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Things to do in Pontevedra

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The top 185 attractions in Pontevedra

Churches in Pontevedra
Church of La Peregrina
The Church is at the heart of the city surrounded by pedestrian shopping streets and bars. From there you can stroll to old town, to the city hall and walk through the park of the city of Pontevedra. The celebrations in honor of La Peregrina are held the 1st weekend of August. On these days at the Lyceum Casino is the coming-out of the ladies who want to make their debut. There are bullfights, as well.
Squares in Pontevedra
La Leña Square
This square is named after the product that used to be sold there in the historic centre of the capital Pontevedra. On the side of the square, there is the Archaeological Museum and some cafes and well preserved buildings. The most characteristic thing is the "cross" dating from the 16th century that's in the middle of the square and which used to be located in the Puente del Burgo.
Of Cultural Interest in Pontevedra
Markets in Pontevedra
Municipal Market in Pontevedra
Going to Pontevedra municipal market is a great experience if you visit the city and you're not familiar with Galician coastal city markets. Pontevedra is at the bottom of the River of Pontevedra, in the Rivers Baixas, a privileged location for inshore fishing and shellfishing. These products are top quality and very fresh. At the market, you can purchase lobster, mussels, cod, bream, monkfish, crabs, as well as meat and flowers. I recommend it!
Ruins in Pontevedra
Ruins of the Santo Domingo Monastery
The "ruins of Santo Domingo" is the name given to this 13th century Dominican temple, which are one of the most visited attractions of Pontevedra and, of course, the most mysterious and attractive temple that I know. The best preserved parts of the building is the head of the church with its 5 apses, which is Gothic style from the 19th century. You can see part of the section stoning Pontevedra Museum. This exhibition considers part of its facilities. The main artifacts are preserved Roman tombstones, a medieval sarcophagus and early Christian remains, Romanesque pieces isolated from other Galician temples and one of the finest collections of arms of Galicia stones.
Historical Monuments in Pontevedra
Ponte de Burgo Bridge
There is no better way of leaving Pontevedra, especially if you are doing The Camino. Besides being the most natural route, it's an unavoidable image of this trip. Leaving Pontevedra is symbolic: You are already half way, half to go! The bridge is beautiful as well. Although we must traverse between cars, it's one of the stamps that you need to complete the journey.
Squares in Pontevedra
Praza da Ferrería
The Ferreria Square is the main artery of the city along with the continuation of the Ourense Square, and at first it seems like only one square. The arcades are noteworthy and typical of ancient cities like Santiago de Compostela and Salamanca, whose low cafeterias and businesses are good. There is also a striking Renaissance building known as the "House of the Priests", the huge Church of San Francisco and, like any other place with beautiful gardens, the Gardens of San Pedro where there's a symbolic 16th century fountain.
Bridges in Pontevedra
Los Tirantes Bridge
The Bridge of the Tirantes (Ponte dos Tirantes, in Galician) is the newest bridge in Pontevedra. It connects the northern and southern shores of the river Lérez, as an extension of Malvar Xosé Figueroa Street (at the height of the southern Youth stadium) to the city auditorium (Manor House of Culture), in the north. The bridge of Tirantes, is the newest bridge in the city of Pontevedra and connects the northern and southern shores of the river Lérez, as an extension of Malvar Xosé Figueroa Street (at the height of the stadium Youth, south) to the city auditorium (Manor House of Culture), in the north.
Squares in Pontevedra
Méndez Nuñez Square
The square Méndez Núñez de Pontevedra is located just a few meters from the famous Place de la Verdura, in the heart of the historic centre of this pretty Galician city. It shows the House of Montenegros where the Admiral Casto Méndez Núñez lived in the 15th century, and where they held lively gatherings for thinkers and writers, such as Valle Inclan. Today there a bronze sculptures of these people presiding over the square. There are many terraces around here where you can have lunch or dinner.
Squares in Pontevedra
Plaza de la Verdura
The Plaza de la Verdura is one of the most famous in the old Galician town of Pontevedra. It lies between the Plaza de la Lena and Plaza Mendez Nuñez. For my taste, it's one of the most beautiful in Pontevedra, perhaps after Plaza de la leña. It's a typical Galician square, with its stone houses, the arcades and beautiful fountain. Spring and summer is the best time to visit for its floral decorations in all its many balconies and terraces that make it one of the best places to eat or dine outdoors.
Squares in Pontevedra
Churches in Pontevedra
Squares in Pontevedra
Teucro Square
On a great day to walk in the historic center of the capital and wanting to go down to the river Lérez, I found this place in a square surrounded by old mansions, a fountain and some trees. The square is quite simple and seems quiet, what caught my attention is the stone fountain. Mainly because it was in the middle of the square, but on one side, down the road that leads to the river. The square was named by the founder of the city of Pontevedra and he called it "Teucer" and I also found a nice tapas café in a small side street that offered a menu of the day. Next time I'm here and I'd like to go back to that place as I didn't have time this time around.
Music Venues in Pontevedra
Karma Room (Pontevedra)
The Karma Room is located in Pontevedra, Spain. This concert hall has all varieties of concerts for different tastes and there is parking close by.
Squares in Pontevedra
Of Cultural Interest in Pontevedra
Islands in Pontevedra
Island of Sculptures
The Island of Sculptures is in the outskirts of Pontevedra. It is full of granite figures, with a maze and many gardens. You can get there from the center of Lérez by the footbridge that crosses the river directly to the island. The eucalyptus trees occupy most of the 70,000 square meter site. By the river, it is common to see ducks and swans cruising under wooden bridges and towards the end there is a spectacular view of the Monastery of San Benito de Lérez. The Island of Sculptures is considered the largest outdoor museum in Galicia and houses a permanent exhibition with a dozen works of art.
Museums in Pontevedra

The best things to do in Pontevedra

This city is as well known as Santiago de Compostela because of its historic center. It was the second city in Galicia to be noted for its historic and artistic heritage, and has been often described as a magnificent ancient city. Such a title has inspired tourists from around the world to come and admire all the Pontevedra attractions.

The most important places to visit in Pontevedra are truly magnificent: religious and civil buildings, palaces, noble houses, medieval squares, and more. Starting our route through the things to see in Pontevedra, you'll find the Sanctuary of the Apparitions, a sanctuary where
Sister Lucia, the main visionary of the apparitions of the Virgin of Fatima,
lived for some time. This, along with the Royal Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, are the main religious buildings and cultural attractions in Pontevedra. Gazing at civil buildings will only lengthen your list of what to do in
Pontevedra. We
recommend you visit the most important medieval squares, such as Plaza de la Herrería or Teucro Square, which surrounded by orange trees. Walking the quaint streets at sunset will top your list of Pontevedra activities.

You'll need several days to experience all the stuff to do in
so we
recommend that you also include sampling the local cuisine and visiting any of the local restaurants as things to do in Pontevedra. Learn more about stuff to do in Pontevedra by visiting minube.