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Things to do in Birmingham

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The top 28 attractions in Birmingham

Museums in Birmingham
Cadbury World
Cadbury is one of the best known UK brands. The Cadbury chocolate factory located in Bournville in England has been converted into a sort of theme park, with a history of the factory, interactive games, movies, waxworks, decorations and best of all, free tasting! The shop is well-stocked, and has a clearance section.
Rivers in Birmingham
Birmingham Canals
In times past, the canals of the city had an important role as one of the most important means of transport, especially for heavy goods. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, they connected the city with the rest of the region (West Midlands) and other adjacent areas (as East Midlands). Today, fully renovated and adapted to modern times, the canals form one of the most popular recreational areas of the city, especially in summer season, where you can find restaurants, pubs, bars and live concerts. I thought that they were one of the most charming areas of the city. They also break up the aesthetics of the surrounding area, creating a lovely contrast.
Shopping Malls in Birmingham
Selfridges is in the Plaza de Toros, a shopping area a short distance from New Street Station. The building is mainly interesting for its futuristic and unusual architecture and unusual. If you look closely you can see the large metal peas up the building that make it look far off. You should visit this site if you go to Birmingham.
Historical Monuments in Birmingham
St Martin in the Bull Ring
St. Martin's Cathedral in Birmingham (England) shocked me and my boyfriend. This beautiful cathedral is small but has an amazing charm. The pity was that I could not see the inside (I think I had to pay 14 pounds). The fact is that we came across it by accident and what a nice surprise. However in the photos you can not see the magic that happens around it. I invite everyone to visit Birmingham, as it is cheap (compared to other trips) and it is a beautiful city, I have no complaint. Except that everything is expensive. One last thing: The modern building right next to the cathedral is also fantastic and the contrast between ancient and ultramodern Gothic is something I really liked.
Statues in Birmingham
The Bull
One of the most famous statues in Birmingham that attracts tourists for photos. Situated by the entrance to the largest mall in the city, strangely called bullring and Bull ring. This is a medieval story, which stars a Spanish fairground with a bull that went from village to village. This is said to have been so impressive that the city of Birmingham that since then they have named the commercial district like this, and eventually they put up the statue of the bull. It is strange that of the symbols or images that represents Spain, a bull, is in Birmingham - UK, a very important position and design ... We could leave it in historical anecdote.
Cathedrals in Birmingham
St. Philip's Cathedral
One of the most important features of this place is that it is one of the smallest to be found in the whole of the UK. It is situated in a park (at the heart of the city) and belongs to the Church of England, this construction was designed and built by Thomas Archer and his English Baroque style construction in the XVIII century. Personally I think its originality lies in its characteristics and in this case, the historical significance of the building has prevailed over its size or majesty. Moreover, its location is enjoyable and quiet, which makes a visit to this place very peaceful and relaxing.
Museums in Birmingham
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery was founded in 1885, and nowadays includes both fine arts and exhibits on subjects like archaeology and ethnography, natural history, social history, technology, science and industry. The fine art collection includes a number of paintings, drawings and watercolors, and a beautiful collection of pre-Raphaelite and Victorian artists.
City Halls in Birmingham
Birmingham Town Hall
In Victoria Square, the historic center of Birmingham, are two of the city's most iconic buildings next to each other. One is the Town Hall, with a curious form of a classical temple, either Roman or Greek. Its construction dates from 1832 and it has been restored several times, most recently in 1996. Next to it is Symphony Hall, one of the best-known concert halls (classical music and ballet) in the UK. It is continually overlooked because the traveler thinks that the Town Hall is a museum and MISTAKE the Symphony Hall for a Town Hall!
Theaters in Birmingham
Symphony Hall
Next to the Town Hall or City Hall is the building known as Symphony Hall. It is a theater and is the most important building in the city of Birmingham. It has eleven rooms where you can enjoy a huge variety of shows throughout the year. It is an integral part of the International Convention Center. Despite its appearance, it was constructed in the late twentieth century, taking advantage of other existing buildings. Today it is considered one of the most prestigious concert venues for classical music, not only in the UK but also in Europe, with a capacity for 2,262 spectators. For lovers of theater and classical music it is a must see when passing through this town.
Cities in Birmingham
Although the weather was not on our side for this trip, I must admit that to walk by the canals of the city of Birmingham and the surrounding areas was a real healthy experience and I must highlight that although England is famous for being grey, for the little sun that comes out, the canals and its natural beauty are illuminated, along with its charm. There is a contrast of colors among monuments, buildings, churches, and pure nature.
Forests in Birmingham
Lickey Hills Country Park
Lickey Hills is not only a fantastic hill where you can see parts of the outskirts of Birmingham, (Tolkien was inspired by Lickey to write Lord of the Rings) and it is a great place to have a stroll, picnic, etc. It has an incredible forest that is intensified by the wet British climate, filled with lush trees and a wonderful range of vegetation. You'll see squirrels everywhere and the more you go into it, the closer one feels to nature that surrounds you. You can only hear yourself and no other sounds.
Markets in Birmingham
Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market
This is the largest Christmas market outside Germany and Austria. If you are visiting central England, you must go and see this Christmas market in the center of Birmingham. I advise you to go at night to see the lights that decorate the market. However, if you do not like crowds, do not go on a Saturday!
Shopping Malls in Birmingham
The Mailbox
The Mailbox is an upscale mall in Birmingham. There are major fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Harvey Nichols, hotels, salons and spas, as well as restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines ... Thai, Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean and so on. My favorite part is the corner terrace along the canals of Birmingham and where most cafes (including Café Rouge) can be found. In summer it is very nice! The building is relatively new and was built to replace the old offices of the Royal Mail which used to stand here (hence the name of the Mailbox).
Train Stations in Birmingham
Birmingham Moor Street Station
Moor Street Station is one of three stations in Birmingham, and my favorite. New Street is too large and therefore likely to give you a headache, and Snow Hill isn't as pretty (but ideal if you just want to visit the Jewellery Quarter). It is quite small, close to the famous Bull Ring shopping center and thus perfect for my taste. The station is traditionally English, built in red brick with a "factory" style appearance. Don't forget your ticket!
Gardens in Birmingham
Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses
It is a botanical garden 15 acres (6 hectares) big. In the garden there is a greenhouse in the preferred place. There is grass everywhere, and a big mixture of flower beds and shrubs. It has all the features of a Victorian public park. It is the place of choice for leisure and relaxation, close to the heart of Birmingham and is open every day all year round.
Culinary Interest in Birmingham
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
The famous American donut chain can be found in several places in Birmingham, but the store Selfridges in the Bull Ring shopping center (near Moor Street Station) is the best: The donuts are prepared right before your eyes, putting your taste buds on high alert. This is indeed a "Hotlight Store" where your donuts are still quite warm most of the time. I came here regularly during my visits to Birmingham, donuts topped with caramel, chocolate, coconut and then the original donut, we can't choose. So buy a dozen!
Historical Monuments in Birmingham
Library of Birmingham
Nice place and perfect view. Really nice building.
Museums in Birmingham
Birmingham Railway Museum
This is a museum focused on the preservation and study of the trains, which have played an important role in the history of Birmingham. Run by a group of train enthusiasts, the collection has a wealth of information related to the age of steam, and the ways that the railways have changed in the last century.

The best things to do in Birmingham

Far from what you might think, there are many things to see in Birmingham. This country town in England hides one of the best chocolate factories in the world: Cadbury World in Bournville, has become one of the top places to visit in Birmingham.

The symphony orchestra of the city has also earned an international reputation due to its virtuosity. Music lovers will definitely have lots of stuff to do in Birmingham. There's also the Royal Ballet which performs in the Hippodrome.

The area's natural heritage is rich in fauna and flora. In the Botanical Garden one of the most enjoyable things to do in Birmingham is to take a stroll through all the beauty. One of the more natural and educational Birmingham attractions is the Think Tank, an interactive science museum that you can't miss where you'll find an interest in science and how fun it is to learn.

It wouldn't be a vacation without a little shopping so visit one of the many shopping attractions in Birmingham. The Mailbox is a reconstructed building housing an entertainment area, restaurants, hotels, and shops. Complete our itinerary for what to do in Birmingham with a visit to the Jewelry Quarter Back to Backs. For more Birmingham activities, browse through firsthand experiences shared by minube users.