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Things to do in Coahuila

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The top 187 attractions in Coahuila

Of Cultural Interest in Parras de la Fuente
Casa Madero
Casa Madero is a corner of relaxation or celebration. It's a place of great tradition, charm, and magic, plus it has a great history and is the pride of Parras de la Fuente Coahuila. This beautiful farm is dedicated to viticulture, and also operates as a hotel, though it contracts its 24 rooms for a 3 day minimum with food and beverage service. Generally, it takes reservations for weddings, family celebrations or corporate events. Casa Grande, Casa Madero is not just any farm, it operates one of the oldest vineyards in the Americas and is located in one of the 25 "Magic Towns of Mexico," Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila. Parras de la Fuente is a small town in the Coahuila desert. It is literally an oasis, a place with plenty of water and green to contrast with the arid desert lands of the region. Parras was founded there thanks to the "mercy" of King Philip II of Spain, who in 1597, donated the land for the purpose of founding a vineyard. It was the first in the Americas, and its history and that of Parras Hacienda San Lorenzo have been linked together forever. To reach Parras and visit Casa Madero, it's necessary to go to Torreón or Saltillo. In the very middle of the highway linking the cities, you'll find an exit to Parras de la Fuente, and, a few miles before reaching the city, you'll see the farm, which also has a small airstrip for those who prefer to arrive by plane. For visitors who only want to see the estate's facilities, there is the possibility of doing so: you can have a tour of the vineyards and wine, and an opportunity to taste the wine that is produced there. This is a corner I have frequented for a long time, and where I was honored to celebrate the wedding of my oldest daughter. I share this, because it is so worth knowing.
Villages in Parras de la Fuente
Parras de la Fuente
Parras de la Fuente is a little town yet the biggest municipality in the state of Coahuila, 3 hours away from Monterrey. On the way to the village, you can see the green vines along the sides of the road, then later walnut and cypress groves let you know for sure that this trip will be unique. You can stroll in the historic town and see the old mansions. Take time to see is the Holy Madero, a shrine to the top of a hill where you will find altarpieces with inscriptions to God or the Virgin that date back more than 100 years . If you want to refresh yourself, visit the Pool of Light, once was used to generate electricity in the town. Regional candies are easy to find, as are figs, caramel, walnuts, and many other treats to be enjoyed in the shadow of one of the thousands of walnut trees in the village. Wine was the most important business at one time, but is now only produced by a few houses, though the quality hasn't fallen an inch. Casa Madero is the largest producer of wine and you can go and visit the facilities and see the process of wine making, storage and quality control. It's an unforgettable journey. In August, you can witness is the show of the Grape where the whole town dresses up and they hold pageants, evening celebrations, horse racing and more. Whether it be celebration, history, or leisure, any reason is enough to visit Parras de la Fuente.
Ponds in Cuatrociénegas
The Blue Rettery
This heavenly place is located in the desert of Cuatro Ciénegas, which is in the state of Coahuila, in northern Mexico. We arrived on May 1, it was about 40° C, more or less. We saw miles of desert and started walking. Sweating and almost dehydrated we arrived at this spectacular oasis. How could this be here? It is incredible what nature can hide...
Nature Reserves in Torreón
Cañon de Jimulco
The Canyon of Jimulco has finally become one of the country's protected areas. It's a very good place to camp and shoot arrows (great for arrow head searching), and it's a very special place for the contrast it represents. In order to get there, you have to travel several kilometres in barren desert, but when you reach the canyon, you find a seasonal river that has beach-like sand and is an excellent place for camping.
Museums in Saltillo
Gardens in Torreón
Fernandez Canyon State Park
This photo was taken while my 11 year old son and I were paddling together on a raft down the river Nazas. The canyon of Fernandez is a special place to think, relax and go camping. I like to spend time here with him so we can talk, not just father to son, but man to man. Mountain biking is another activity that I love to share with my son. This photo was taken by my brother when my son and I were hiking a mountain path in Dinamita Durango near Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico.
Squares in Torreón
Armas Torreon´s Square
On the afternoons of my days off, I like to go to the city centre and people watch. I like to imagine their stories and their lives, and to see their customs. Sometimes it makes me happy, and others it makes me nostalgic, but it always satisfies me to capture those moments in a photograph. Seeing people making a living by working every day on the street, even in extreme weather, is really satisfying, especially when they are so old that they shouldn't be working, but they have to keep on doing it in order to survive. These dunes are in Coahuila, near a town called Viesca. You can spend a great time interacting with family and despite the tiresome heat and strong sun, it's still really fun.
Of Cultural Interest in Ciudad Acuña
The Friendship Dam
Unprecedentedly peaceful place with a lot of fish. When you get to Ciudad Acuña you don't imagine there'll be something so beautiful and peaceful. The people of Acuña are proud of their dam, like their neighbors the Rio Texas. The day I first stepped on this wonderful dam, I felt that I was away from all the problems of the city, everything you want to forget when you really want to relax. The abundance of fish in this dam is inexhaustible, that's why there are fishing tournaments - local, state, national and international. It really is a wonder!
Of Cultural Interest in Sabinas
Sabinas Coahuila
Sabinas Coahuila is located in the middle of the desert. We found a very nice place with majestic trees, so I want to share this unique little place with you, where the trees are a very wintry reddish colour.
Cities in Saltillo
I loved this place from the first time I saw it. I only go about once a year, unfortunately. There is an incredible view of nature and many beautiful landscapes just waiting to be photographed.
Churches in Parras de la Fuente
Santo Madero Chapel
Here I have included some photos of the chapel of Santo Madero. These were taken from one of the ponds in Parras.
Of Touristic Interest in Torreón
Cerro de Las Noas
# CristodelasNoas
Lakes in Cuatrociénegas
Of Touristic Interest in Cuatrociénegas
Theme Parks in Saltillo
Squares in Saltillo
Deserts in Viesca
Cathedrals in Saltillo