to this bastion. This is another of the fortifications of the city that still exists standing. The fort of San Francisco was responsible, along with St. John's, for the defense of the Puerta de Tierra. It has 2 small rooms, where the library is now the National Institute of Anthropology and History. Towards the end of the 19th century it took half of its structure to make space for a train. In its garden one can see the old ramp access to the roof where there are some nice views you can enjoy. The bastion of San Francisco has been restored to its original size and you can see the guard room, the storage room and the barracks, among other thinsg.