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Things to do in Punta Cana

56 contributors

The top 28 attractions in Punta Cana

Airports in Punta Cana
Punta Cana International Airport
Airport straw! On my last journey around the Caribbean I had the opportunity to use the small airport of Punta Cana and I say small because, in my opinion, it was very small. Just land the plane and go down the basement stairs, walk and you get to the airport itself, where you enter they take a photo of you with Caribbean girls and then try to sell to you when you leave the country on your last day. The feeling is basically of heat and exhaustion, because the humidity is very high and as said earlier straw appears (the roof is thatched and has some ceiling fans). Although you have to bring a passport you prepare a sheet of paper on the plane with your personal data and pay the $10 entry, that's where they put the entry stamp. You return again, fill out another paper and pay another $20, and they put the exit stamp in your passport. I must admit that this airport is so small that it has almost no shops, there were two: one with beloved Dominican products such as a bottle of Brugal rum (in any area of ​​Punta Cana it costs $10 here they charge $21, so you see the difference twice!) and the other store sold international products such as very cheap snuff, perfumes, etc. There was also a store with food, another of Lacoste products, other pictures, and the $5 photo that was taken the day you came into the country.
Beaches in Punta Cana
Macao Beach
A beach worth visiting! Macao Beach is situated in the north of Punta Cana, part of the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. This beach is the fourth in the tourist area of ​​Punta Cana (before one can find Playa de Arena Gorda, Playa Bavaro Beach and Ibero Alto), ending up precisely with the beach of El Cortecito. Like the rest of the beaches of Punta Cana it has fine white sand with a very active sea that transforms into different tones of green, completely surrounded by palm trees. A beach worth visiting ... The beach is about 17 kilometers from the city of Higüei, belonging to La Altagracia, a province of the Dominican Republic. Tt was named one of the best Caribbean beaches in the world by UNESCO.
Beaches in Punta Cana
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana
A very nice hotel that is very luxurious and has all types of activities and amenities from big pools that give a feeling of splendor and huge stores with the best brands in the market. The inside is decorated nicely with donations from American artists and artists of other nationalities. There is a lot to see.
Beaches in Punta Cana
Cabeza de Toro Beach
The beach of Cabeza de Toro is known as the birthplace of the sun. The sand is white and the water is almost always crystal clear. I say "almost" because, like almost all the beaches in the area, the currents are sometimes filled with algae and the water doesn't have that bright blue as it does further south. Most hotels try to clean the beaches in the morning. Best part of the beach (in addition to its warm waters) are the numerous coconut trees where you can relax in the shade. Cabeza de Toro Beach, is named for its shape and is between the beaches of El Cortecito and Cape Deceits, with Punta Cana and Juanillo at the other end. It's not so crowded so you can definitely relax.
Beaches in Punta Cana
Arena Gorda Beach
This beach is where Punta Cana begins! The beach of Arena Gorda is located in the north of Punta Cana, a part of the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. The beach is the first stop along the famous tourist resort of Punta Cana and continues along Playa Bavaro, Playa Ibero Alto, Playa Punta Cana Macao and El Cortecito beach. Like most of the beaches of Punta Cana, it has fine white sand and a turquoise sea with blue or green tones. I thought that the sea would be calm but it has quite a lot of waves. There are various 4 and 5 star resorts in this area, including the Riu or Iberostar chains, among others. You can also find the famous clubs, Pacha and Mangu.
Flea Markets in Punta Cana
Bavaro Beach Flea Market
The best market to shop! The market on Bavaro Beach is one of the most traditional ones on the Caribbean island of Punta Cana, I think anyone ve has been here has been to it, and those ve have gone out of the blue market left because they already knew it was there ... The group of friends we made decided to go on the second to last day of our visit to buy gifts for the family. To get there, you have to go across the entire beach and it depends on where you are staying, you may need to go by many beaches to reach Playa Bávaro, in our case we went by Arena Gorda beach past all the Riu complex Iberostar complex and all, being on the left side of our complex, but others had to do the reverse Beach Ubero traversed to reach the market Alto. It is said to be more specifically the Bavaro Beach Flea Market is located just past the Iberostar Bavaro and can be seen from the hotel's beach. It is very interesting and worth seeing as the market is full of stalls to buy any souvenir you can think of, from magnets, boxes, snuff, masks, etc. Ah! And do not forget to haggle ... Besides you nicest thing is that it is on the beach, which in our case as the girls continued to buy the kids we were not to go bathing so hot lol ... You know if you go to any complex Punta Cana not forget to go to the best shopping on the island ... because I also remember that shops or stalls that you see in your complex will always be more expensive than any in this market.
Beaches in Punta Cana
El Cortecito Beach
To reach this beach was like arriving to paradise. Although it is in the Atlantic the color is a deep turquoise blue, clear , the water is warm and there are small waves and soft white sand . Thousands of chairs under palm trees. There is a fantastic climate and splendid sun, accompanied by a breeze. The beaches of Punta Cana were declared World Heritage Site by UNESCo in the year 1990. The Cortecito Beach is one of the many beaches in the tourist area of ​, and I noticed that the term "Punta Cana" does not refer to any city or town, but simply a tourist area with one beachfront after another, and many resorts (almost all of 4 or 5 stars in all inclusive). The name of the area is given by the Cape of Punta Cana. Since there are 50 km of beaches, they are given different names: Playa de Arena Gorda, Playa Bavaro, Playa Ubero Alto, Playa Macao, Playa El Cortecito, Cabeza de Toro, Cabo del Deceit Beach, Punta Cana and Juanillo. The beaches are not private, they are public. In the Playa El Cortecito lies the hotel where we were staying: Palladium Palace. On the beach there were activities (assorted games, aerobics, salsa lessons, beach volleyball, etc.) as well as the possibility of practicing water sports (those without motor were free) and diving (there is a Diving Center). There is also room for purchases: At about 300 meters walk along the beach is the Plaza El Cortecito, with multiple local delis crafts and souvenirs.
Of Touristic Interest in Punta Cana
Domenico Cigars
I smoked a true Dominican cigar! After our tour of the Dominican land excursions we went to see the cultivation fields of tabacco and the steps to make it. Best of all was the smell of dry tobacco, when they leave all the dry leaves and put them together to make the real Dominican cigar. The twister is the person ve is making the tobacco, while another one of our guides told us step by step was the the most important things to consider in the creation of cigars. To finish off we got to the end we got to try out the Dominican cigar flavor, as well as go to a shop where we could buy them.
Shops in Punta Cana
Pedrito Punta Cana
They are the most renowned local tour operator in Punta Cana. 100% customer satisfaction by checking on the best travel forums. Enjoy the best price performance ratio in each tour. Their aim is the satisfaction of its customers, demonstrated im the reviews of recent years, no doubt the best choice for tours in Punta Cana, a wide range of possibilities; aquatic, cultural, adventure ...
Streets in Punta Cana
Caribbean Street
Much more expensive than Higüei! Like all Dominican hotels in a complex with at least two hotels, this one has a Caribbean Street, basically a shopping area open to everyone in the complex. In the case of RIU hotels, the Caribbean street was very close to Riu Bambu and Riu Taino, the road was paved and led directly to the beach. There was a photo developing shop, pharmacy, jewelry, souvenirs, tobacco shops, paintings stores, etc ... Remember that `prices in the shops in the Caribbean Street were much higher than those in the stores or at the market in Higüei Bavaro Beach.
Of Touristic Interest in Punta Cana
El Cortecito Diving Center
This diving center is situated in the Playa El Cortecito, right next to the Hotel Palladium Palace. They offer all kinds of water sports, yacht charters and small vessels with both a sail and motor, as well as diving courses at all levels (PADI). You can also take a walk in a small boat with a glass floor, looking at the sea.
Beaches in Punta Cana
El Caletón
Sometimes you get to a place and feel like you are in paradise. This is one of those places. It is situated on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, near the 14th hole of the golf course Punta Espada. It has a wonderful beach and pool, a spa that is interesting where you can have a relaxing massage surrounded by nature, a great pub for having a cool cocktail and enjoying the 'dolce far niente' and a restaurant serving European and Dominican cuisine at the edge of an incredibly clear ocean.It is very common to find newlyweds having their wedding photo shoot done here.
Nightclubs in Punta Cana
Mangu Disco
Located at the entrance ofOccidental Grand Flamenco Punta Cana it is not the biggest nightclub in the area, but it is the most fun. It has two floors, the ground floor plays reggaeton and salsa and the top floor is more disco. Admission for hotel residents is free, although you are not supposed to take your own drinks in I did see many people doing this - it is all inclusive after all!
Beaches in Punta Cana
Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca, as its name says, is a beach, but also a restaurant, or a beach club that belongs to Punta Cana Resort & Club, an exclusive site in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The beach is spotless, with a deep turquoise color, and the coast is lined by palm trees. This is a place to come and not be bothered, because it is private. If you like comfort and luxury, you have to come here, with a wide range of hotels to choose from, and plenty of activities to do. There's nothing like relaxing on the beach having a mojito or President beer, a swim, relax, and then go enjoy an excellent meal in the restaurant. Enjoy your holiday in the Caribbean!
Sports-Related in Punta Cana
Water Sports at El Cortecito Beach
At the Playa El Cortecito one can practice aquatic sports and boating. The non-motorized sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, or sailing in small sailing catamarans are free (if you are staying at an all-inclusive place, which is usually normal in this area). The sports that include motorized crafts, such as parasailing or banana splash have a fee, and are the most popular. You can hire them at the hotel or the many local "sellers" ve stroll along the beach offering them. If what you like is diving, they also have a Diving Center for your enjoyment.
Sports-Related in Punta Cana
Dolin Dive Center
Along the El Cortecito Beach there are several diving centers and scuba diving areas which also offer the possibility of water sports (catamarans and small rental canoes and parasailing banana). This hotel is in the Palladium Punta Cana, but there is another at the Palladium Palace. There are diving courses and if you would like to hire catamarans you are required to do a mini-course that takes an hour.
Parachuting in Punta Cana
Punta Cana Parasailing
The best way to recharge your batteries. Of everything that I did on the Caribbean island of Punta Cana, there are two things in particular that I can't forget: the excursion to Isla Saona, and the parasailing trip. This cost $35, a great price, after much negotiation with the organisers. We met at 10:00 am on the beach by our hotel, paid the boy with the boat, and took a small motorboat out to a larger vessel. It was all very quick: the first couple put on the harnesses, and on the count of three ... go! In about ten minutes they were back on the boat, and it was our turn. What a blast! An amazing experience that I'd recommend to anyone!
Harbors in Punta Cana
Marina Cap Cana
The first stage of this 5-star marina was inaugurated in April 2010. It was conceived and designed to be one of the best in the Caribbean, currently in a radius of 400 km. The performances at its inauguration were by Juan Luis Guerra and included a show which had been prepared especially by the Cirque du Soleil, culminating with fireworks. Although some projects are still under construction, it proves to be a very pleasant walk through the mall where they are hotels, famous brand clothing stores, crafts, fishing, restaurants, jewelers and the marina services. It is very enjoyable watching the beautiful yachts moored or coming through a channel, the various buildings, décor in tune with the environment, the stately royal palms and flowering bougainvillea. There will be some supposedly ecological boats to transport visitors, they call them "waterbus". Choosing a sunset walk along the marina and a tasty Dominican coffee in good company, will be an experience to remember.

The best things to do in Punta Cana

There are many things to see in Punta Cana, and top of the list are visiting the pristine beaches. With 50 miles of coastline, you can find a wealth of Punta Cana activities and Punta Cana attractions without venturing far!

Bavaro and Arena Gorda beaches are the best known attractions in Punta Cana, bringing together most of the tourists, although there are also other quieter options far away from the maddening crowd. Once you are here can choose from many corners for sunbathing, diving, surfing -- there is so much stuff to do in Punta Cana!

Taking a boat ride to Saona Island is one of the most interesting things to do in Punta Cana. This is where some early settlers landed. Enjoy a day trip here for both history and nature.

If you're still wondering what to do in Punta Cana, try the small artisan village of Altos de Chavon. This is a charming place where you can buy typical local produce and crafts. And to the surprise of many travelers, a modern Roman amphitheater can also be visited in the town. But not everything is sunshine. For lovers of nature and animals the Marinarium Marine Park, the Ecological Reserve of Punta Cana, the caves of Boca del Diablo and Manati Park are some of the places to visit in Punta Cana. There are also many plantations growing tobacco, sugar, and exotic fruit where you can take a walk on foot or horseback, which is a very different way to understand some of the customs of the region.

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