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Things to do in Oaxaca

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The top 307 attractions in Oaxaca

Nature Reserves in Oaxaca
Hierve El Agua
Good. I don´t have a lot to add to what Javier wrote, but I was there when it was almost evening time, and honestly the place gets even more charming! I had gone with a tour with a travel agency in Oaxaca, honestly nothing extraordinary and I guess you can go also on a public bus. I´ll share some pictures.
Ruins in Monte Albán
Monte Alban Archaeological Zone
My visit to Monte Alban was no accident, it was a September afternoon and it was rather cloudy outside, the temperature was perfect, less heat less sun in the afternoon and there is less visitors and it is quieter. It is a wide boulevard with pyramids on both sides, the view is great from any height and better at the end. The silence, the light breeze, views, and outer peace communicates with each other and breathes unparalleled inner peace. It was worth the journey and to Oaxaca (10 km), which is a beautiful colonial city. It´s a good idea to go for around 3 days more or less.
Historical Monuments in Oaxaca
Oaxaca Old Town
Oaxaca is one of those few cities in the world which offers visitors pleasant weather throughout the year. It also offers a great culinary culture, art, folklore, tradition and fun. In the city of Oaxaca the annual average temperature is 22 º C. Wonderful! The food of Oaxaca is famous because it offers a great variety of dishes, like green coloradito, stews and Chichilo and Oaxacan tamales. A delight! Another wonder is Oaxacan chocolate liquor, which was originally sacred and you mix it with sugar and milk and drink it warm. A treat in the colonial times. Oaxaca is full of magic and charm. The people are good, simple and very friendly. All this combined with its ancient architecture, with buildings dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the narrow streets, and above all, its wide range of hotels, restaurants and cafes, makes it a very attractive city for tourism. There are many places of interest, like its Cathedral, the construction of which began in the year 1535, the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman, the Church of the Company of Jesus, the Church of San Augustine, the Church and former Convent of San Francisco and a long list of churches dating from the colonial era, true national treasures and cultural relics. Some of these old buildings are now converted into museums, hotels and restaurants and are visited by thousands of tourists annually. Oaxaca is famous for its traditional festivals, especially the celebration of the "Guelaguetza", celebrated annually during the month of July. This big party, responds a mix of pre-Hispanic beliefs and rituals combined with the customs introduced by the Spanish, and evolving with the history of Oaxaca, has emerged this beautiful tradition that is celebrated with parades, dances, food and cultural shows where Oaxacan all involved. Its name is derived from a Zapotec word which means love, sacrifice and sympathy. I share in this corner some of the photos that will be in my memories.
Beaches in Mazunte
Playa de Mazunte
Mazunte is a village near Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca. There's some beautiful beaches, but sometimes it isn't as beautiful and idyllic because sometimes there are beached whales - in this case, it was still alive but nothing could be done, it had become entangled in fishing nets and soon died. With the heat in the area it is breaking down and decomposing quickly so we had to bury it but we removed the bones for further study.
Of Touristic Interest in Santa María del Tule
Arbol del Tule
Of all the beautiful places in Oaxaca, one of the most extraordinary and unique places to visit is the huge Arbol del Tule tree. And after 2000 years, it's 40 metres tall with a diameter of 52.58 meters, and weighs 509 tons. Located in a town near Oaxaca, called Santa Maria El Tule, it's the area's main attraction. It's considered one of the largest trees in the world (in Oaxaca, they say it is the most) and with a little imagination, you can see many of the "figuaras" in the bark. Nearby is the region's markets offering handicrafts, regional food, snow, and the hospitality of the Santa Maria de Tule people. It's worth sitting on one of the benches located around the tree for a while, admiring this overwhelming tree with its bark, its branches, and its leaves.
Beaches in Puerto Escondido
Puerto Escondido
I went 2 years ago at Easter and it had a great atmosphere because the party does not stop . It is very nice for me, after twenty years of being in Oaxaca, to go and I could hardly find a place I really like. It was very beautifu, the dress is so beautiful , as well as the people and beautiful beaches.
Bays in Huatulco
Huatulco Bay
The coffee estate "Villa Don Gabriel" is located 40 minutes from Huatulco in a town called Pluma Hidalgo situated between the hills and the Oaxacan fog. I spent one night with my family there, disconnected from urban life without the sounds of cars and disruptions of technology. It was a wonder, especially the coffee experience. When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly host and offered freshly baked bread and a cup of coffee. We got a tour of the coffee factory and the process leading to the production of coffee from the plant to the cup was explained. The tour ended with a museum visit, where you find coffee grinders hundreds of years old and freshly harvested beans, depicting the flavors of Mexico. In the evening, the restaurant offered all sorts of traditional Oaxacan dishes that my family and I enjoyed: tlayudas, memelas, quesadillas with fresh hand-made tortillas, smoked meat, sausage and cheese, all accompanied with fresh water. There were also traditional Oaxacan moles. We stayed in a cabin suite equipped with all a hotel's amenities: bathroom with hot water, king size bed, a closet for all your stuff, and totally rustic décor. There was an addition of an extra not found anywhere else: a terrace with mountain views. I literally awoke with the vistas of Pluma Hidalgo peeping through my window. When we weren't eating or resting, we were in the pool area, incredible and perfect for an afternoon of lounging. This area has hammocks and lounge chairs for reading or napping, and an area to enjoy snacks while you relax. Best of all, there is a tirolesa above, where you can have fun and feel the rush as you fly through the clouds. There is always something to do, it's a unique experience. If you are going to be in Huatulco or Oaxaca City, you must visit Finca Don Gabriel, whether you want to relax, meditate, get away for a weekend, or just spend time with the family. The experience offered to its guests is something worth visiting and living.
Churches in Oaxaca
Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman
Oaxaca is a place where history invades the streets. When walking among the great cathedrals notice that such constructions are part of a past that was full of magic and culture. The locals retain their roots and spread it to visitors.
Markets in Oaxaca
Mercado benito juárez
The market in Oaxaca in the state of the same name, has the unique distinction of being the first market on your trip from Mexico City to Chiapas where you find Mayan culture. The characteristics, the products...everything is so different from colonial-style Puebla or the coastal cities. The most popular treat in the Oaxaca market are "chapulines," red roasted crickets in a plastic bag, seasoned with salt, lemon, and a pinch of spice. Another regional product is red chili peppers which are sold dried and are part of some of the region's more spicy dishes. The market itself is the same since the 17th century. The market actually reminds me a lot of ones I saw in Guatemala, both in the look and way of speaking: "what're you having," "we've got chapulines," there's tequila," "chilis over here"...the same rhythm throughout the entire market. Besides fruits and vegetables, you'll find plenty of to-go food ready to take back to the hotel or to enjoy right there on one of the little tables. It's a great way to spend a moment enjoying the activity of the market, the calls of the people, and the atmosphere charged with colors and smells.
Beaches in Zipolite
A truly heavenly place with a variety of vegetation and wildlife, it's recommendable to arrive by Pochutla Oax., You can take a flight to Huatulco and from there by car or lorry to Zipolite, there's a beach for hippies or people with an open mind.
Nature Reserves in Oaxaca
Parco Nazionale Lagunas de Chacahua
An unforgettable experience ... bioluminescence, magic, and mangroves ... warm and friendly service, and I know we'll be back. The best way to get there is from the port, where a combi will take you to Zapotalito. It takes about 30 minutes, and costs 10 pesos.
Beaches in Puerto Escondido
Playa Zicatela
International surfers really like Zicatela beach. We were there for my 62nd birthday on and stayed in a place overlooking the beach with wonderful sunsets most days. There is nearby bar that connects the river to the sea and has exotic birds.
Ruins in Oaxaca
Mitla is a palace built by the Zapotecs who called it Lyobaa, or resting place. The Aztecs renamed this place as Micltán, hence the current name means place of the dead. These ruins are evidence of the splendor of its people. It's known that this region had a great development from 1000 AD until the arrival of the Spanish. This place has underground tombs made of stone. If you are not claustrophobic, you can reach them, where you will find cross-shaped ornaments which existed before Christianity came to America. It's murals are decorated in a stunning geometric design that are made up of thousands of perfectly cut and assembled pieces giving shape to the Grecos, images that you can appreciate. It's a great place to visit and to learn its history and to remember. Additional info at the website: http://www.Cdtravel.Net/turismo/arque/mitla.Htm
Cathedrals in Oaxaca
Oaxaca Cathedral
The city of Oaxaca is imaginable. With a party atmosphere in restaurants that are colorful, in craft shops selling crafts in the main streets and a major architectural style shown in representative buildings: Teatro Macedonio and of course the Cathedral. The city of Oaxaca worth visiting.
Of Cultural Interest in Oaxaca
Beaches in Puerto Escondido
Main Beach
This is a nice beach for people who are just getting started with marine activities as the waves here are not large as in Zicatela. Here, there is also the pier watching tours where you can see turtles, dolphins and whales hopefully. Fishermen arrive with products and later cook their catch.
Squares in Oaxaca
Plaza Santo Domingo
The bell towers of the Cathedral of Puebla are the highest in Mexico. (They are 69 metres.) The interior is really stunning. The side chapels are very ornate, very baroque, and the frescos, especially the one at the high altar, are spectacular. Outside the Cathedral Square is surrounded by a fence decorated with angels, ve, with a background of clouds, make this place even more beautiful.
Of Cultural Interest in Oaxaca
Jaguar Yuu Cafe
The Jaguar Yuu (which means Jaguar House) houses the Tourist Information Centre of Oaxaca. It boasts more than 3000 books, magazines and documents relating to travel, cultures, history and geography of Mexico and the world. They also have an internet service and meeting rooms and organize tastings and cultural events. There is a nice cafe called the Jaguar Yuu Cafe where organic and homemade delicacies are sold. This place is perfectly suited for those ve enjoy admiring and caring for the planet and its wonders. French and a little Japanese are spoken.