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Things to do in Sanxenxo

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The top 53 attractions in Sanxenxo

Beaches in Sanxenxo
This is a unique experience without having to leave the country. Enjoy a sunset at the beach in autumn I go to the Sanxenxo area every weekend with the three most important people in my life, my husband and my two daughters. It is a charming place, even more so with the best company, which makes it definitely one of my favorite destinations ....
Nature Reserves in Sanxenxo
Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park
Going to the Cies Islands is like traveling to the Caribbean with icy water. It is only twenty minutes by boat from Vigo. You can also get there from Bayonne. I enjoy visiting the area, walking the paths and swimming in the icy water of the Rhodes beach. It is unfortunate that the British newspaper The Guardian proclaimed this beach as the best beach as this has lead to an increase in visitors. It is losing its wild and rugged spirit as a result. I recommend going to The South Island, or San Martin, instead. It has a smaller beach than that of Rhodes but also very beautiful. This island is however only accessible by private boat. You have to pay and need permission. This means that even in the month of August the island is very quiet and uncrowded.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa de Melide
This is a quiet and charming place, hidden from civilization, where you can spend a day watching the beautiful scenery and meet great people. You can experience wonderful sunsets. The natural park and the beach merges into one.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa de Silgar
Silgar beach was the first stop on our trip. It is a beautiful sandy beach in Silgar Sanxenxo. It is surrounded by restaurants. In the center of the beach the Beach Cafe Sansenxo, with great sandwiches at good prices, can be recommended. Also see "the Madam", a statue located in the sea on the beach.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Areas Gordas Beach
Before reaching the vast sandy expanse of La Lanzada, close tot he tourist town of Sanxenxo, you'll get to the Gorda beach, with fine white sand. The beach is in a semi-urban area, near the shrine of Nosa Señora de Lanzada, and Lapa beach. Gorda is separated from the road by small, soft dunes with sparse vegetarion. It's windy, with strong waves, and is an ideal place to enjoy the sun and sea in a beautiful natural setting. The beach is 250m long, and the sand is amazing, fine and gorgeous.
Historical Monuments in Sanxenxo
La Dama de Silgar
The Dama de Silgar is the most famous statue of the quintessential tourist town of Sanxenxo. "The Madame" as it is also known, is the work of the Galician artist Alfonso Lamelas Vilar, born in 1927 and sculptor of most of the Galician public works and whose style has become an icon of the town. Nearby, in a large open space another giant statue can be found. It is a bronze representing a kind of "Gulliver resting" with his arms behind his head.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa Panadeira
Playa Panadeira is a tiny urban beach Panadeira tiny, only eighty meters long. It is located in the town of Sanxenxo and has fine sand and clear water. It is easily accessible and secluded with calm water, sheltered from the wind. Nearby is the marina for the mooring of boats.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Coves in Sanxenxo
Cala de La Lanzada
This is a small creek next to the famous Chapel of the Spear, called Beach of the Spear. It is divided in two by rocks. The sand is white and fine on the one side of the rocks and coarse and dark on the other. A rite of fertility of the nine waves is performed here on the last Sunday of August by women ve want to become pregnant. It is a tiny beach with a length of only 50 meters. It is windy and also has a strong swell. Very close to this beach are the remains of a fortress and an ancient spring. The beach is beautiful and it offers good parking plus rubbish bins. To reach it, take the C-550 from Sanxenxo direction Grove, take a small dirt road, park and go down the wooden stairs.
Harbors in Sanxenxo
Marina Juan Carlos I
Although the building that houses the Real Club Nautico de Sanxenxo is modern, the company has been around for half a century. It has just over 1,100 members. Member facilities are: restaurant, terrace, pool, lounge, fitness center, day care, massage, sauna, solarium and games room. The activities are broad and range from several courses, sailing and general social and sporting type events. The sailing school teaches theoretical and practical classes for beginners and advanced children and adults throughout the year. It also has a section with spearfishing outings throughout the year and ethnological studies of traditional Galician boats/sailing. All this, together with the prestige gained in recent years, led in December 2003 to the organization being granted the RCN Sanxenxo departure from Galicia in the Round the World Race 2005-2006 "Volvo Ocean Race".
Churches in Sanxenxo
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa A Lapa
Located in Noalla one of the parishes of the municipality of Sanxenxo, this small beach is equipped with blue flag from a few years ago, and on that basis every year the number of people who visit grows. I the first time I visited was on a winter day, no one was there and it was a little sloppy and not cleaned, but I liked it so much that months later I decided to go in summer. That day the beach was completely filled with people bathing, walking or tanning in the sun. Although not very long (about 450 meters) I enjoyed walking through its finite and white sand. Its shape is half shell and the waters are very calm. Many people practice sports, I have never done so, but I have watched other people practice. Not a good beach to go to with children, but for walking, water sports and tanning. It also has many services such as parking, showers, toilets, lifeguard service, etc..
Statues in Sanxenxo
Hola Margarita! Statue
This strangely-named sculpture stands in a small gazebo near the marina in the quintessential tourist town of Sanxenxo. It is the work of the Galician sculptor Acisclus Manzano, the artist behind several other works that can be seen scattered throughout Galicia. This piece dates back to 2003, and is near another famous sclpture, the work of Alfonso Vilar, the popular "Madama Silgar".
Coves in Sanxenxo
Foxos Beach
Foxos beach is one of my favorites, it is a straight line and is in a rural setting a few miles from Portonovo, just where is there is the popular shrine of Nosa Señora da Lanzada on the right bank. Pass the chapel then Areas Gordos beach, Foxos has fine white sand posing on top of a series of small sand dunes that have various beach accesses. It's an open beach with strong waves, but the clear waters invite you to swim. It is about 350 meters long and in summer gets quite busy, although not the most crowded, it is usually pretty quiet. Surrounded by hotels and apartments it also offers services such as snack bar, showers and usually as almost all these beaches are blue flag.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa Lavapanos
This beach is located on the left, and a bit below, Panadeira Park. It's usually empty, because there's not much sand, and the small stretch is scattered with rocks. Unlike in Panadeira, the water level changes quite a bit, so it's a good spot for fishing.
Statues in Sanxenxo
A few months ago, I toured several parts of Europe, all beautiful, immersive and individual. In Sanxenxo I was walking down by the sea, I discovered a beautiful place with items for women, it was spectacular, with glamor, glitter and art. Such was my excitement I did not buy anything!!!! Can you believe it? If someone can give me some contact with this place I'd be grateful, it was near the giant statue and next to the sea with boats.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
Playa de Nuestra Señora
Playa de Nuestra Señora is a small cove (about 50 feet long) next to the Ermita de la Lanzara. The beach is windy with high waves, but it has two sandy areas: one, where the sand is fine and white and another where it's rockier. This beach is famous because a fertility ritual takes place here every year on the last Sunday in August. It has parking services, and is cleaned daily.
Nightclubs in Sanxenxo
Zoo Club
Zoo Club is located in the town of Sanxenxo and it is one of the most touristic areas of ​​Galicia's Rias Baixas area. It has been in operation since the mid-eighties and was designed and decorated by Carlos Padin. Much of it is outdoors and very well designed, taking into account that it is only open during summer. DJs from around the world appear here every year. It was renovated in 1993, creating greater versatility and more space. The Zoo Club applies new technology in line with the mixed European club culture. Part of its appeal are DJs, multimedia, digital worlds and visual performances. Tuesdays feature prestigious festivals with "Defected In The House", Wednesdays "Pure Zoo" and Thursdays special guest stars. Though not my thing, I still went to this club twice. The experience was unique and memorable.

The best things to do in Sanxenxo

or Sangenjo,
is a municipality in Pontevedra
bathed by the Ria de Pontevedra and Arosa. It's a place with a rich cultural and
natural heritage, and is noted for its beaches, which are some of the best places to visit in Sanxenxo. Among the beaches are urban ones like Silgar and Baltar, and other, quieter, areas like Lanzada, which is the beach that's most often visited by surfers. Here you can find a variety of
Sanxenxo activities
such as diving, surfing, and sailing. Really, if you like water sports then you will find lots of things to do in Sanxenxo.

The marina is the home to more of the great Sanxenxo attractions, such as the popular Yacht Club. There they can provide information on the stuff to do in
Sanxenxo. Among the architectural attractions in
Sanxenxo, the most revered and popular is Castro de Dorrón. Castro de Dorron is a fortified settlement dating back to the Iron Age and is often tops on th elist of things to see in Sanxenxo. We also recommend visiting other tourist places, like Portonovo, a fishing village popular with tourists due to its three sandy beaches and busy nightlife.

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