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Of Cultural Interest in Île-de-France

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11 Of Cultural Interest in Île-de-France

Of Cultural Interest in Puteaux
CNIT of Paris
The CNIT (Centre National des Industries et Techniques) is a convention center and exhibition in the middle of La Défense business district in Paris. It was inaugurated by General Charles de Gaulle on 12 September 1958, the first large building in La Défense. The man that created it dreamed of having a big exhibition center for industry, as well as existing centers and palaces within Paris, which in the end, didn't qualify. Thus arose the CNIT. In 1988 he began a great work to empty everything inside the center, increasing the total to 200,000 square meters instead of the 100,000 previously offered. It was modernized in 1989, which changed its function to a convention center. The CNIT also features many shops and kiosks, with FNAC as the most famous. It also houses the Hilton, which was the successor of the Sofitel, and several bars and restaurants. Therefore the CNIT surely looks like a mall rather than a conference center. Anyone can enter and many people that work nearby use the center for enjoying their breaks and to work out.
Of Cultural Interest in Paris
Swedish Cultural Center of Paris
This cultural center containing a piece of Sweden, but is located in France. This cultural center is one of the most famous in Paris. It is located in the Marais district, and dates from 1971. Many visitors throughout the year walk through these doors. It has several areas: one in which films are shown, another dance, theater, exhibitions, art galleries, lectures and debates, concerts and many other activities. Look on the website for its agenda. Additionally, this center also offers courses for Swedish culture and learning Swedish. There are four levels and courses are held throughout the week, on Saturdays to accommodate working timetables. There is a cafe that serves traditional Swedish pastries and drinks. A quiet place for those curious and lovers of this culture.
Of Cultural Interest in Poissy
Villa Savoye
The Villa Savoye is a building located in Poissy, outside of Paris, which was built in 1929 by Le Cobursier. He was one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century. I went with a friend who is an architect and he told me that the architect made 5 major contributions to the foundation of modern architecture: 1.a house on stilts so that the land is free as a garden. 2.The roof top garden or in case of sloping roofs, terraces to make another garden. 3. Free interior space due to the pillar structure. 4 Large windows on the elongated facades (until then, the windows were small and separate) 5. The free standing facade. The house was only lived in for a short time. The building was completed in 1929, but after the German invasion of France in 1940, it was abandoned and later bombed and burned during the Second World War. After he restored it and it became a "house museum" dedicated to the life and work of Le Corbusier. It gets thousands of visits every year, mainly architects and students. The place is a piece of hisotry. A worthwhile visit, but a pity if your are not an architecture. You will have to know a little of everything!
Of Cultural Interest in Coulommiers
This beautiful villa is approximately 60 kilometres from Paris and is an ideal place to taste the best local cheeses. It's in a historic town with medieval buildings. The patiserie is exquisite, and Brie, the cheese that is produced there, is of the best quality. A quiet villa invites you to relax in incredible France.
Of Cultural Interest in Rambouillet
Rambouillet International Institute
Undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn French. For youth, adults and seniors who want to learn the language, the institute offers the best courses. Housed in a nineteenth-century chateau, cozy and familiar. The teachers are excellent and very friendly. You can choose tocombine different options learn French, take a cooking course, horseback riding, prepare for the TCF and the TOEIC, or learn more about French culture. Various accommodation options. I studied for 6 months here and it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot and I have good memories about the people I met working there. Besides I made friends from all over the world. Its location seemed great, only 30 minutes from the Gare Montparnasse, Paris. It's the same line as Versailles and Chartres. The Institute also organizes trips to various places in France, thanks to them I went to Giverny. Finally the town is surrounded by what is called the Foret de Rambouillet, a wood which gives it a country feel, but at the same time it is not isolated from the city. It is quite small so it is very easy to get around by foot. Very close to the institute is the chateau, the presidential government summer residence, which opens its doors to the public every day, so you can stroll through its beautiful and extensive gardens. It is certainly one of the most beautiful architectural awards and has received the certification. Its nineteenth-century houses remain intact, and like other places that have a rich cultural heritage. Http :/ / www.Rambouillet.Com
Of Cultural Interest in Saint-Denis
Saint Leu
Brinkmanship theater and music along with other arts gather each May in the streets of the town to fill the audience with magic and rhythm. Amazing atmosphere . Don´t miss out on it!
Of Cultural Interest in Paris
Of Cultural Interest in Versailles
Of Cultural Interest in Élancourt
Of Cultural Interest in Élancourt
Of Cultural Interest in Élancourt
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