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Things to do in A Coruña

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The top 215 attractions in A Coruña

Historical Monuments in A Coruña
Tower of Hercules
The Tower of Hercules is a Roman Lighthouse and UNESCO World Heritage Site in A Coruña, Spain. For history and architecture lovers, the structure itself is impressive, but for the rest of you, here's my recommendation: take the boardwalk path that circles the main beach and bay in A Coruña to the tower. It's gorgeous, with the fog, wildflowers, and little hidden beaches. When you get to the tower, skip the info center at the bottom and head straight for the top. The views are absolutely incredible and give you a birds-eye view of the massive compass and sculpture park. Perfect plan for a romantic morning: bundle up good against A Coruña's infamous weather, stroll along the bay and grab a coffee, then make your way to the tower.
Beaches in A Coruña
Playa de Riazor
Extraordinary beach that's clean with clear blue waters. You can surf, swim, or collect shells on the shore. The sand is very special, It's so shiny. On the rocks and barnacles and small mussels there. No crowds and the ideal temperature 25 ° C. You will enjoy seeing the many seagulls fly ...
Squares in A Coruña
Plaza de Maria Pita
This central square in A Coruña is dedicated to the heroine Maria Pita. It was built in the mid-19th century and is home to the City Council. It forms a large rectangle of more than 10,000 square meters, and one of the facades is the Municipal Palace, while the rest of the facades are aligned porticoes, under which there are several places for eating and drinking.
Gardens in A Coruña
San Pedro Park
My name is David and I am going to show you all a really amazing part of ​​A Coruña. The first time I visited it I was stunned with its views of the sea and the city. It is a really special place to spend summer evenings with your partner and your family. If you get the chance, go! Players of the national soccer team went to visit it and were surprised by its spectacular views.
Of Cultural Interest in A Coruña
Menhires Pola Paz
Made a few years ago by Manolo Paz this tower represents Celtic culture, as far as Galicia, with dolmens and stones with ritual symbolism throughout the territory. Definitely a place to enjoy at any point throughout the year.
Streets in A Coruña
The perfect place for a long walk (but wrap up warmly as there can often be a cold wind) is in Crystal City along the promenade. It surrounds La Coruña's beaches, rocks, white galleries, classic buildings, cliffs and fields. It connects the harbour with the Hercules Tower, Castle of San Anton, the Domus (or man's house). It serves to summarise the history of La Coruña: From the Romans to the very latest graffiti and surfing. It has a wide pavement for pedestrians to wander, a bicycle path, the controversial tram and, of course, the road for cars. When built it was the longest promenade in Europe (about 10 km) and people were very surprised by its red lanterns (which like most things, it had as many enthusiastic supporters as detractors).
Viewpoints in A Coruña
Elevator at Monte San Pedro
The panoramic elevator offers great views of Corunna. From there, you can see the Millenium, Orzán and Riazor beaches, and of course, the Tower of Hercules. There are normally lines to go up and down (although you can always walk down). It goes up on the hour, and down on the half hour. You have to be smart once inside the "ball" if you want a good view. When we were there, it had just opened and it didn't cost anything.
Of Touristic Interest in A Coruña
Trams in La Coruna
There is lots of information about this fascinating replica tram ride at http://www.Tranviascoruna.Com/es/ The trams used to roam the city 100 years ago. It now runs 12 km along the city's waterfront, from the harbour to ​​Orzán and Riazor beaches, passing, of course, by the Tower of Hercules.
Bars in A Coruña
Estrella Galicia
Located in the same place as the original Estrella Galicia factory, it has lost a lot of its charm for me because it used to have a garden terrace where you could sample beer outdoors, and now it's a huge place with very high ceilings, and a lot of noise and bustle. However, people seem to like it and it's always crowded.
Harbors in A Coruña
Port of A Coruña
The port of A Coruña is Galicia's most important, even more so than Vigo's. It's also one of the highlights of Europe. It was declared of Cultural Interest in 1931. It's the city's economic heart and has a total length of 12,040 meters distributed in commercial docks, fishing docks and pleasure areas. Walking near the walls is an experience not to be missed.
Cliffs in A Coruña
Costa da Morte
Photo taken at the perfect time on a Galician beach, at the beginning of the "Costa da Morte" with the wave about to break over us ... we didn't know whether to face it or run away. It's amazing to just watch the waves sweep over the shore, realising how insignificant and powerless you are against the sea. In this picture you can see some people making the most of the summer, enjoying their holiday..
Museums in A Coruña
Castle of San Anton
Something that is a must-see in La Coruña is the Castle of San Antón. It's a former fortress and prison, and is now a museum. It's worth visiting, not only for the building itself, but also for the views of the Coruña port.
Shopping Malls in A Coruña
Los Cantones Village
This is the perfect area for shopping in the best places.
Streets in A Coruña
Avenida de la Marina
Avenida de la Marina is one of the most traditional streets in A Coruña, along with Calle Real which runs parallel. In fact, the galleries that line this street have become one of the most famous sights of the city. This street also has a lot of official buildings such as the Provincial Government, the Post Office, and the Port Authority. It is also one of the liveliest areas of the city and has many restaurants, bars and terraces.
Gardens in A Coruña
Jardines de Mendez Nunez
The Jardines de Mendez Nunez are pleasant gardens in the center of A Coruña (next to the Marina and not far from the Teatro Colon) that are ideal for relaxing walks. This are was once a sandy seaside, but today it's one of the most beautiful parks in the city and full of important modernist buildings like the Kiosko Alfonso and the striking Curros Enriquez statue.
Of Touristic Interest in A Coruña
Compass Rose
This compass rose is in front of the Tower of Hercules, the oldest working lighthouse in the world. It is one of the most romantic sites in the city, with some of the best views. If you're lucky enough to visit, I promise that you won't forget this place. A compass rose is a circle with paths marked around the circumference. Here, the compass rose has different symbols representing the ancient celtic nations, one of which is Galicia.
City Halls in A Coruña
Concello da Coruña (Town Hall)
The Town Hall of A Coruña is located in the famous Plaza de María Pita, the heart of the city. It is an imposing neoclassical building built in 1917 and topped by allegorical sculptures representing the four provinces of Galicia. In this majestic building, which can be visited, you can see a beautiful central staircase, and a small, but interesting museum that traces the history of watches from the eighteenth century to the present day and includes some very interesting pieces donated to the city by Antonio Rios, a local collector. The Chamber is beautiful.
Museums in A Coruña
Domus (Museo del Hombre)
The world's first interactive museum devoted to the human being is a must if you visit La Coruña. If travelling with children, it will be like taking them to an amusement park - I think every school in Galicia makes an annual trip here, and it is the most successful thing they can do! I myself went with my school ... the Domus seeks to arouse curiosity and provoke reflection on the human species. You can win a game that measures brain activity by relaxing the most, experiment with your own shadow, see how our pupils react to light, understand why we resemble our parents, measure the speed of a penalty shot, explore the differences between a human heart and that of a cow, and more. Whether old or young, I promise you'll find something to interest you. Open daily from 10 to 19h, and 11 to 12h in summer. Admission is 2 euros (1 euro for children under 14, seniors over 65 and youth card holders).

The best things to do in A Coruña

The number of monuments to see and stuff to do in A Coruña is impressive and highlight that this is a culturally-rich city. It is noted for its beaches and for its greenery, which make some of the things to see in A Coruña absolutely spectacular.

The Paseo Maritimo de Riazor-Orzan, one of the most popular A Coruña attractions, is the longest waterside path in Europe at almost 16 kilometers. Along with some of its famous beaches like Playa de Riazor or Playa del Matadero, these are some of the best A Coruña attractions.

Climbing the Tower of Hercules is one of the most exciting things to do in A Coruña. It is the oldest operating lighthouse in the world and is 58 meters high. Other attractions in A Coruña include the Castillo de San Anton, located in the port area, which was built in what was then a small islet that had a small chapel dedicated to St. Anton. The idea was that this castle would defend the city from attacks from the sea. Today it houses the archaeological and historical museum of the city and is high on many tourists' list of what to do in A Coruña.

The historical architecture of Maria Pita Square, the Millennium Obelisk, the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria and the Walls are other examples of the many places to visit in A Coruña that you cannot miss. And if you're looking for even more A Coruña activities to make your holiday complete, check out the recommendations from Minube users!