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Unusual Places in Michigan

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2 unusual places in Michigan

Unusual Places in Montague
World's Largest Working Weathervane
One of those random, roadside treasures, the "World's Largest Weathervane" may not be worth a special trip to see, but the town of Montague, MI is and if you're in Montague then should stop to see the weathervane! The weathervane stands at 48 feet tall, an arrow that is 26 feet wide and the majestic “Ella Ellenwood” ship sitting at the top of it all. The Ella Ellenwood, a schooner, is used at the top of the weathervane in an effort to commemorate the history of an area which has a strong history in using water transportation for pretty much everything. The Weathervane sits in the Ellenwood Park and is available to visitors at any time of day or night- a great stopping place during a long walk along the river, or to check out at the end of a walk enjoying the sights of Montague. The website above includes details of the impressive structural specifications of the weathervane - or just go and see it for yourself.
Unusual Places in Detroit
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
An American fraternity house just like in the movies! About 20 members live permanently in the house. This place is transformed into a nightclub one or two nights a week. There are theme nights, sometimes open to all. You'll be given an iconic red cup like you've seen in films, and you can dance the night away or play Beer Pong!
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