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Things to do in Comarca of Salnés

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The top 350 attractions in Comarca of Salnés

Beaches in O Grove
A Lanzada Beach
Located at the tip of the Pontevedra estuary, Lanzada is known as the beach which attract many women who have not had kids to celebrate the cult of the waters and be fertilized by the ocean. This means you follow an ancient ritual of fertility: The eve of San Juan, the infertile couple should go to the "cradle of the holy" and have sex in this area that form stones beachside . Then, she should go to the beach next to the chapel and get wet "water of 9 waves" so that each of them reach the womb. They symbolize the 9 months of pregnancy which the Virgin granted to aspiring parents.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
This is a unique experience without having to leave the country. Enjoy a sunset at the beach in autumn I go to the Sanxenxo area every weekend with the three most important people in my life, my husband and my two daughters. It is a charming place, even more so with the best company, which makes it definitely one of my favorite destinations ....
Islands in Isla de Arosa
Ruins in Cambados
Ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo
The ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo, Cambados are in the upper part of the village. It is a late Gothic style temple whose construction was ordered in the mid-sixteenth century. They are within a cemetery. The conservation status of the ruins is good and the environment is right.
Villages in O Grove
O Grove
The village is situated on a small peninsula, connected to the mainland by an isthmus known as O Bao. The isthmus leads to the beach as well as an extensive intertidal marsh complex, Umia-O Grove, which connects it with the City of Sanxenxo. The small island of La Toja can be accessed by a bridge dating from the early twentieth century.
Villages in O Grove
San Vicente do Mar
One of the most inviting places that I have found throughout the Spanish geography is this small town located in Galicia. San Vicente do Mar has all the charm of any place wrapped by the sea and has all the facilities of a city. A dozen beaches and coves are spread along the road between this town and A Toxa, my favorite ones are Raeiros, la Lapa, la Barrosa, Farruco… They are used to the human tide that arrives every summer…The town is very calm, because even though it’s flanked by popular places such as Sanxenxo and A Toda, it doesn’t receive as many visitors. My favorite part is the possibility of eating in restaurants such as O’Farruco or Marcial and to eat seafood at a reasonable price with great quality. The night is magical…in the Naútico you will see all kinds of people. Every day there are concerts and shows that you wouldn’t expect in such a hidden place. If you feel like spending the perfect holiday this is a great place to do it, with thousands of activities: horse riding, karts, sailing, paintball… And there are different sleeping options: you can rent an apartment, sleep under the stars surrounded by eucalyptus and lulled by the sound of the sea. Dear fellow travelers: come to San Vicente do Mar and see for yourselves!
Villages in Cambados
Cambados (Pontedra) Galicia. Do not miss it and visit Cambados, it is worth it. Billed as the birthplace of Alvariño its beauty will surprise you, especially at low tide. I went this summer and the atmosphere was awesome. I encourage walking and going to try the Albariño or Ribeiro sitting on any seafront terrace.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa de Silgar
Silgar beach was the first stop on our trip. It is a beautiful sandy beach in Silgar Sanxenxo. It is surrounded by restaurants. In the center of the beach the Beach Cafe Sansenxo, with great sandwiches at good prices, can be recommended. Also see "the Madam", a statue located in the sea on the beach.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa de Melide
This is a quiet and charming place, hidden from civilization, where you can spend a day watching the beautiful scenery and meet great people. You can experience wonderful sunsets. The natural park and the beach merges into one.
Nature Reserves in Sanxenxo
Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park
Going to the Cies Islands is like traveling to the Caribbean with icy water. It is only twenty minutes by boat from Vigo. You can also get there from Bayonne. I enjoy visiting the area, walking the paths and swimming in the icy water of the Rhodes beach. It is unfortunate that the British newspaper The Guardian proclaimed this beach as the best beach as this has lead to an increase in visitors. It is losing its wild and rugged spirit as a result. I recommend going to The South Island, or San Martin, instead. It has a smaller beach than that of Rhodes but also very beautiful. This island is however only accessible by private boat. You have to pay and need permission. This means that even in the month of August the island is very quiet and uncrowded.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Areas Gordas Beach
Before reaching the vast sandy expanse of La Lanzada, close tot he tourist town of Sanxenxo, you'll get to the Gorda beach, with fine white sand. The beach is in a semi-urban area, near the shrine of Nosa Señora de Lanzada, and Lapa beach. Gorda is separated from the road by small, soft dunes with sparse vegetarion. It's windy, with strong waves, and is an ideal place to enjoy the sun and sea in a beautiful natural setting. The beach is 250m long, and the sand is amazing, fine and gorgeous.
Historical Monuments in Cambados
The Fefiñans Pazo
This winery is inside one of the most important structures in Cambados: The manor of Fefiñanes, in the cobbled square of the center, which is home of the church of San Benito. This square and its monuments was declared a Historic Artistic Spanish heritage site. The winery can be visited, and also has a store, where you can buy wine Ribeiro and Albariño, as well as herbal liqueur pomace that is homemade. It is open Monday-Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 20.00.
Historical Monuments in Sanxenxo
La Dama de Silgar
The Dama de Silgar is the most famous statue of the quintessential tourist town of Sanxenxo. "The Madame" as it is also known, is the work of the Galician artist Alfonso Lamelas Vilar, born in 1927 and sculptor of most of the Galician public works and whose style has become an icon of the town. Nearby, in a large open space another giant statue can be found. It is a bronze representing a kind of "Gulliver resting" with his arms behind his head.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa Panadeira
Playa Panadeira is a tiny urban beach Panadeira tiny, only eighty meters long. It is located in the town of Sanxenxo and has fine sand and clear water. It is easily accessible and secluded with calm water, sheltered from the wind. Nearby is the marina for the mooring of boats.
Resort Towns in Vilanova de Arousa
Vilanova de Arousa
This summer we went to the island of Arosa for a few days. Despite having a bridge that connects it to the mainland, the island maintains unique landscapes and stunning beaches. The island still has its own character mainly rooted in fishing. The mussel rafts are a common sight along the coast around the island. It is a quiet place, without much mass tourism and with coastal walks that are a true delight.
Bridges in O Grove
La Toja Bridge
This bridge is markedly connected with my life. My grandfather, Paulino Cleric, who worked for Sestao Portland Cement Company, was the builder thereof. It was unofficially opened on July 28, 1910, by a passing motorcade carrying a group of British journalists, who were invited to the Hotel Balneario to promote it (El Faro de Vigo 30-July-1910).
Nature Reserves in Vilanova de Arousa
O Carreirón Natural Park
I loved this place, with dozens of small beaches and clear waters, even in August! I also recommend the Brazilian BBQ restaurant Carreirón Park, where you can eat large portions at a very good price.
Palaces in Vilanova de Arousa
Bodega Pazo Baion
We walked through the vineyards and learned the whole history of Albariño. It is a delicious and innovative wine. Well worth the visit.