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Restaurants in Mexico

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1.940 places to eat in Mexico

Restaurants in Ciudad de México
Sanborns Casa de los Azulejos
This home is in the historic center of Mexico City, just next to Fine Arts and the Latin American Tower. It was built during colonial times and is currently part of the Samborns chain. You can find many classic shops and restaurants and it has decent food and very friendly staff.
Culinary Interest in Mérida
Ice Cream and Sorbet Shop Colón
Offensive, shocking, because the waiters insult the guests who come in and do not to tip more than what they want, as it is not mandatory and it depends on the attitude and service provided. I will not go with my family, I would rather go to another place the next time I go to Merida.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
La casa de toño
For Pozoles, head to La Casa de Toño. If Pozoles aren´t your thing, try the quesadillas, tostadas, sopes, flautas, etc ... For dessert, try the flan made by and old woman (with caramel). If you go on a weekend go early because it gets super full ... but it´s worth the wait!
Restaurants in Ocoyoacac
La Escondida Restaurant
Hello today we are going to share with you this fantastic corner where as usual the service from the waiters is great, where you have to pay between 10 to 20 percent tips, it is the custom here. Go ahead and enjoy this restaurant if you have time.
Restaurants in Guadalajara
El Abajeño
Good service from staff, tasty food and a good atmosphere. All for a very good price. You'll certainly have to book a reservation in advance if it's a peak visiting time because it really fills up. It's a good place for families. Go there on an empty stomach or just after eating a light breakfast, so you can enjoy all the food, I loved the butter .... chapiñones guacamole is special .. ... and tequila ... or say. I recommend ordering "CASSEROLE" .... two drinks and you will see green elephants ... or stick with tequila ..... posteriuormente dry.
Restaurants in Guadalajara
Las 9 Esquinas
This is a delicious beer house, even if you're walking a little funny from so much beer the night before. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go to the Pearl of the West in order to savor this delicious dish. But as good nautical cuisine, I had no problem traveling to this beautiful city. This place is located in Guadalajara, in the famous "nine corners" (so it's named because, you guessed it! It's in a place where there are 9 corners, ha ha). This place is the most typical and traditional eating establishment in the city: Mexican culinary cuisine, huge Mexican motifs everywhere. It's worth it to check out the casseroles with philosophies that are hung on the wall. Beer star must accompany your dish well served rubbish. The prices are very affordable and well rubbish, you can eat very different Mexican dishes such as tacos, tostadas, tortas and endless very typical dishes of the region (like cakes drowned). You will not regret.
Restaurants in Mérida
Cafés in Cuauhtémoc
CAFÉ de la Calle de TACUBA
It's a beautiful place. This cafe has a very typical Mexican decor and different classic paintings hanging throughout the room. It has been part of several historical events so has earned its spot in Mexican history. It is a very intimate place that I definitely suggest you get to know.
Restaurants in Irapuato
Asian Buffet
Yesterday there were labor issues in the city of Irapuato Guanajuato and I was invited to eat at this tasty oriental food buffet. The price seemed reasonable since it was $ 135 per person including drinks have buffet. One of the most interesting things is that they have teppanyaki griddle to prepare your choose the ingredients you want (they have about 20 different ingredients to choose from) and where you can select the type of "dressing" or sauce with which you want it with. I know the city of Irapuato but for reference this restaurant is in a mall on the side of the "Plaza Cibeles". I recommend it if you walk or live in those places.
Restaurants in Oaxaca
Los Danzantes
The thing that really caught my attention about this place was the design of its interiors, which features some recycled materials. The atmosphere is very nice to enjoy a meal and have a good time in good company. When you arrive, you can sit at the bar and start by trying a Vino Veritas, the house wine, to whet your appetite. Then, you can go to a table or, if you like, you can choose to go to the VIP area. Even though the slogan of this restaurant is "Contemporary Mexican Food", actually the dishes come more in the category of fusion-gourmet food. The originality of the recipes lies with the Mexican ingredients and traditional Oaxacan food. The special flavor of each dish is an assembly and texture that cause new flavors on the palate.
Restaurants in Cancún
El Pocito
One of the most known by residents of Cancun, is the Pucito restaurant with its typical Yucatecan food, but this place is almost only local, it is rather an inn , but a classic to taste the best secrets of this ancient food. It is situated reaching the Portillo with Av Av Uxmal, the easiest way to get there is to take a taxi to the center and tell the driver to take you to Pucito. Their menu changes day by day, ranging from the typical roasted suckling pig, to the famous lime soup, not to mention the mysterious black filled with cheese and stuffed with seafood. The dishes are served in big amount for those ve are in good taste. Here soda consumption is forbidden because it does not go with the Yucatecan food, but they sell fresh fruit waters ranging from orange to chaya, fruit typical of the region with healing powers due to its high level of nutrients. This inn is visited by businessmen and politicians, all chefs are from the Yucatan region, this in order to ensure they are prepared with traditional recipes and handmade tortillas or habanero chili red onions in lemon juice, that only the bravest dare to try. Undoubtedly the best and undisputed winner of the Yucatecan food as the other restaurants that profess this kind of food do you make changes to adjust the seasoning to taste from abroad, ve is not familiar with this type of seasoning somewhat strong and spicy. Visit it you will not regret it, and remember to take your supply of medicine for heartburn and the famous evil Moctezuma.
Restaurants in Chihuahua
La Cerveceria
If you go around Chihuahua walking, you will find a concept that has been going for a while there, which is that of the "Cerves" which are big parking areas, with hundreds of places for cars, with parking spot and you wait for a waiter (or settle at a table ) and ask for a beer, or one of the many products sold in the stands of the place (pizzas,, micheladas, etc). But what justifies this post is the food when you go to the place (and more if it is the first time). I refer to the Chamorros. Package: A Jumbo Chamorro, tortillas, sauces and chili. All this, while you have a beer. The place is cheap and cool. The one thing against it is that it is in the open, which forces you to eat fast. If you're not used to the cold, I recommend you sit next to one of the many heaters out there.
Restaurants in Cuajimalpa de Morelos
La Calle Restaurant
Located in a shopping center in the district of Santa Fe, is a highly recommendable restaurant. It's decorated like a Mexican village from the 50s, and it's very welcoming and you can eat well. You have your own home-cooked dish. It's a little more expensive than a typical meal in Mexico but it's very interesting and visited by business people in the area.
Restaurants in Xalapa
Callejón de El Diamante
The Callejón de El Diamante is a typical alley that can be found in Jalapa, which is situated right in the heart of the city. Here is where you can find a myriad of cafes that offers both outdoor service as an intern, snow, pizza restaurants there are other typical regional food quite commendable. You can also find a whole vintage of handicrafts, alternative, etc. braids workmanship.
Restaurants in Santiago de Quetaro
Las gorditas del portal
When you visit Querétaro and its historic downtown, don't miss the famous restaurants and terraces.If there's one that is loved most among the locals, it is the restaurant Las Deliciosas Gorditas del Portal. Among the authentic Queretana dishes they serve, the highlight are the "gorditas," either cheese, beans, nopales, pork, or chicharrón. Enjoy!
Restaurants in Veracruz
La Parroquia Restaurant
This is a good place to eat. With 202 years of history, this is where politicians, celebrities and anyone else who likes a good lechero, bomba, or any other typical Veracruz food comes to eat. If you don't come to this place, than you haven't experienced Veracruz.
Restaurants in Cancún
Hard Rock Cafe Cancun
A small restaurant that started in London, England, with the guitar of Eric Clapton. It is 100% rock and roll hard-styled, with friendly service that is hard to believe. This is the ideal place to dine and have fun because there is no dress code, and the music is live and the place is comfortable. It has some of the best drinks that are served in the area and are not the typical reduced drinks that the hotels serve. The drinks are served in glasses shaped like a guitar, and this is a very good souvenir to show off to family and friends, and of course there is a gift shop but I but of course it's worth it to buy a shirt. I recommend the Hard Rock Cafe because it is an unforgettable experience.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
El Califa
It's what you expect for sitting on a terrace in Condesa: it is going to be more expensive than in other parts of Mexico City. But you can definitely notice the quality of the products. And not that as expensive as European prices, but above the average. I especially liked the crust (crispy cheese filling that you want on a tortilla)