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Things to do in Quiché

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The top 38 attractions in Quiché

Markets in Chichicastenango
Chichicastenango Market
Saying Chichicastenango is the exact same as saying MARKET. With capital letters. Many years ago, the people of the villages under
Villages in Nebaj
Nebaj, is one of the most beautiful towns of Guatemala. There are paved roads to Nebaj and continues Cotzal Township. Living in Ne
Cemeteries in Chichicastenango
Chichicastenango Cemetery
Chichicastenango Cemetery is kind of strange because just to its left there's a place called "Bar The Last Goodbye" ([poi = 24452]
Villages in Chajul
Chajul located in the Ixil Triangle is a small village which surprised us since we arrived on the street. When we arrived there, w
Churches in Chichicastenango
Church of Chichicastenango
Chichicastenango is a village in Quiche in Guatemala. Its population are the Quiche Maya and the language is called quiche too. Th
Forests in Chichicastenango
Pascual Abaj
The Pascual Abaj is The hill that can be found just outside of Chichicastenango, on the same side as the cemetery. People gather t
Villages in Nebaj
I've been there as my family are the property owners, I hope to visit them very soon but right now I'm in the USA. It's a very nic
Of Cultural Interest in Chichicastenango
Day of Saint Thomas
The full name of the city of Santo Tomás Chichicastenango Chichicastenango, a town with a majority of indigenous people who speak
Cities in Quiché
Santa Cruz del Quiché
Santa Cruz del Quiche, which also Quiche is said, is the capital of Quiché region, whose most famous city for visitors is Chichica
Museums in Chichicastenango
Gueadalajara Regional Museum
The Regional Museum is is an interesting museum collection that contains mainly ceremonial masks. Besides the masks we can also se
Churches in Chichicastenango
St Thomas's Church
St. Thomas Church is unique. In her, life, the market and flowers are combined with mystery and religious syncretism. Just east of
Villages in San Juan Cotzal
San Juan Cotzal
San Juan Cotzal is a town north of Nebaj, separating Nebaj and Chajul from the peculiar region of Guatemala, the Ixil triangle. In
Of Cultural Interest in Chichicastenango
The Dance of the El Torito
This dance started in the seventeenth century in colonial times. Its main theme is livestock. It tells the story of a farm and e
Churches in Chichicastenango
Calvary Chapel
On the west side of the central square of Chichicastenango, with shape and functions similar to the church of St. Thomas, but a li
Villages in Nebaj
Xexuxcab is a very small town. It takes an hour and a half to get to Nebaj. As far as transport there is almost nothing. Maybe if
Villages in Nebaj
Leaving from Xexuxcab to go to Todos Santos, you start to climb the mountain to reach the plateau of Cuchumatan. You go through co
Cathedrals in Chichicastenango
St. Thomas Cathedral
On the steps of the church is an intense smell of incense and the different spices they sell at the flea market here. It is a chur
Of Cultural Interest in Chichicastenango
The Flying Pole
The Flying Pole is a holiday that's celebrated in Chichicastenango, in the area of Quiché. Every year a lot of tourists come to Ch