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Things to do in Finnmark

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Villages in Honningsvåg
Villages in Gjesvaer
Villages in Skarsvag
Villages in Norvagen
Villages in Talvik
Villages in Honningsvåg

The top 40 attractions in Finnmark

Cliffs in Honningsvåg
There are many travelers who don't recommend going to North Cape (or Nordkapp) because the site itself isn't worth it in their opinion. In my case, I got to the second northernmost point on the European continent (not the first everyone seems to think) and I marked it as a success both as emblematic of the place and the beauty of the surroundings. Peering off of the cliffs that surround the base of the Nordkapp is to die for. The North Sea covered with clouds appears below the towering cliffs. This and the contemplation of the beautiful, mystical and peaceful land of the "Midnight Sun" that gives us the feeling of being in fact the end of the world. Something magical will this place when we go to mass all his contemplation and mark it as objective as we travel these latitudes. I particularly recommend it ...... I do not have this experience ....... Living yourselves.
Cliffs in Nordkapp
Cabo Norte
It’s not about nordkapp itself, it’s about the journey to nordkapp. Breathtaking scenery, total lack of vegetation at those latitudes but on the downside I’ve to say it’s a tourist trap. Very expensive car park (there’s no place to park otherwise) but the top tip: if you get there after 4pm the car park is free as there’s nobody at the toll boot ;)
Nature Reserves in Gjesvaer
Of all the tourist attractions of the island of Mageroya, this is definitely my favorite. The Bird Safari in Gjesvaer takes about two hours. You go on a boat that takes you from a small fishing village to an area where you almost feel you have returned to a remote natural past. Rocky headlands over water give way to a visual feast of flocks of puffins, gulls, cormorants and many other species. Also, if you're lucky, you can spot an eagle or a curious seal who pokes his head from the water or who has decided to take the early morning sun. I'm told, although it's nice and sunny, you see even more birds if Lorenzo does not deign to appear and the sky is gray. Either way is a very nice trip and highly recommended.
Villages in Honningsvåg
After arriving at the island of Mageroya, we went for our frist morning visit where we had our first contact with the platform of the North Cape, Honningsvag was its tiny capital. Puebblo was quite a peaceful place, at least at this time of year. It is a destination for luxury and expensive cruises from Oslo or Bergen that are coming to visit the North Cape or Nordkapp. We were fortunate that the weather was excellent and there was barely a cloud. Small hotels and resorts offering rooms to the few tourists who walked through its streets. Stores are scarce and only two local places offered their services for just coffee. The only church built on one of those hills outside was a perfect white and inside featured extreme simplicity. We spent two or three hours of wandering in the middle of nowhere and completely silent. Not looking for anything, much we are.
Of Touristic Interest in Alta
Northern Lights in Alta
The aurora is a glow that appears in the evening sky in areas near the poles. It's due to the impact of solar wind particles on the magnetic field of Earth. In the northern hemisphere it is known as the aurora borealis, named by Galileo Galilei, in reference to the Roman goddess of dawn Aurora and her son who represents the northern winds. The are the most intense from September to October and from March to April. In the southern hemisphere the are known as the aurora australis. According to Norse folklore: The glow is from Vikings going to war, mounted on horses and armed with spears and helmet ... When traveling their armor reflects a strange glow that illuminates the northern sky, making what men call the "aurora borealis", or "Northern Lights". Though it is recommend to see them in the city of Tromso,the further north you go the better. Alta is a superb place to see the "lights".
Nature Reserves in Alta
This is a perfect place to see Northern Lights and to discover the cold and snowy landscapes. The best time to visit is from October to April. It is advisable to rent a car and discover on your own the landscapes of the North Cape. An unforgettable journey.
Villages in Gjesvaer
We were camping in Nordkapp on the Island Mageroya when we decided that until sunset we would climb to the platform of North Cape, and spend a little time exploring the island. Heeding one of the guides we directed our steps towards a village west of the island called Gjesvaer whose coastline had some islands. One is called Bird Island as many birds go there to lay eggs, you could get there in a small boat. The village had a typical little restaurant where we enjoyed, in a special way, reindeer meat and typical desalted fish. The Tipper from Hooninsvag was built in 1976 and until then could only reached by boat from Gjesvaer. The trip was in the middle of nowhere, tundra landscape with small bushes and little else. Of course if you get shot, forget it, we didn't see another human or any other vehicle either way. We went for several kilometers before arriving at the top of a small hill, it appeared before our eyes with particularly spectacular scenery. Small altitude mountains completely deserted with a small lake at their feet, while at the bottom there was a small town totally colorful sticking up to the Arctic Ocean and some small islands near the same. The restaurant is closed as it was no longer peak season and that it was the month of August. But every cloud has a silver lining, we had the occasion to visit quietly and without anyone else. There was no God.
Cliffs in Honningsvåg
Cape Knivskjelodden
There is a legend that the North Cape or Nordkapp with a latitude of 71 ° 10 '21 "N is the northernmost point of he Europe. Though maybe for the beauty of its cliffs and its accessibility it has converted in main enclave tourism. however very close to this platform, you will find out that Knivskjelodden is at a latitude of 71 ° 11 '08 "N and the northernmost point of Europe. Access by car is impossible. One can make the walk from a small car park about 6 miles before reaching Nordkapp platform. The distance is 9 miles, ie 5 or 6 hours of walking. But one day on the island Mageroya is sufficient. Next time if I have the opportunity to return, I will. The pictures of it are made from North Cape on two different evenings. The first totally disheartening on the weather and the second truly splendid.
Of Touristic Interest in Honningsvåg
The Midnight Sun
In Norway there are two natural phenomena: The midnight sun and northern lights. The 2nd I do not know how it will be, but the midnight sun is magical and amazing. We were in Nodkapp (North Cape), which is visible from May 14 to July 29. At that time, due to the proximity to the Arctic Circle, the sun is visible 24 hours a day, and when it should be, not hiding in the horizon, making a lovely sunset. There are many companies that organize tours to see it. Viewed from a platform surrounded by cliffs, where there is a monument with a globe , as well as a visitor center and cafe.
Fjords in Alta
We departed for Äkäslompolo early morning, with the feeling that perhaps we would never get there. We had stayed in lapland for about 13 days. We drove for several miles along narrow, but well-paved roads. Our trip was spent mostly among the fir trees of the forests and at one point it did begin to rain. Our original intention was to have something to eat in the city and visit the city center. Mission impossible. The GPS went crazy and even though there were signs indicating the word "Centrum", we were unable to locate the place. However; we did come to a nice port, where we went for a pleasant stroll, so all was not lost!
Villages in Skarsvag
It was the last afternoon of the two nights we spent on the island of Mageroya, before arriving to the North Cape, and we decided to visit a small village of only 60 inhabitants. It is the most northern fishing port in the world, according to the locals. We were looking for a small typical shop, that our campsite told us about, in order to buy something different and to visit the factory where they say is the world's best salted fish. Neither the store or factory, we open as it was already the off season (August) and there is a lack of visitors. We were disappointed. Next time!. During the last afternoon that we spent on the island of Mageroya, before going to the North Cape, we decided to visit a small village of only 60 inhabitants which is the most northern fishing port in the world, as somebody told us. We were looking for a small local shop to buy something traditional to the area and it was suggested that we visit a factory where, apparently, you can buy the world's best salted fish. Neither the store or factory was open because it was August. Next time!
Villages in Norvagen
Having spent a few hours in Honningvag, we saw that the road continued westward. Without thinking twice, my desire to visit new places took us for a few kilometers along the coast of the Mageroya island. A while later, a sign which told us that we were going to Norvagen. After a fairly steep curve, we saw this beautiful town where I took that picture. They had not gone more than five hundred meters when a fence indicated the road was blocked. Impossible to follow. We had to make do with watching from afar that spectacular mix of colors of its buildings. Yes sir, the only photograph that I keep in a cloth because I don't have more.
Of Cultural Interest in Honningsvåg
Monument of the World's Children
On Tuesday October 23, 2012 I went to Nordkapp. There in full North Cape began what would be the 1st snowstorm of the year: a strong wind and snow. It was worth it though I had to get some mates to not blow my air and stable!
Of Cultural Interest in Alta
Rock Art at Alta
In the year 1973, almost by accident, in the village of Alta, a series of rock carvings were discovered, which offer visitors an insight into the life of the people who lived there more than 6000 years ago .These representations were made over many years. The earliest drawings date back over 6200 years and the latest are 2500 years old. The museum is 4 kilometers from the village of Alta, divided into a structure that is home to the entrance of the resort, the souvenir store, ticket booth and all services in a museum. Once you go inside, the view is fantastic. From this elevated wooden walkways above ground, we were directed to all attractions of the museum, following a chronological path from the oldest recorded to the more recent in time. You can sense what the ancient inhabitants of the zone did, or see where they lived.We see images of moose, reindeer, ducks, hunting men, rituals .... A magnificent journey through the ancient history of the inhabitants of the area. The prints have been restored and painted with pigments that resemble the originals as they should be. In this way we find red paint in the engravings, not original. These prints have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. An interesting visit and highly recommended if traveling through this area.
Nature Reserves in Honningsvåg
The Island of the Birds in North Cape
A 15 km west of the North Cape cliff is Gjesværstappan Nature Reserve, is one of the most important seabirds in sub-arctic regions. You can access it by boat from the small fishing port of Gjersvaer on a tour that lasts two hours. After boarding, the first thing they offer is a thermal suit and it's best to put it as it is very cold. Once equipped the boat starts its journey and in 10 minutes you get to the island where millions of birds nest including the largest colony of puffins in the region of Finnmark, kittiwakes, cormorants, eider and sea eagles among others. You can't land, but take the boat around the island and you can see the birds and even as in our case, a seals swimming in the cold waters of the Arctic.
Fjords in Honningsvåg
Traveling Between Reindeer: Road E69 Destination Nordkapp
The E69 highway connects Olderfjord and Nordkapp (North Cape), runs parallel to Porsangerfjorden or Porsanger Fjord which is the first fjord open to the Arctic Ocean, 123 km long and fourth longest fjord in Norway. Its water is turquoise blue because sediments from melting glaciers. A completely different landscape from the rest of the country, medium to small tree forest (taiga) and tundra. Soil is frozen most of the year and is not therefore possible to grow trees. But most curious on this road are the "fellow travelers" somewhat peculiar and somewhat "dangerous": wild reindeer herds invade the road when you least expect it and cross. Recommendation: Of course, go very slowly, the landscape also deserves it, be patient, stop the car, photograph them and wait for them to clear the road.
Fjords in Russenes
We start in Alta with more pain than glory, but every step we are closer to our final destination: the island of Mageroya and the North Cape. We were accompanied this thin but persistent rain that bothers drivers and after barely leaving Alta, we found the Tundra and some small reindeer farms that were cordoned off by barbed wire but that did not prevent some from escaping. It was nearly 2pm and our stomachs began to rumble, so we decided to stop for lunch, luckily we always had some things in the car just because we were often alone and far from a town or city. The place we chose was a small bay called Porsangerfjord in the Barents Sea. This site should be one of the "busiest". There was a small stone table with benches and some bathrooms which were just latrines with a roof. It turns out in this was where we had first contact with a number of stone slab formations that according to legend, are little towers that visitors made during the day and at night they turn into TROLLS. Then we realized that in Lapland this tradition is widespread.
Of Cultural Interest in Karasjok
Husky Training
The place is fantastic, it was constructed by only 1 person, an artist named Sven Elghon with his hands and creativity he has constructed every cabinet, shelf or piece, all with wood and tool areas. You also have the chance to have experiences with huskies and visit cultural sites. Guard against mosquitoes .... or you'll regret it. As we went in the summer there was no snow to go sledding Huskies would have been perfect, but we could go a day training with the dogs and the truth is that it was an experience. You get to the island where they where summer and put all howling like crazy, you know that the time of training and fit of joy, release them and get to jump and run around as if the world ended, very exciting .. Recommend you ignore them at that time because you might knock, so we hope to pass them and go straight for them to climb back into the boat, once there we go to the next island, the dogs are thrown water . And so from one island to another, no one's exhausted!. end walk back to camp all the troops followed and tie, very very affectionate, they want petted and howl all the time asking for your love .... After Sami we had a meal experience with fire and reindeer meat and warmed dessert of crepes.