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Things to do in Iquique

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The top 53 attractions in Iquique

Beaches in Iquique
Cavancha Beach
The main beach of Iquique is very well maintained and well equipped. It's a paradise and makes for a perfect holiday in this perennially sunny city. Wide beach...warm waters...great atmosphere. It's nice to take a walk around the waterfront. It looks a bit empty because it was "winter" here, so it was a bit cloudy but the temperature was still good and the sun was out.
Harbors in Iquique
Port of Iquique
Iquique is a city in northern Chile, situated on the Pacific coast, to the west of the Atacama Desert. Perfect for surfing, Iquique has large industries, the port and shops. Furthermore, Iquique is also considered to be the "New Orleans" of South America. It is a lively, which is worth a visit by travelers passing through. Visitors will have the pleasure of discovering its magnificent architectural gems.
Museums in Iquique
Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works
If you're passing through the first region of Chile, do not forget to learn about nitrate, which was important to our history and fuelled the rise of the Chilean economy at the time. It is a wonderful place with a lot of history that transports you to the past. You have the "Salitrera Office" and the "Santiago Humberstone", which are beautiful places you can't miss.
Cities in Iquique
Iquique is an ideal for doing something out of the ordinary. It has the International Free Zone (ZOFRI) for shoping, several beaches (Cavancha and Brava) only 50m. from the hotels, a Casino, and a large expanse of parks and amusements areas for children, the Plaza Arturo Prat, the Historical Museum, the historic buildings protected by bylaws, a very special market, and a wonderful fair in the eastern part of the city. Out on Cerro Dragon, you can go paragliding, an ideal way to get from the heights down to the beach. Once down, you can visit the tourist places like the oasis of Pica, the Pintados geoglyphs, the traditional little village of La Tirana, the Saltpeter offices of Santa Laura and Humberstone, which once provided much wealth to the north of Chile.
Historical Monuments in Iquique
Baquedano Walk
It is one of the most symbolic and most attractive piece of architecture in Iquique, it is located in the heart of the city this pedestrian street goes from the main square to the Bay walking about 15 blocks. That ends if we get there in the square with the imposing German school which is in a beautiful building. It is a walk full of history, with Georgian style houses mostly restored and currently operating as centers of tourist interest, education, etc.. The cobblestone streets and wooden sidewalks, also have some original period trams one which give this city its atmosphere.
Squares in Iquique
Arturo Prat Square
Four years ago, I went from Santiago to visit this beautiful city without knowing anyone and basically just feeling from the capital. There were many evenings and nights when I found myself alone with this beautiful and classic clock in the main town square. Since then, I've taken root here and consider myself more Iquiqueño. I feel reinvented. Sometimes I still sit for long moments on the stairs of the theater facing the square to watch life passing in our beautiful Plaza Prat.
Unusual Places in Iquique
Deserts in Iquique
Chilean Desert
Our desert is very beautiful, stunning pastel colors, ochres and blues, creams and reds, white salt flats and gypsum, etc. .. mineral in photos without changing its natural state, all very beautiful. Always along the coastline on the way to the Customs of the Loa, where the longest river in our country is, but it is also at the lowest level and, in parts can be crossed on a small boost, from one side to another.
Airports in Iquique
Aeropuerto Internacional Diego Aracena
One of the important airports in the north of Chile, it is also used for flights to foreign countries such as Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. The airport when I was there was being remodelled and extended, now that it is finished and it is first class.
Of Touristic Interest in Iquique
Shopping Malls in Iquique
Nature Reserves in Iquique
Punta Lobos
Punta de Lobos is by definition one of the best beaches in Chile for surfing.
Of Touristic Interest in Iquique
Shopping Malls in Iquique
Exhibitions in Iquique
Shopping Malls in Iquique
Historical Monuments in Iquique
Zoos in Iquique

The best things to do in Iquique

There is a wide range of things to do in Iquique. Tourists have a choice between beach visits and time in town. If you prefer to explore this beautiful Chilean city first hand, we recommend that you make your own route to see all the amazing monuments and architectural buildings.

Of all the places to visit in Iquique, you can start with the cathedral, the parish of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, built in 1885. Another one of the best things to see in Iquique is the Astoreca Palace.
Yet another amazing Iquique attraction is the Monument to Immigrant Women, a steel sculpture; it is a symbol of the family and immigration. There are also numerous museums in Iquique, like the Naval Museum, inaugurated by the Chilean Navy to display the elements rescued from the wreck of the corvette Esmeralda.
Also on display are many original pieces of vessels that participated in the Pacific War.

Another of the many attractions in Iquique is the Boya Corbeta Esmeralda, a buoy in the place where the Esmeralda sank.

If you are still short on stuff to do in Iquique, take a walk down Manuel Baquedano street, which is home to various antique shops, restaurants, and cultural centres. Browse Minube for many more ideas for what to do in Iquique and exciting Iquique activities.