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Things to do in Mexico

14.596 contributors
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The top 5.614 attractions in Mexico

Ruins in Chichén-Itzá
Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza is the most famous Mayan city in the Yucatan Peninsula. It's also in a lot better shape than the other ruins, by a pretty wide margin. I was hoping to be able to climb one of the pyramids as I had done at the ruins in Coba, but unfortunately they no longer allow this. Apparently it was allowed a few years ago but I imagine that there were so many tourists that they had to take measures to ensure the conservation of the ruins. Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders of the world and, as you'd expect, if full of both tourists and local vendors hawking souvenirs. My favorite part was the iconic pyramid ("El Castillo" to the locals) which is 24 meters high and has 356 steps. It was built with astronomical symbolism and the Mayans performed sacrifices in the Sacred Cenote nearby. Also, you can't miss the Temple of the Warriors, the Thousand Columns, and the El Caracol observatory.
Beaches in Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen
Disfrutando decrecorrer poco en el Hotel Sandos Caracol Eco Resort encontramos mucho descanso y actividades p toda la familia. Su playa von Muchas piedras pero t obligan a nadar a bancos de arena emocionantes
Archaeological Sites in Tulum
Mayan Ruins of Tulum
These Mayan ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea make up one of the many archaeological sites scattered throughout the Yucatan peninsula (and much of Central America). They are not largest or best preserved Mayan ruins in Mexico, but their location overlooking the Caribbean and especially their proximity to the tourist resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, make them one of the country's most popular archaeological sites. Crowded or not, it's worth the visit.
Historical Monuments in San Juan Teotihuacan
The Pyramid of the Moon measures forty two meters of height and eighteen thousand square meters of base. It is the largest building in Teotihuacan after the Pyramid of the Sun, but it is not less important. I feel personally the most impressed by the large square that is at its base. And because you have to walk down the Avenue of the Dead to get to it, giving it a mystique of its own. It is exciting to get close to the pyramid and climb as much as possible, since it does not have as many tourists as the Pyramid of the Sun it is easier to connect more with the environment. Reaching the Pyramid of the Moon was the perfect end to our visit to Teotihuacan.
Palaces in Cuauhtémoc
Palacio de Bellas Artes
The Palace of Fine Arts, located in the historic center of Mexico City, is the main house of culture of the country, considering that it is the most important opera house in Mexico and the center is dedicated to the fine arts in all of its fields . UNESCO declared an artistic monument in 1987 and to see it is actually quite breathtaking due to its majestic construction and the shear size of it.
Theme Parks in Xcaret
Xcaret Park
This is one of the most important archaeological eco parks in the Maya Riviera, where you can enjoy many activities in direct contact with nature such as: swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, diving, sea trekking, exploring coral reefs, swimming in underground rivers, swimming in the sea, the creek or natural ponds, etc. You can also see many animals in their natural habitat. Finally, visitors can enjoy various shows aimed at tourists to understand Mexican culture, from its beginnings to its meaning today.
Canyons in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Sumidero Canyon
The Gully Canyon is a deep narrow canyon, located 5 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutierrez, capital of Chiapas, Mexico. The cliffs of this canyon are more than 1000 meters high. The river Grijalva, which runs through it, has a depth of over 250 meters. The fault line developed about twelve million years ago. In the Sierra Norte de Chiapas it is among the most spectacular, with walls that rise over 1300 feet. The river is flowing through the states of Chiapas and Tabasco and flows into the Gulf of Mexico. In its southern entrance, the canyon begins in Chiapa de Corzo, and flows into the artificial reservoir of the hydroelectric dam Manuel Moreno Torres, best known as "Chicoasén". The relevance sump barrel is such that part of the Shield of Chiapas. By its unique beauty and historical significance, the icon of Chiapas is nominated for one of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" as the sole representative of Mexico in this international competition.
Beaches in Cancún
Cancun Beach
There are many things that I love about the Caribbean Sea, mainly the tranquility of the sea in the month of May. I went to Cancun two times and the first time, I loved the blue Caribbean Sea. It is beautiful and a nice place to see. The beaches of Cancun are nice and have a diver maritime life. There are also 7 different blues in the ocean.
Waterfalls in Salto de Agua
Agua Azul Falls
The water color impresses you. It is a beautiful blue. The beauty of the place is unforgettable. It is worth coming to get away from it all. treat yourself to this wonderful landscape on your next trip.
Ruins in Palenque
The Mayan city of Palenque is something no one should miss when visiting Mexico. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is in the area of ​​Chiapas, Mexico in the south. The buildings here have been around since the 7th century, so this fact alone is an incredible sight. The buildings are characterized by peculiar "peaks" crowning the tops. Since the city was abandoned by the Maya, it was quickly covered by jungle vegetation, and was not rediscovered until the eighteenth century. Since then, archaeologists have discovered up to 34 buildings, but it is believed that there are still more than 1,000 structures covered by the forest. The place is just amazing, and it is impossible to imagine the scale of this enormous city in full swing. The most important building is the Temple of Inscriptions, a huge pyramid named after the tables with hieroglyphics found inside. Also, the sarcophagus of King Pacal is inside this temple. He once ruled the city. Other buildings are located around the central square, like the Palace, where there are sculptures and reliefs in stucco. Two baseball fields are there too.
Beaches in Tulum
Tulum Beach
After visiting all the archaeological area, a swim comes in handy. Honestly, this would be a beautiful beach if it wasn't for all the people. It makes sense that it's crowded because many people hire an excursion to the ruins and then have a little free time until they go back to their hotels and this is the only beach available within walking distance from the ruins. It's accessed by a wooden staircase and has many coves which are formed by the rocks there. It's beautiful, and even more beautiful is the view.
Islands in Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres
A beautiful island 20 mims from Cancun. Peace and good cheer reigns. Incredible sunsets, good food, tequilas, mezcal, bars with live bands and small native places to move your hips ... A dream come true!
Historical Monuments in Chichén-Itzá
Viewpoints in Cuauhtémoc
Torre Latino
The Torre Latinoamericana is a skyscraper in the historic center of Mexico City, which offers a spectacular view from the 45th floor, from which you can see the main square, the Museum of Fine Arts and the whole city centre. Its central location, height and history of surviving several earthquakes, have made it one of the most emblematic buildings of the City of Mexico. It´s worth visiting for the pictures that can be taken from the top, although the entrance fee is a bit expensive for a building, 51 Mexican pesos (about $ 9).
Islands in Isla Holbox
Holbox Island
Holbox Island is a place that keeps the tranquility of a quiet fishing village in perfect harmony with nature. There are expansive fine white sand beaches that are full of shells that get washed by calm waters. It's the ideal place to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. It can be a bit touristy, given how wonderful it is. It's very close to mangroves, and right next to the famous area where the whale shark is. It can be very close to a variety of birds, enjoy moonless nights of bioluminescence in the water, and spectacular sunsets
Shopping Centres in Playa del Carmen
The Fifth Avenue
I think the best time to visit the area is once the sun has set. There are many premium brand stores, of clothing, crafts and jewellery among others. You must visit 5th Avenue during your trip to Playa del Carmen. I'm sure some will buy something in its shops or enjoy a delicious meal in one of its many local, regional and international restaurants.
Squares in Cuauhtémoc
Surely, the most known place in Mexico. In the historic center, right where the city of Tenochtitlan starts, you can find one of the biggest squares in the world. Surrounded by the Cathedral of Mexico of by the National Palace and with a huge flag in the center, it´s a place tourists must see. There are often manifestations and popular protests.
Of Touristic Interest in Cuauhtémoc
Historic Center of Mexico City
They say that Mexico City is one of the most chaotic cities in the world but the truth is that the historic center is less so. If you spend along time in Zocalo Square and you get into a bit in this area it's less touristy but be prepared for shopping with many people, many stalls and noise and movement.