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Things to do in Durango

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The top 59 attractions in Durango

Cliffs in Durango
Durango Cathedral
The Durango Cathedral is located in the heart of the city and retains the same structure as when it was built. It was visited by Pope John Paul II and is considered one of the wonders of Mexico. At night, it's beautiful because the lighting is enamouring. Don't hesitate to visit if you are visiting Durango!
Historical Monuments in Mapimi
Ojuela Bridge
Ojuela Bridge was used for over 100 years to remove minerals and measures more than 300m. over a canyon of more than 100m. high. It is a suspension bridge that has remained for over a century and was used as a reference for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is majestic, timeless, and when you know the history, you will feel the wild charm which it jealously guards.
Villages in Durango
Villas del Oeste
During a family outing in West village, where lots of Westerns, Mexican and American, were filmed. International artists, and who were once big spenders. Anyway, a corner of Mexico.
Of Cultural Interest in Durango
Route Durango-Mazatlan
Normally, each year, my family organizes a trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, called Mazatlan. The route is really beautiful and has a great diversity of landscapes that occasionally we stop to admire the beauty that nature provides. Incredibly diverse landscapes such as beautiful grassland areas the most beautiful tropical forests with natural phenomena such as fog and sunsets enable us to see these places in a unique way. Personally, I use it ti relax and find my inner peace.
Cliffs in Pueblo Nuevo
El Espinazo del Diablo
The Devil's Backbone is a ridge in the Western Sierra Madre, an amazing place with a wonderful panorama of the mountains of Durango border of Sinaloa. Definitely a place to visit when traveling to the great Mexican Pacific Mazatlan. See the great "Baluarte Bridge"
Lakes in Indé
The Palmito Dam
As always, these photos were taken during a camping trip with some friends and our respective children. This time we stayed in a cabin, like a small home or hotel. You can also stay in a tent and enjoy the open air. It's a great place to fish, do water sports and other outdoor activities.
Of Touristic Interest in Durango
Puente baluarte
My madee said when I was little to Mazatlan it was around 6 to 7 hours down the old road where I went through the devil's backbone, but now with this amazing architecture you can get to be half the time on the way.
Caves in Mapimi
Caves of the Rosary
You can now actually visit the stunning Grutas del Rosario in Mapimi, Durango since they've been prepared for tourists. Enjoy!
Of Cultural Interest in Durango
A magnificent family outing about 10 minutes from Durango. A magnificent setting for many films.
Streets in Durango
Constitucion avenida 20 de noviembre
Well, here you can find a really cool cafe and the best shops, it is an amazing place to have fun: DD
Villages in Mapimi
Unusual Places in Mapimi
Zona del Silencio
This is located in the Biosphere Reserve of Mapimi, near the town of the same name. The whole region is a basin that receives runoff from the Nazas River. Millions of years ago, the area was under the Tethys Sea so you can still find plenty of fossils around. Due to its geographical location and the fact that it's a basin, it's impossible for Hertzian waves to be transmitted. Therefore, no electronic appliance will work. There are tales of UFO sightings and tourists getting lost because their trusted GPS stopped working. We arrived at a camping area with a stove, bathrooms, and tables located near the entrance to the park. The owners, Sergio and Julia, offer tours of the place and give you a good chance to see some animals in the wild. They also offer horseback-rising. There's also a small museum showing the remains of the original buildings.
Villages in Mapimi
Gardens in Durango
A fantastic sunrise. It's exciting to see Durango and teh surrounding area. Everywhere there is pleasing to the sight, and to the other senses, smell and sound.
Churches in Durango
Rivers in Durango
Statues in Ciudad Lerdo
Of Touristic Interest in Gómez Palacio