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Things to do in Whitby

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The top 19 attractions in Whitby

Abbeys in Whitby
Whitby Abbey
For being a religious place, the visit to the Abbey gave me considerable concern because I knew of it´s connection to the most famous vampire of all time: Dracula. I went to the Abbey as part of a trip won in a contest called "HERITAGE OF CONDE DRACULA." We've all read the novel or seen any of the countless movies about Count Dracula but not everyone knows that Bram Stoker, the author of 'Dracula,' based most of this horror masterpiece in Yorkshire. The most famous vampire of all time sought refuge in the Gothic Whitby Abbey, along the cliffs of the North Sea, while hiding during the English vicissitudes.
Beaches in Whitby
Whitby Beach
One of the most attractive scenes for tourists passing through Whitby is definitely the area with the fishing port on one side and the sports zone on the other, as well as the beaches that flank the city (with cliffs included), in the same part next to the sea. In fact, the city is divided in two by a river that carries water from the sea in an estuary. From the highest part of the city (up by the abbey) the views of these areas are spectacular and give an overall idea of ​​this charming village in North-East Yorkshire.
Villages in Whitby
Whitby Town
The town of Whitby is rather famous, mostly because of its abbey, and of course because of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," although the historical character had no connection whatsoever with this area of ​​the English coast. Apart from that, travelers will discover a charming fishing village in its ports and beaches, where they can taste excellent seafood and stroll through its streets, many of them uphill or downhill, depending on the direction of the walker at any given time. There are typical pubs here, accompanied by the sound of the waves mingled with the cawing of seagulls. It's total tranquility, as long as the tourists don't disturb you. I'm a Yorkshire lover, both rural and coastal aspects, although I always try to maintain objectivity. I don't always succeed.
Churches in Whitby
St. Mary the Virgin Church
After climbing the hill, which means 199 steps, we glimpsed, next to the ruins of the famous abbey, the church of Saint Mary the Virgin. It was one floor and Norman Romanesque pieces, but afterwards there were several renovations and additions (the latest in the 18th century). Like most churches in the area, the huge cemetery is next to the church, but in my opinion, it favours the landscape. From the hill you can see the whole town and its surroundings, including the port, the abbey and the local countryside. It's a beautiful view.
Viewpoints in Whitby
199 Steps
At Whitby (in Yorkshire, northern England), to go from the port to the top of the hill where the monastery stands, there are precisely 299 steps. There is no other way up but to climb them, and it's not easy! But when we reach the top, the view emerges, and your efforts will be rewarded by a magnificent panorama of the North Sea, the cliffs, and Whitby itself!
Hiking in Whitby
Whitby Cliff Walk
While you're in Whitby (a small town in the north of England in Yorkshire), if you have made the effort to climb the 299 stairs to the abbey, then take the opportunity to stretch your legs while you walk up the path along the cliff. There you will have a breathtaking view of the North Sea, and with a little luck you might even see a whale in the water! And in any case, you'll have a nice view of the exterior of the abbey.
Streets in Whitby
Whitby Swing Bridge
The small town of Whitby in Yorkshire in northern England is situated on both sides of the River Esk, so there has always been a bridge here to connect the two parts of the town. From the fourteenth century, King Edward III authorized the construction of a toll bridge, and different structures have followed on the same site. The first bascule bridge was built in 1830, and lasted 72 years until the construction of the current bridge, which opens every hour to allow ships to pass through.
Viewpoints in Whitby
Whalebone Arch
Between 1753 and 1830, Whitby was the center of an intense whaling industry, its 55 ships responsible for the deaths of more than 2,700 whales and 25,000 seals! From this small fishing village in the north of England, whalers went to Greenland to hunt, and used all parts of the whale: the bones to make glue, the skin for leather, and the fat to make oil paints, candles and other lubricants. This arch made of whale bone recalls this chapter in the town's history.
Historical Monuments in Whitby
Whitby Lighthouse
Located at the far end of the pier at Whitby, the lighthouse that marks the entrance to the harbor was built in 1831 under the command of Colonel Cholmley, Lord of Whitby. It is possible to visit inside, but entrance is not free. You can see from the outside how erosion and the elements have affected the stone, with trails left by wind and water on the surfaces of the walls!
Tourist Information in Whitby
Whitby Tourist Information Centre
If you wish to visit or learn more about the town of Whitby in Yorkshire, the tourist office is open every day. Located one hundred meters from the bascule bridge, along the docks, you will of course find all the brochures and information about Whitby and its tourist attractions, as well as a hotel reservation service and many souvenirs!
Harbors in Whitby
Whitby Pier
The small fishing village of Whitby in Yorkshire sits at the mouth of the River Esk, protected from the storms of the North Sea. A large pier extends into the sea at the mouth of the harbor, with several wooden breakwaters mounted on a concrete structure. A great place to take a walk, looking out over the raging sea!
Hiking in Whitby
Horcum Dyke
Located in the National Park of the North Yorkshire Moors, near the town of Whitby in the north of England, "Horcum Dyke" is a geological oddity. Part of the plateau of the moors has collapsed due to erosion, and now forms a large bowl, surrounded by a footpath that it is possible to walk in about 3 hours in the middle of an impressive landscape!
Museums in Whitby
Cholmley House
Located next to the ancient abbey of Whitby in Yorkshire, Cholmley House can teach you more about the evolution of the town and its abbey, and the many archaeological treasures which have been found on the site. The museum is in what was once the house of the landowner, now managed by the English Heritage organization. The audio guide is great!
Museums in Whitby
Old Town Hall Market Place
Located on the slopes of the hill that leads to Whitby Abbey, The Arts Centre is at the top of the marketplace in a circular building surrounded by columns. It was built in 1788 by Nathaniel Cholmley. Underneath the building, many artists come to display their work.
Shops in Whitby
John Bull
Located on the banks of the River Esk in downtown Whitby in the north of England, John Bull "Rock and Toffee Maker" sells traditional British confectionery. All items are handmade with quality ingredients, including local butter and milk. You can find toffee, rock, and delicious chocolate!
Shops in Whitby
Sandgate Seafood
Located on the southern shore of the River Esk in the village of Whitby in Yorkshire, Sandgate Seafood is one of the many businesses that benefit from the supply of fresh fish and seafood caught by the local fishermen. Lobsters, crabs, fish and other fresh seafood await you!
Of Cultural Interest in Whitby
What better way to enjoy fresh crab than to catch it yourself? In the small village of Whitby in Yorkshire, it is possible and very easy! A small shop next to the bascule bridge offers all the necessary equipment for rent. Join the other anglers at the foot of the bridge to try your luck!
Statues in Whitby
Captain Cook Memorial Museum
Captain Cook was one of the greatest sailors of all time before he died aged 51. He began his apprenticeship here in Whitby, a small fishing village in Yorkshire, at the age of 18. This monument is dedicated to his memory, and gives a magnificent view of the harbor and the North Sea.
Activities in Whitby
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The best things to do in Whitby

There is so much stuff to do in Whitby, a town in England known for the numerous fossils that have been discovered there. This includes entire skeletons of pterodactyls and ammonite fossils.
Other attractions in Whitby include various landmarks which were mentioned in the novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, which takes place largely in the city.

There are a range of things to do in Whitby, the variety of which is wide and depends largely on your interests and tastes.
Some of the main places to visit in Whitby are St Mary's Church, Whitby Abbey. and St Hilda's Church, as well as landmarks such as the pier and cliff.
Other Whitby attractions include major museums, and if you love science you can visit the Museum of Victorian Science, Robin Hood's Bay, Fylingdales Museum, The Whitby Jet Heritage Centre, and the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

Still wondering about things to do in Whitby? You can partake in one of the great tours of the city and its surroundings. Some of the most popular Whitby activities include strolling through Whitby Harbour, following the Dracula Experience route, boating, or take a leisurely walk for the sea views in Whitby Pavilion, where you can also have a coffee. For more things to see in Whitby, search on Minube.