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Tourist Information in Northern District

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Tourist Information in Tabgha
Mount of Beatitudes
The Mount of Beatitudes is on the northwestern coast of the Sea of ​​Galilee, on Capernaum, and is reached by a branch of the main road that goes to Rosh Pina. As the name suggests, this is the hill where Jesus delivered the "Sermon on the Mount". The land next to the church makes a natural amphitheater that descends to the lake shore. The Church is from an Italian architect in the year 1937, and he describes it in these words: "On the rolling hills surrounding the lake of Tiberias, 150 m. Tall, and similar to the Sermon on the Mount ... it was constructed in the year 1938. The Sanctuary of the Beatitudes dominates the lake from a height of about 200 m. The church is octagonal, topped by a cupola, with open arches around the altar, which is neo-Renaissance . It was constructed in a contrasting black basalt and white limestone, with arched porticos on all 4 sides.
Tourist Information in Nazareth
In Cana, just outside Nazareth, where Jesus´ life became public during a wedding celebration in which he performed his first miracle, turning water into wine (John 2:1-11). This event is recorded in the church the wedding took place. This church was built by the Franciscans in the nineteenth century over the ruins believed to belong to the time of Jesus in Kaafr Kanna. However, there are four candidates to the biblical Cana. They are, Kafr Kanna, Kenet-el-Jalil and Ain Kana in Israel and Qana in Lebanon. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1914, a tradition that dates back to the VIII century identifies Cana as the modern town of Kafr Kanna, about 7 miles northeast of Nazareth, Israel, where the Franciscan church is located. The photos I send are of Cana. Recent scholars, however, have suggested the ruined village of Kenet-el-Jalil (also known as Khirbet Kana), about 9 km further north, and Ain Kana as alternative candidates. The latter is closer to Nazareth and so considered by some as the most likely candidate.
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