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Things to do in Nuevo León

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The top 589 attractions in Nuevo León

Gardens in Monterrey
Fundidora Park
Fundidora Park is a place with many attractions. The whole family can enjoy the skating rink, the skateboard ramps, a track, the 3 km of lakes and many more things. There´s an abundance of things to do!
Historical Monuments in Monterrey
The city of Monterrey (Metropolitan City of Our Lady of Monterrey) was founded in 1596 by Don Diego de Montemayor, on the edge of a spring known as "The Eyes of St. Lucia". This is the place where this statue stands today, next to a mural that recalls the origin of this beautiful and important Mexican city. The fountain is in Monterrey Macroplaza and both locals and tourists often walk there.
Rivers in Monterrey
Santa Lucia Riverwalk (Paseo Santa Lucia)
When I think back to this place, I want to go back but this time with someone and not alone, maybe a few friends for company and to have a good time with.
Of Cultural Interest in Monterrey
Cerro de la Silla
I'm a photographer for the American Football teams for the Technology of Monterrey Campus, Mexico City Campus, and I got to visit the Garza Lagüera field. The view of Cerro de la Silla from this field is beautiful. Watching the game at the foot of the hill is more pleasurable.
Nature Reserves in Santiago
Cola de Caballo
It is a park in Santiago, 45 km from Monterrey. There is green vegetation in abundance but most impressive is its waterfall that's 25 meters high, giving its name to the park. The water runs through the Sierra Madre Oriental and falls noisily against the rocks. A great place to spend a Sunday as it has picnic areas and footpaths and cycle tracks.
Nature Reserves in Monterrey
Parque Natural La Estanzuela
The day after we arrived n Monterrey, we set out to do a tour of this wonderful place. With the time change and a difference of 20°C, we had no idea the fatigue that we would suffer on the way up. But, the landscape captivated us, and even with the jet-lag and humidity, it was completely worth it. We reached the top completely breathless. It´s located south of the city by National Highway 85. There are beautiful and peaceful trails that penetrate the pine and oak forests and pass near beautiful streams, waterfalls and the majestic Alamos.
Museums in Monterrey
Museo de Historia Mexicana
Museo de Historia Mexicana is part of 3 museums along with the Museo del Palacio de Gobierno and the Museo del Noreste, making up part of the Paseo Santa Lucia complex. Recently opened, on November 30 1994, by the then President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and the Governor of the state of Nuevo Leon, Mr. Socrates Rizzo. Extremely thorough and well-prepared tourist facilities.
Museums in Monterrey
Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey
I have very fond memories of visiting this beautiful city of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon state. When I look back, I am dazzled at how beautiful it was. I will talk to you about one of the museums that is in the downtown area, "The Metropolitan Museum" located opposite the Plaza Zaragoza, in the heart of the historic city center, formerly Palace Municipal. This museum has four temporary exhibitions, a central courtyard and an auditorium where they perform various cultural activities. In advance I apologize for the poor quality of the video, but I hope they will give you an idea of ​​this beautiful museum.
Cities in Monterrey
Zoos in Monterrey
Safari in Montemorelos
Estrella Bio-park
It is on Highway Jilotepec-Ixtlahuaca in Edo. of Mexico. 350 protected hectares, of which only 100 are open to the public. In Bioparque Star you have the chance to see 40 different animal species.
Cathedrals in Monterrey
Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Monterrey
This was a brief visit to the city of Monterrey and I came across this beautiful sight. Its seems to have been been established for a long time and I found it very worth seeing. The people are hospitable and friendly and these places area always filled with tourists like me.
Shopping Malls in Monterrey
Caves in Monterrey
Grutas de Garcia
It's really tempting to spend a couple of hours outside in the fresh air, especially when you are out at 40°C. This was one of the largest and unspoiled caves I've ever seen in my life. Spectacular! To get there, you go by cable car, which climbs the 80 meters to the entrance of the caves. Its impressive rock formations fill the spacious "rooms" in the caves. Some are famous for their beauty and spectacular nature, like the light room, which is illuminated by a beam of natural light that comes from a hole in the cave's roof. The eighth wonder of the world, is a formation in which a stalactite and a stalagmite have combined to complete a column. The air lounge has a balcony 40 meters high with a splendid view of the "hand", from which you can see an amazing hand-shaped stalagmite. There are also many fascinating structures, like the theatre and the Christmas tree, due to the formation of rocks and caves with superb lighting.
Museums in Monterrey
Theme Parks in Monterrey
Chipinque Ecological Park
Monterrey, NL, Mexico is known for its lovely mountains where you can find the Sierra Madre Oriental, in the municipality of San Pedro Garza Garcia. It is easy to get to as Chipinque Ecological Park as it is just 15 minutes from the center. If you are staying in one of the hotels in the city get a taxi to bring you directly there. Chipinque is a lovely forest in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. Visitors usually go up by car or walk down the road that takes you to a clearing where you will find a playground for kids and a hotel with cabins that have a fireplace. Also the Hotel Restaurant has a buffet of Mexican food. But the main attraction of this place is to walk the trails and you will see hundreds of hikers going up as a form of exercise. In different parts, you will find tiny concourses where visitors park their cars and use grill stone and cement to light a campfire and roast meat, as it is the typical dish of this region of Mexico . Almost at the main concourse, there is a beautiful space with wooden floor and bedding and used by lovers of yoga and meditation. There are also devices where exercising the body. At various points along the way, you can see the landscape, especially looking down, look where the mountains and the vast metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, where live more than 3 million people. Legend has it that in the eighteenth century in this region had an Indian chief named Chipincu and hence derived the name of this park. For those ve live in this region, it is a privilege to go regularly to commune with nature in a beautiful place. In the photos we can see the beauty of the Sierra Madre, which is undoubtedly the pride. We reside in the great city of San Pedro Garza Garcia.
Shopping Malls in Monterrey
Stadiums in San Nicolás de los Garza