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Things to do in Maastricht

29 contributors

The top 11 attractions in Maastricht

Palaces in Maastricht
Selexyz Dominicanen
The Selexyz Dominican is a church that's been converted into a bookstore. It can be found in the center of Maastricht and I walked right past it without even noticing it. Then a student from there we did a tour, and it took us forever appreciated because the place is well worth a visit. In addition to three floors of books, has a cafe which also do exhibitions, debates and other cultural events. On their website there are more photos and history of the site.
Churches in Maastricht
Basilica of Saint Servatius
Known as St. Servaaskerk, the basilica is located in the beautiful town of Maastricht, which is well worth a visit. It was dedicated to St. Servatius, the first bishop of the Netherlands, ve brought Christianity to the land. His remains lie here in the basilica, along with those of other bishops. It was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1984. Next to it is the church of Saint John (St. Janskerk), whose reddish Gothic tower stands out.
Statues in Maastricht
D'Artagnan Statue in the Aldenhofpark
D'Artagnan was a captain of the guard of the musketeers of Louis XIV of France, who passed away in Maastricht on June 25 in the year 1673, during the Franco-Dutch War. The character is a bit different from the novel, Dumas's work is fuction, as the exploits of the real D'Artagnan were not many or as as big of a deal as Dumas makes it out to be in his work, and did not live in the time of Cardinal Richelieu. When entering the park you can see his statue with the famous phrase "Tous by one, one by tous" All for one, one for all.
Tourist Information in Maastricht
Wycker Brugstraat
I have a weird habit every time I go to Maastricht: I kiss it and take a picture of this strange sculpture. It is on the main street that you go on to head to the center of Maastricht, ie everyone who has been there and has been on the train, had to see it. Its structure is in pieces, put it in some way, it seems enigmatic, something magical. It is one of the many sculptures that exist in Maastricht, and the best thing you can do is find out where he aimlessly going around this beautiful, what you do not cause a long time because it is really a small town.
Rivers in Maastricht
Meuse river
Go across the Old Bridge and get a few minutes to see the water and the boats going across, feel the Dutch Wind in your face.
Train Stations in Maastricht
Maastricht Railway Station
Not a good place to spend the night waiting for the next train, it is way too cold. An Exhange Money office is there but their exchange rates and commission are never very fair.
Historical Monuments in Maastricht
Festivals in Maastricht
Airports in Maastricht
Bars in Maastricht
Music Venues in Maastricht