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Things to do in Verona

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The top 79 attractions in Verona

Historical Monuments in Verona
Arena di Verona
The Roman Theatre of Verona is on a promenade that runs along the river Adige, near the Stone Bridge, the Church of Santo Stefano and San Giorgio in Braida. At the top of the enclosure in which is located you can visit the Archaeological Museum. Admission is joint for the 2 sites, and if you have the Verona Card, it's free. In the theater works and operas are held during the summer. The visit is worthwhile but if you have seen the Merida, Verona you may possibly be disappointed.
Squares in Verona
Piazza delle Erbe
The beautiful city of Verona has a really interesting central square, known as the Piazza delle Erbe. During Roman times, this square served as the nerve center of the city and this remains the same today. It is the best possible place to begin a tour of Verona. In the northern part of the square is the Torre dei Lamberti, the oldest building in the Old Town. It also has spectacular views of Verona. In the middle of the square you can admire the imposing Lion of St. Mark, a reminder that we are within walking distance of the once powerful republic of Venice. It also highlights the beautiful central fountain of Madonna Verona. Monuments aside, the best of the Piazza delle Erbe is the intense beat of life, no matter if it´s day or night, there's always something going on and revealing the true pulse of the city .
Historical Monuments in Verona
Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta)
Verona is a pleasant place. The city itself is very nice and there is romance added thanks to the story of Romeo and Juliet, although the truth is that now it is not very touristy. Although if really what you want is love, poetry and verse, its marvellous.
Historical Monuments in Verona
Ponte Pietra
The Stone Bridge of Verona, is a Roman bridge that connects the two banks of the city, separated by the river Adige. It is very nice and from there, see the most beautiful views of the city. Some of the most important monuments of Verona are visible, including its Duomo. Very near the bridge we find the Roman Theatre. It is an essential visit in Verona.
Palaces in Verona
Lamberti Tower (Torre dei Lamberti)
From the same Pizza delle Erbe is accessed enclosure where the imposing Torre dei Lamberti. With its 84 meter high tower it dominates the square and the rest of the historic heart of Verona. You can visit the bell tower, the best thing is to climb to the top to enjoy the view. From there you can see Verona for what it is: a small city surrounded by mountains and split by the river Adige, where it seems that time has stopped at the time of the Capulets and Montagues. The climb to the tower costs € 2.1 using the elevator, or 1,5 € if using the stairs.
Squares in Verona
Piazza Bra
The Piazza Bra is one of the most popular of Verona. In fact, if you walk from the train station it will be the first place you see upon entering the old city. It's pretty big with a garden, benches for resting and public toilets. Around this square are some of the major tourist attractions of the city, including the Arena or Maffeiano Museum. Furthermore, in this square you can take the tourist train to take a walk in Verona.
Castles in Verona
Castelvecchio is a XIV century fortress where one can find the "Civic Castelvecchio Museum and Museum of Art." In the middle of the castle there is a passage dominated by a tower. It has many walls with towers and battlements. It is a very strange place, as the corridor between two of the walls is made into a pedestrian street.
Of Cultural Interest in Verona
Basilica of San Zeno
If I have to choose a corner of that transmits peace in the city of Verona, my choice would be the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore. Access is not restricted and not many tourists know it, so this is one of my favorite spots in the city.
Cathedrals in Verona
Verona Cathedral
The Duomo of Verona is located in the historic city center close to other tourist attractions such as the House of Juliet and the Torre Lamberti. From across the river Adige, near the Stone Bridge, you can see the tower from afar. Its facade is beautiful and the church is undoubtedly one the most beautiful in Verona. You can visit the inside for 2.5 €. If you have the Verona Card, admission is free. We could not see the entire inside as we arrived during mass but It is a highly recommended visit.
Historical Monuments in Verona
Porta Borsari
Porta Borsari is one of the old gates to the city of Verona dating back to the period of ancient Rome. It has been kept in perfect condition and in fact is one of the main entrances to the historic city center. The statue we found during our visit to the city deserves special mention. We do not really know what its significance is, but it represents Kate Moss doing something like a yoga pose (or contortionism). The things that have modern art ...
Squares in Verona
Piazza dei Signori
Also known as Piazza Dante, for the statue of Dante Alighieri in the middle of it. Without doubt this is one of the biggest attractions of the city, a perfect example of Renaissance architecture that is impossible to ignore. A square is accessed through a narrow archway that connects to the Piazza delle Erbe and inside is the elegant Loggia del Cosiglio, with its stylized columns it is the true attraction the square. From Piazza one can access the] Torre dei Lamberti to admire one of the best views of Verona.
Historical Monuments in Verona
Porta Nuova
Porta Nuova is one of the monuments of Verona. If you go to the city by train and get off at the station of the same name, it's sure to be one of the 1st monuments you encounter as you walk towards the city center. It's a stone fortress in the middle of a multi-lane road.
Museums in Verona
Museo degli Affreschi
Juliet's Tomb is located near the center of the city but outside the walls. It took us a while to find it. The building in which it is located is a former Capuchin monastery, and the tomb is in a crypt that smells a bit musty, and where you can see the empty sarcophagus. To acces the crypt, you must enter through the gardens of the convent. Inside the monastery you can visit a museum of frescoes and sculptures which was quite interesting. We had the Verona Card, so we didn´t have to pay.
Rivers in Verona
Adige River
Like many other Italian cities Verona is divided by a river, in this case the Adige (or South Tyrol, as it's known in Spain). Most of the old town is on the south bank, but it's advisable to visit the beautiful Rivera as well as its northern shore with some of the best views of the city.
Historical Monuments in Verona
Ponte Scaligero
On our visit to Italy, we also visted the city of Verona, a charming city with a well-preserved historic heritage. Strolling through the narrow streets and bridges really took us back to another era, where the Montagues and Capulets loved and fought. The day we went there were many artists on the bridge.
Churches in Verona
The Church of St. Anastasia is located in the historic center of Verona, close to other interesting places, such as the Duomo and Juliet's House, among others. Like all of Verona's churches, its exterior is very original, not resembling any of the churches I've seen before. You can go inside for € 2.50, and the interior is truly beautiful, with many columns. If you have the Verona Card, admission is free. Unfortunately we couldn't see everything, as a wedding was taking place, so we had to settle for pictures taken from the sidelines.
Churches in Verona
Chiesa San Giorgetto
The Church of San Giorgetto is located in Verona's historic centre, right next to the Church of Santa Anastasia and close to other attractions in the city, including the Duomo and the Torre Lamberti. It is one of the oldest churches in Verona, dating back to the fourteenth century. Inside, you can see religious paintings on the walls, although they have been quite damaged by the passage of time. Admission is free.
Of Cultural Interest in Verona
Scaliger Tombs
The "Arche Scaligere" is a monumental Gothic funerary complex of the Scaliger family that contain the "arche" (tombs) of the most distinguished representatives of this noble lineage, among which the most important are Lord of Verona, Cangrande, Dante Alighieri ve dedicated the XVII song of "Paradiso" (Divine Comedy). They are in the historic city center next to Santa Maria Antica church and close to Piazza dei Signori. The "Arche Scaligere" are, in all probability, the most important examples of Gothic architecture in Verona. The complex is protected by a wrought iron fence with the "scala" symbol of this lineage and the coffins are at ground level or are raised. The tombs that can be seen are: the ark of Cangrande I Della Scala, Mastino II's ark, the ark of Cansignorio, the sarcophagus of Albert I and the elevated ark of Giovanni della Scala.

The best things to do in Verona

If you're
preparing your trip to the city, you should know that there is plenty of stuff to do in Verona. The city has an important classical, Renaissance, and medieval heritage, in addition to its long literary history. Every corner and every stone exhales a bit of history and legend.
The city is, of course, world famous for being the setting of the love story of Romeo and Juliet. So there are plenty of symbols of love among the wealth of things to see in Verona, including the Romeo and Juliet statue. For those on a romantic holiday, this should be top of your list of what to do in Verona.

But there were Verona attractions long before the legend of the lovers was written. In its distant Roman past, Verona was a major metropolis. There are many places to visit in Verona that attest to this, especially the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheater that still hosts performances during the Festival of Verona. If you visit the city at this time, do not miss the opportunity to see some shows.

The historic city center, with its evocative cobblestone streets, is where you'll find
many things to do in Verona. The Duomo, Basilica of San Zeno, and Piazza delle Erbe are some of the most famous attractions in Verona. And finally, the Lamberti Tower stands as a symbol of the city. More than 80 meters high, the tower rises above the rest of the city, and together with the Ponte Pietra, is one of the most photographed monuments in Verona.

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