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Things to do in Costa de Galicia

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The top 1.665 attractions in Costa de Galicia

Beaches in Ribadeo
Playa de las Catedrales
This beach is located in Dehesa, a little town that is part of Ribadeo and 12 km from the city. It is a spectacular beach when the tide is low. You can enjoy a wonderful walk between the arches that the sea has created through time. You can also find multiple caves that are quite deep. It is one of the clearest examples I have seen of the power of nature, when you are there you feel insignificant. Even if the tide is high, you can have a walk on the edge of the cliff or have a beer with fantastic views from the restaurant Las Catedrales. The prices are high, but it is worth it. The beach has two spacious parking lots, but it is complicated to find a spot on the summertime. If you decide to have a picnic, there is an area with tables and benches. If you like camping, it also has a few campings with different characteristics so that you can enjoy nature at its fullest. It is a place worth visiting. It is a lesson that teaches how nature always beats humans, creating gothic arches even before man discovered them.
Historical Monuments in A Coruña
Tower of Hercules
The Tower of Hercules is a Roman Lighthouse and UNESCO World Heritage Site in A Coruña, Spain. For history and architecture lovers, the structure itself is impressive, but for the rest of you, here's my recommendation: take the boardwalk path that circles the main beach and bay in A Coruña to the tower. It's gorgeous, with the fog, wildflowers, and little hidden beaches. When you get to the tower, skip the info center at the bottom and head straight for the top. The views are absolutely incredible and give you a birds-eye view of the massive compass and sculpture park. Perfect plan for a romantic morning: bundle up good against A Coruña's infamous weather, stroll along the bay and grab a coffee, then make your way to the tower.
Nature Reserves in Pontedeume
Fragas do Eume Natural park
These magical forests, declared natural park in the nineties, are the result of the equilibrium between the natural evolution and the mainteinance of the ground’s characteristics, the climate and orientation. They form the largest and most representative atlantic forest and they inspired “El bosque animado” by Wenceslao Fernández Florez. The Eume River, that has its source in the Serra do Xistral (Lugo) in the backbone of the park. The guides explained to us that, a long time ago, Galicia used to be covered by “fragas”. They are mixed forests, mainly with oak trees, but where you can also find maple trees, birch trees and holly trees. Its main threat is the eucalyptus tree plantations, which slowly displace the fragas. A very important factor of the fraga is that it joins various species that resisted the glaciations thanks to the ground’s orography. For example, the laurel is specie that is very resistant. It remained as a relict of the time of the Pangaea, where there existed only one continent that slowly separated. Another example is the fern, contemporary to the dinosaurs. This plant has no flowers, so it hasn’t received a lot of importance in decoration. But it reveals a special beauty in the humid brightness of the spaces where it is found. While walking through the park, you can see the remains of mills and old constructions used to the preservation of chestnuts because, before the potato was brought form America, it used to be the basic food of the people in Galicia.
Beaches in A Coruña
Playa de Riazor
Extraordinary beach that's clean with clear blue waters. You can surf, swim, or collect shells on the shore. The sand is very special, It's so shiny. On the rocks and barnacles and small mussels there. No crowds and the ideal temperature 25 ° C. You will enjoy seeing the many seagulls fly ...
Beaches in Vigo
Praia de Samil
Praia de Samil is just outside Vigo, but it's easily accessible by local bus or car. There is a promenade, with many children's play areas, cafes and public showers. I recommend you go there during the low season, because in summer it gets too full.
Beaches in O Grove
A Lanzada Beach
Located at the tip of the Pontevedra estuary, Lanzada is known as the beach which attract many women who have not had kids to celebrate the cult of the waters and be fertilized by the ocean. This means you follow an ancient ritual of fertility: The eve of San Juan, the infertile couple should go to the "cradle of the holy" and have sex in this area that form stones beachside . Then, she should go to the beach next to the chapel and get wet "water of 9 waves" so that each of them reach the womb. They symbolize the 9 months of pregnancy which the Virgin granted to aspiring parents.
Gardens in A Coruña
San Pedro Park
My name is David and I am going to show you all a really amazing part of ​​A Coruña. The first time I visited it I was stunned with its views of the sea and the city. It is a really special place to spend summer evenings with your partner and your family. If you get the chance, go! Players of the national soccer team went to visit it and were surprised by its spectacular views.
Islands in Bueu
Ons Island
This is a natural paradise where you can enjoy the beauty of the beaches, camping, hiking, and diving. You can also enjoy the typical restaurants of the island, with seafood specialties.
Of Cultural Interest in A Coruña
Menhires Pola Paz
Made a few years ago by Manolo Paz this tower represents Celtic culture, as far as Galicia, with dolmens and stones with ritual symbolism throughout the territory. Definitely a place to enjoy at any point throughout the year.
Squares in A Coruña
Plaza de Maria Pita
This central square in A Coruña is dedicated to the heroine Maria Pita. It was built in the mid-19th century and is home to the City Council. It forms a large rectangle of more than 10,000 square meters, and one of the facades is the Municipal Palace, while the rest of the facades are aligned porticoes, under which there are several places for eating and drinking.
Beaches in Sanxenxo
This is a unique experience without having to leave the country. Enjoy a sunset at the beach in autumn I go to the Sanxenxo area every weekend with the three most important people in my life, my husband and my two daughters. It is a charming place, even more so with the best company, which makes it definitely one of my favorite destinations ....
Villages in Baiona
Bayonne is a seaside town. Most people here base their livelihoods either directly or indirectly from the and it shows. It is a city that receives a lot of tourism because of their inn, marina and beach. It has a good nightlife, especially in summer. There are many establishments which are being renovated. They celebrate the festival of the Annunciation the first weekend of August.
Of Cultural Interest in Ribadeo
Ribadeo Lighthouse
And this is how I recommend it to you, walk. It is beautiful to see how seagull glides only some feet away from you ... the sound of the sea, the waves dancing, it is all worth it, you can get there easily and when you arrive you realize that the road was worthwhile, if you go to RIBADEO it is a great experience and it is also a perfect setting for fun photos ....
Bays in Vigo
Ria de Vigo
It is a Beautiful place with great beaches and good food. There are Trails for hiking, mountain biking, etc.. Sailing, paragliding ... There is even a nice golf course in Moaña with fantastic views from it's restaurant with good prices. In the southern part of the Ria de Vigo, you'll find the big city, with airport and all transport services. Both sides are connected by the Rande Bridge. A place to enjoy almost any hobby.
Waterfalls in Silleda
Do Toxa Waterfalls
Visit Cataratas Do Toja, 10 minutes from the Galician town of Bandeira (Silleda/Pontevedra). A waterfall flows through a valley surrounded by lush vegetation, it is ideal for fresh air and hiking through stunning scenery.
Streets in A Coruña
The perfect place for a long walk (but wrap up warmly as there can often be a cold wind) is in Crystal City along the promenade. It surrounds La Coruña's beaches, rocks, white galleries, classic buildings, cliffs and fields. It connects the harbour with the Hercules Tower, Castle of San Anton, the Domus (or man's house). It serves to summarise the history of La Coruña: From the Romans to the very latest graffiti and surfing. It has a wide pavement for pedestrians to wander, a bicycle path, the controversial tram and, of course, the road for cars. When built it was the longest promenade in Europe (about 10 km) and people were very surprised by its red lanterns (which like most things, it had as many enthusiastic supporters as detractors).
Ruins in Cambados
Ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo
The ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo, Cambados are in the upper part of the village. It is a late Gothic style temple whose construction was ordered in the mid-sixteenth century. They are within a cemetery. The conservation status of the ruins is good and the environment is right.
Villages in O Grove
O Grove
The village is situated on a small peninsula, connected to the mainland by an isthmus known as O Bao. The isthmus leads to the beach as well as an extensive intertidal marsh complex, Umia-O Grove, which connects it with the City of Sanxenxo. The small island of La Toja can be accessed by a bridge dating from the early twentieth century.