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Things to do in Covadonga

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The top 17 attractions in Covadonga

Lakes in Covadonga
The Lakes of Covadonga - Enol and Ercina lakes
One of the most impressive sites in Spain is, without a doubt, the Lakes of Covadonga. Located in the heart of the Picos de Europa, they are a must stop for nature lovers. After going up a narrow road from the Sanctuary and Basilica of Covadonga, the traveler finds lake Enol, the biggest of the two. It is more than 1,000 meters above sea level and very close to the coast. For sure it is a must see.
Churches in Covadonga
Santa Cueva de Covadonga
You want some advice? Choose well the time of year you want to go there. Depending on the time of year there will be more or less people. I chose the 2nd week of July and it was a perfect choice. For me, it is an absolute must visit. To go by car until Covadonga, to park and to find this extremely beautiful temple in the middle of a natural park is priceless. You have to see it for yourself. The pictures and videos can only give you an idea. We continued the visit going up to the lakes; I recommend that you do the same. Depending on the time of year you can do it by bus or car. In august there are so many people that you have to go up by bus.
Villages in Covadonga
This place really struck me. The landscapes here are unique. The nerve center of Covadonga is especially beautiful, the location as well as the place it occupies in the mountains. The mist that floated around the cathedral, the light, the silence that surrounds you at all times, it was all amazing. Personally, I felt a curious sense of inner peace as I climbed up to the chapel. I'll have a lasting memory.
Of Cultural Interest in Covadonga
Fountain Los Siete Caños
There are two traditions surrounding this fountain and lake. According to tradition, whoever drinks from the seven pipes will marry in the next year. Regarding the lake, the tradition says that you flip a coin to make a wish which you will see fulfilled.
Cemeteries in Covadonga
Tomb of King Don Pelayo
In the Holy Cave, inside the Sanctuary of Covadonga, as well as the Virgin of Covadonga in Sagrario Chapel, lie the remains of King Don Pelayo, a place where according to tradition, he took refuge with his men during the Battle of Covadonga . Don Pelayo was the first monarch of the Kingdom of Asturias, who ruled until his death. He is famous for having succeeded in stopping the northward expansion of the Muslims, starting the so-called Reconquista.
Historical Monuments in Covadonga
The Three Crosses in Covadonga
The Three Crosses is a monument in Covadonga at the Santina (The Holy Cave where the virgin who helped Don Pelayo fight the Arabs is). Everyone who comes here stops to photograph this monument, and contradictory story of the Virgin of Covadonga, because no virgin would help in a war, right? We're talking about virgins, not Ares the god of war!
Viewpoints in Covadonga
Queen Viewpoint
Although this place does not offer the best menu in the world, I was able to pay for lunch with my family inside the motorhome, when it was raining outside, on the veranda. You can find it just before reaching lake enol in the lakes of Covadonga, Asturias. There are few places like this in the world.
Statues in Covadonga
Statue of Pelayo
It is a bronze statue of Pelayo, King Astur, which is located to the left of the Sanctuary of Covadonga. King Pelayo led the Arab revolt with the intention to take the Iberian Peninsula around the year 722 AD, with one of his first major victories in the Battle of Covadonga. He was one of the most important figures in the Spanish Reconquista.
Of Touristic Interest in Covadonga
Museums in Covadonga
Museum of Covadonga
The "Treasury of the Virgin" was an exhibition of gifts dedicated to Santina. With the commemoration of the centenary of the basilica, the Treasury was renamed the "Museum of Covadonga". Here you can find mainly reproductions of drawings done by the architect Ventura Rodríguez and they are displayed in order so that you can learn about the history and the changes undergone by the Sanctuary, from the Battle of Covadonga led by Pelayo, to the pope´s visits to the Sanctuary. In addition, there are also many works by goldsmiths and a complete collection of liturgical clothing.
Valleys in Covadonga
Of Touristic Interest in Covadonga
Of Touristic Interest in Covadonga
Of Touristic Interest in Covadonga
Roads in Covadonga
Valleys in Covadonga
Festivals in Covadonga

The best things to do in Covadonga

There are two things to do in Covadonga that are famous throughout the world, visiting the sanctuary and the lakes. The Monumental Sanctuary is one of the most visited
Covadonga attractions by
tourists. It's formed in the Holy Cave of Covadonga
and its centerpiece is the Holy Cave where the Chapel-Shrine is the image of the Virgin and the tomb of Don Pelayo. Next to the Holy Cave is another of the many places to visit in Covadonga, the Monastery of San Pedro, which is inhabited by a community of canons. The building includes a retreat house, one of the many attractions in Covadonga that are the subject of an interesting visit. Nearby is also the Basilica of Santa María la Real, another of the things to see in
built in
Romanesque style out of pink limestone. Undoubtedly, one of the first Covadonga activities you have to do is visit all the city's important points and monuments because it'll take most of the day. You should also know that the city is part of the National Park of Picos de Europa in case what to do in
Covadonga for
you includes a hike in nature.
Look for stuff to do in Covadonga today and discover all the daily activities organized for tourists, depending on weather conditions.