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Things to do in Amsterdam

556 contributors

The top 214 attractions in Amsterdam

Cities in Amsterdam
Canals of Amsterdam
I was only able to experience Amsterdam for a day but it felt like a week. The day was beautiful and after a delicious lunch by the canals I strolled through the streets documenting the beauty of the city. This photograph always reminds me of that lunch and the warmth on my face as I sat back and enjoyed the peacefulness of Amsterdam.
Squares in Amsterdam
Dam Square
I´m not sure during what time of the year, but if you´re in Plaza Dam-- and if you´re in Amsterdam, you will surely be near this Plaza --there is an amusement park in the center that you should not miss! Waffles with sauces and spectacular creams, the famous Dutch fries, muffins, sweets, etc. Remember though to not eat too much if you're gonna ride one of the rides. They might cause vertigo, but the views are spectacular. Even if you don´t ride anything, you´ll have fun just hearing the people screaming.
Flea Markets in Amsterdam
The Flower Market
Great supply of flowers! My mother is a real flower lover - she was so happy to get some of the great tulips from this market! Looking forward to see them blooming next spring.
Neighborhoods in Amsterdam
The Red Light District
You must visit this neighborhood if you visit Amsterdam. The area with the girls are narrow streets with some red lights on the doors, that are like cabins. WHen I went (last Christmas), they were cheeky, so I recommend that you have your bags and wallets safe to not be robbed. Some girls were very young but there were older ones and obese ones. Incredible. I recommend to visit the sex shop and the erotic museum where you can find interesting objects at a good price. It´s totally normal to pass by and look. The store of the preservatives (I don´t remember the name, it is very interesting, now I will put up photos. There were preservatives with the shape of the Tower of London, those you could use, and the price is expensive, but you can look at them to have a lugh. You cannot take photos or videos of the girls, it is prohibited. By the red district there are coffee shops and normal bars to have a coffee or a drink. I recommend that if you go in winter, cover up because it is very cold, so bring thick clothes, gloves, scarves and comfy shoes so water doesn´t come in.
Museums in Amsterdam
The Rijksmuseum is a well known museum. My favourite painting, though not necessarily the most famous, is La lechera de Vermeer, depicting an eternally flowing milk jug and a Dutch windmill. I love the stillness of the mill much more than bourgeois style of Flemish painting. It is also known for the film and novel, The Girl with a Pearl Earring.
Museums in Amsterdam
Anne Frank House Museum
We took a trip from Brussels. The ticket was bought in the Midi station at the last minute and cost us (3 people) 152 euros there and return. I think it wasn´t too bad. The trip takes about 2-3 hours depending on the type of train. Once we arrived we went directly to the house of Anne Frank (8,50 Euros). We liked it a lot, but the sad thing is that the house is empty, meaning, there is no furniture although there is a machine and video that shoes it. After, we walked around the city, we saw the floating market, the Muntonner Tower, the Jordaan, the Waag, where Rembrant painted his famous work ¨The Lesson of the Anatomy of Professor Tulp¨, the canals and the red district. We were only there a few hours, but it seemed to be a disorderly city. The cyclists don´t have control. They come from all over and all directions. Chaos.
Museums in Amsterdam
Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum was one of my top destinations while visiting Amsterdam. It is located on Museumplein which you can get to by tram 2, 3, 5 and 12. It is open daily from ten to six, except on Friday when it closes at ten o'clock. The tickets cost 10 euros (check out the queues waiting to buy tickets first because they´re usually long) .... The permanent collection can be found on the first floor presented in chronological order to show you how his works developed over time.
Squares in Amsterdam
The Museumplein (with Dutch origin meaning "Museum Square") is a square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Three museums are located right there: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk. Among other things, it is used for events and festivals. There you will find the famous letters ¨I AMsterdam¨
Of Cultural Interest in Amsterdam
Heineken Experience
The Heineken Experience is a cathedral of beer. As the name indicates, it's a total experience. It's not just an old brewery, but a fully interactive journey through the world of beer. You learn how to make your own beer, how the iconic green Heineken bottle was designed, and the ingredients used to make this variety of liquid gold. It costs 17.00€ for the full two-hour experience with beers included. Totally recommended!
Gardens in Amsterdam
I´ll add to Ana´s comment about my experience. I went with my friends to Amsterdam looking for ve knows what and suddenly we found ourselves in this park that we ran into by bike. It was last spring and we couldn´t resist the temptation to lay down on one of the green areas. Also, it was a coincidence that they were celebrating a concert with an incredible atmosphere, we almost couldn´t park the bike. Of course, it´s an obligated visit if you go to Amsterdam, I dare to say that ahead there are various monuments or museums.
Of Cultural Interest in Amsterdam
Molen van Sloten
Known as the last traditional mill in Amsterdam, this windmill has become a symbol of the country. About 25 minutes walk from the city centre, the mill contrasts with the area, very different from the contemporary buildings. Sadly, it is not among the city's most visited attractions. Its origins aren't clear - some time between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. If you aren't going anywhere else in the Netherlands, just to Amsterdam, then it's highly recommended, to give you a taste of traditional Dutch life.
Shopping Malls in Amsterdam
Magna Plaza
Magna Plaza is a shopping center just behind Dam Square. It is an impressive building, very beautiful and popular with tourists. I have posted a few photos for you to see.
Of Touristic Interest in Amsterdam
Boat Trip on the Canals
One of the things I really enjoyed during my stay in the Dutch capital was taking a boat trip on the canals. Although I don't usually go in for these kinds of tourist trips, this was included in the Iamsterdam Card, so we decided to do it, and I'm glad that we did. It's a fast, fun way to see many places in Amsterdam. It was great fun, and inside the boat people drank and sang, while passersby waved at us. Really good fun.
Airports in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
The most largest and beautiful airport
Of Cultural Interest in Amsterdam
It is an impressive stronghold of charm in the center of Amsterdam, just 5 minutes from the Plaza Damm. It is easy for the entrance to go unnoticed, Pay attention to the picture below with the entrance, you can access it from the pedestrian street Kalverstraat, which is next door. The Beguines were women and very devout Catholics ve lived there, dedicated to social work. It dates back to the year 1389, the church and bell tower were constructed later, around the year 1419. Legend has it that the most famous Beguine, Cornelia Adams, expressed interest in being buried in the courtyard of the Church, because he had been desecrated by the Presbyterians. It was ignored and instead he was buried in the chapel, and began to appear every morning with her coffin in the yard, until he had to be buried where she wanted, in the courtyard.
Bars in Amsterdam
Betty Boop Coffeeshop
Whether you are a smoker or not, if you visit the capital of the country of tulips, you will certainly visit at least one of the coffee shops in town. This small, cozy restaurant can be a place to stop in while on your tour of the center. It has two floors. On the top floor there is a comfortable sofa, where the music is quieter than on the ground floor so you can relax watching the passersby in the square. If you smoke, as in most of the local area, you can make your choice from the wide range they have on the menu, if you only want to drink, this property has all sorts of natural fruit smoothies, as well as an extensive choice in beers. A great little place to relax in the city of canals in northern Europe.
Palaces in Amsterdam
Cities in Amsterdam
Jordaan District
This was once a working class neighbourhood, but in recent years it's become one of the most expensive and exclusive parts of the city. Here you can find galleries specialising in modern art, along with many shops and restaurants. There are markets, such as the Noordermarkt, Westerstraat (Lapjesmarkt textile market) and Lindengracht. This was where Rembrandt spent the last years of his life, and he's buried in the Westerkerk church, at the corner of Rozengracht and Prinsengracht. The Anne Frank House is also located within the boundaries of the neighbourhood by the Prinsengracht canal.

The best things to do in Amsterdam

On the list of things to see in Amsterdam,
we should start with Dam Square. It's the historical center of the city and is home to some of Amsterdam's most iconic buildings. From there, visit the Royal Palace, one of the top Amsterdam attractions, and enjoy the neoclassical architecture of this building which was home to the monarchy from 1655 to 1808.

Another of the best places to visit in Amsterdam
is the fifteenth-century Nieuwe Kerk, a stunning Gothic church and traditional place to celebrate New Year's Eve. One of themost classic things to do in Amsterdam
is a stroll through the Red Light District, so named after the colored light filtering through the windows. Though the Red Light District has some of the best stuff to do in Amsterdam, it can seem a little scandalous to first-time visitors. Prostitution is legal in Holland and visitors will see many brothels with girls on display, sex shops and even an erotic museum, the Museum of Sex.

Museums are also some of the best attractions in Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum is one of the most prominent, next to the Anne Frank House Museum and the stunning Rijksmuseum which houses works by Rembrandt, Rubens and artists from the Golden Age.

If you have time, one of the best
Amsterdam activities
is a visit to the Heineken Experience, the legendary beer factory where you can test their creations and learn a little about the beer making process. For more on what to do in
, have a look through the great tips and reviews from real travelers on minube.