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Things to do in Rivas

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Activities in Rivas
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The top 23 attractions in Rivas

Islands in Moyogalpa
Ometepe Island
Ometepe is an island located in Lake Nicaragua and is formed by two volcanoes that join to form an interesting figure of eight which can be seen from the sky. A tour of its forest is amazing such as the Ecological Reserve of Charco Verde which is inhabited by monkeys, reptiles and many birds. The beaches found amongst the vegetation from which you can contemplate beautiful views of the island is a joy to the senses. Not forgetting the Ojo de Agua, a natural spring to relax in and stop along the way for a swim in crystal clear waters. I also recommend making the most of Moyogalpa parties, music, food, dancing and a completely indigenous atmosphere. Best wishes for the conservation of this beautiful island!
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur
Here I enjoyed some of the best sunsets on my trip traveling through Central America. Despite the fact that there are many tourists who come here to surf, the people do not lose the local atmosphere that still exists in the streets, in the market, etc.. And at night there is a lot of rum and lots of partying in the beach bars ...
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
Playa El Coco
This is one of the best places on Coco Beach. Here you have the beach to yourself, it is amazingly clean and watching the sunrise is beautiful. You may have the opportunity to see pelicans catching fishes and if you are lucky you will see the beautiful rainbow that bathes the beach its beautiful colors! I dare you to go to Nicaragua!
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
Majaual Beach
The beach is right on the border of Majaual Timber Beach and San Lorenzo on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Its beaches are immense and filled with limestone and little vegetation and mass tourism. It is also a spot loved by surfers and travelers that come to the town of San Juan del Sur, which they said was quite a sight. The truth is that these beaches are a delight for the mind and a litmus test for the body as waves surely know how to break here. The rocks in the distance are directing the waves coming in and playing with them and as swimmers, we are faced with the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean. The town of San Juan and its beaches is an absolute recommendation if you're traveling to Nicaragua. I am not sure if this should be done at the beginning or the end of the trip, but either way it will be a mistake not to visit. To reach the village: there are buses from Managua (and other cities, I guess) market, and from there you will be able to reach Rivas. From there, you will take another bus that goes to the same town.
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
Las Maderas Beach (Nicaragua)
To the south-west of the country, San Juan is a fishing village that year after year is opening more to tourism. Depending on the time of year, it is an ideal place to get lost at the beach. The official beach becomes the beach of San Juan del Sur, enclosed between two cliffs that hide from the world. From the north to the south, though, there are ranges of opportunities and some are much less crowded. Some are defended by surfers who travel from around the world looking for this side of the Pacific, and others are perfect for disappearing from the world and relaxing. Timber Beach, north of San Juan del Sur along the coast, is one of them. Perhaps not as well known, but, isn't that preferable? The rock ledges force you to leave the beach jumping from the rocks reaching the limestone plate to the beach and crumbling into sand. Giving the feeling of a violent nature magnitude under the waters. And yet it is a perfect beach for swimming because it is large enough to occur together sea violence and serenity of its flow. To arrive by bus to San Juan del Sur from Managua, you can either take a bus in Managua to Rivas market town or you can choose to take another to San Juan if you rather, just hop in a taxi.
Volcanoes in Moyogalpa
Concepción (volcano)
Located on the island of Ometepe, near the town of Moyogalpa, is the most perfect volcanic cone of Nicaragua. Although the fog covered a part of it, The volcano was still incredibly impressive. It's visible from the entire island. It's active so you might not go any furher than half way up, but it's worth it if it's a clear day. You have to hire a guide but it's easy to get one in the village (15 euros). The climb is not easy so I don't recommend it to people who are unfit.
Nature Reserves in Moyogalpa
Green Pool Nature Reserve
It is located just over 10 km from Moyogalpa (capital of the island of Ometepe), following the road south. In the lower area of the reserve we can see a lagoon surrounded by mangroves and lush vegetation with a fruit tree. The walking tour around the reserve is short, taking less than 1 hour . I did it with a guide (and recommended it) but you can do it without if you want. The route is well marked, and you can see a monkey, but especially birds, they're everywhere. You can also explore the lagoon by kayak or take a tour on horseback. If you're staying within the reserve, Hotel Charco Verde is located inside, in front of a small beach.
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur beach
This is a quiet place where it will just be you and your friends if you want. Here, tranquility is important and there is no stress or problems, it is a paradise come true, it seems that you and the world are the only things that exist.
Volcanoes in Moyogalpa
Maderas Volcano
Situated in the south of the island of Ometepe, formed by the volcano Concepción, the silhouette of this mystical island is in Lake Nicaragua. I didn't get to upload the picture because the photos were taken from the Charco Verde nature reserve and its surrounding area, but when we got to the top we were in for a treat. There was a beautiful lagoon. There are several trails to climb at the Maderas volcano. I recommend the Finca Magdalena (you should bring a guide). You can also go around the volcano, being a rural area with farming villages. If you look, you can see the pre-Columbian history in several petroglyphs.
Viewpoints in Moyogalpa
Devil Viewpoint
From Devil Viewpoint, which is a small hill, just over 10 miles south of Moyogalpa, you have a breathtaking view of the island of Ometepe, especially its two volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas and Lake Nicaragua. It's awesome. You can get there by bus from Moyogalpa, the capital of the island (buses stop there whenever you want). Renting a bike or scooter to get there would be a bad idea, trust me. If you visit it, I also recommend losing yourself in the Charco Verde nature reserve, which is right next door.
Rainforest in San Juan del Sur
La Flor Wildlife Refuge
12 months ago I went to San Juan del Sur and I discovered that it is a wonderful place. Today I'll talk about the tours on offer to the Wildlife Refuge Flower that is located just 20 kilometers away from the city of San Juan del Sur. Here you can see sea turtles lay their eggs from the months of July to April. It is an amazing spectacle that should not be missed. The other day I was with my friends and wwe saw one arrival and one thousand turtles. It's a shame that people hunt for their eggs for food and do not think that we must protect this beautiful marine species.
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
Madera Beach
I'm walking on the gray sand of Playa Madera .. I do not know how my Chevrolet Spark managed to cross that road .. There is a beautiful beach, a very secluded beach, not a soul to be seen .. I walked over to the rocks where the water crashed hard on the shore and I wanted to enjoy its breeze .. I walked along the sand, I walked to the sea .. My body started to turn brown like a sausage on a barbecue, with all the flavors of sea salt and the last rays of sun .. It was truly heavenly, it gave me time to breathe and create space in my mind .. It filled me with great peace .. It was my therapy .. It brought me back to life .. I would spend all day lying on the sand or on the rocks .. Just communicating with the whales and shipwrecks ..
Beaches in Popoyo
Playa Guasacate, Popoyo, Nicaragua
Una grandiosa playa, limpia y tranquila. Perfecta para el surf y cualquier otra actividad.
Lakes in Santa Cruz
Bays in San Juan del Sur
Bahía de San Juan del Sur. Rivas
You can arrive here by sailboat and cruise to the beautiful port of San Juan del Sur in the region of Rivas, Nicaragua.
Of Touristic Interest in Santa Cruz
Of Touristic Interest in Santa Cruz
Beaches in Tola