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Things to do in Ecuador

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The top 955 attractions in Ecuador

Neighborhoods in Quito
Quito Old Town
This city can be called very colonial, with its streets frozen in time. The structures are living history. There's a lot of life, tourists from around the world in one place, many blocks to go and unparalleled cold weather gives a European look. A visit of the Gothic church was my way to finish the tour, seen from any part of the city, it is impressive and breaks with the colonial historic center.
Of Cultural Interest in Quito
Ciudad Mitad del Mundo
The place doesn't have much, but the monument with the line of the equator deserves a photo with one leg in each hemisphere. Although it is not true, as it was later shown, with GPS, that the equator passes a few feet away. Off-site, one can visit another place, which is located the real line.
Villages in Montañita
It's a stunnning beach, a place to party, a place to surf, a beautiful place to watch the sunset,a good place to bathe at dusk. It is normal that in a short time this charming little beach town, which is found between the tourist destinations of the locals and the foreigners who love surfing or just like the beach and nights on i. Looking at the pictures of bezzabeth, I notice that in less than three years it has grown considerably and is filled with more rooms and luxury hotels ( follow amoldandolos hippie style) like the one we slept in. I loved it.
Nature Reserves in Puerto Ayora
Galápagos National Park
The Galapagos Islands, or "Archipelago de Colón" as it's officially known in Spanish, are found about 1000 kilometers of the Ecuadorian coast in the Pacific Ocean. They're famous for their biological diversity and for being one of the places after which Darwin based his theory of evolution. That aside, it's an incredible place to see giant turtles in their natural habitat and go diving with fish and sharks.
Villages in Baños
Baños is a town on the edge of the Ecuadorian jungle. Arriving from the Andes (totally deserted) we saw how quickly the landscape changes. Beyond is the Ecuadorian jungle. Growing in the tropical climate is cultivated Passion Fruit. Baños is located in a valley with waterfalls and hot springs. Set beside the Tungurahua volcano over 5,000 high (the volcano is active). It has a spa (a little crowded) and many businesses running outdoor activities (quads, horseback riding, hiking, rafting ...). It is a good place to spend a couple of days before entering the jungle.
Viewpoints in Quito
The Panecillo
Look how the Equadorians like enormous images in their big cities. Each city has theirs and the capital is no exception. The fact is that it is impressive and gives amazing views of the city. If you are lucky you can see the volcanoes in the background of the city.
Streets in Guayaquil
Guayaquil Malecon
The Guayaquil waterfront is very nice. You can walk around both day and night, as it's a very quiet. There are restaurants, expositions and much more. And if you want to just enjoy nature, sit on a bench and appreciate the panorama.
Lakes in Latacunga
Quilotoa Lagoon
Quilotoa Lagoon, is one of my favorite memories and travel sites. It's a bit difficult to get there, we hitchhiked after leaving the bus at the beginning of the road. There it is remote from civilization, and the prize, Laguna. I leave you with more photos.
Volcanoes in Latacunga
Cotopaxi Volcano
The highest active volcano in the whole world! Its awesome majesty makes us think how small we are in this world, ha ha. Just being in front of it, you can really feel that our planet has life!
Cities in Cuenca
Gardens in Guayaquil
Simon Bolivar Park
Since I couldn't get to the Galapagos due to a lack of funds, I had to settle for this little nature park. There were many iguanas and turtles to photograph. The boldest children were entertained by pulling their tails and feeding them by hand. This is a unique park in the middle of the tourist centre of Guayaquil.
Nature Reserves in Cuenca
Cajas National Park
Very close to the beautiful city of Cuenca in Ecuador, just 33 km. is the "Cajas National Park" filled gaps (more than 200, many of them interconnected) framed between valleys and mountains. It has many hiking trails (including 4 km. Restored belonging to the mythical "Inca Trail"), natural viewpoints and camping areas so you can enjoy the landscape of moors and Andean forests. Due to the climate, you should bring warm and waterproof clothing. First you need to register at the office of the National Parks and they will provide you with maps and information. There is a restaurant and an interpretation center which explains the history of the place, the ecosystem and its flora and fauna.
Cities in Guayaquil
Here are some pictures of the many moments I shared with friends, pets, and, of course, family. You can see the photo of the kids laughing at places like the beach and at the mountain. Also, here we are in my house ... In the lake ... Etc. .. The colorful church is illuminated with colored lights that change every 2 or 3 minutes. And the view is beautiful! Here, I got a photo of it in blue. I hope you enjoy and like them as much as I did! Greetings from Ecuador!
Cathedrals in Quito
Basílica del Voto Nacional
from its splendid towers you can appreciate the beauty of the city as well, in a sunny day, you can see some of the volcanoes that surround the city.
Viewpoints in Cuenca
Viewpoint Turi
If you want spectacular views of the city you must climb to the lookout Turi. It is recommended that you do this during the day as it can be a bit dangerous at night. It is accessible by bus but it´s better to take a taxi (about $ 10 to go and come back as the taxi driver will wait about an hour). Incredible.
Squares in Quito
Church and Convent of St. Francis
The Church and Convent of St. Francis is part of the historic center of Quito, the best preserved and most beautiful historical area in Latin America. The Church and Convent of St. Francis was built on Incan ruins and are definitely worth a visit. The architecture is stunning, not just of the churches, but also the surrounding houses and buildings.
Beaches in Guayaquil
Las Iguanas Beach
It's obvious why this place is named this. It's due to the enormous amount of iguanas (yes, iguanas) that walk between the people's feet who come there and you have to be careful not to step on them. They come in all sizes, most quite large. Climb trees, fight with some squirrels that will dispute the ground and fed with a little of everything. My sincere gave me some little thing, but people passed it rather than (including my wife). Nature lovers, visit the site.
Rivers in Puyo
Rio Verde-Pailón del Diablo
This is a trip I made with a friend who was visiting from Italy. We arrived here after camping the night. What we saw was this waterfall. Not knowing its name, it is at the Rio Verde between Baños and Puyo. From here you can see where the mountains and the Amazon converge. Words cannot compared to what you can see in these photographs.