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Things to do in Jaca

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The top 38 attractions in Jaca

Cities in Jaca
A beautiful small city in the middle of the Aragon Pyrenees, welcoming. Situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, 25 Km from the ski pistes and 30 Km from the border with France. Recommendable, above all for its tapas bars in every part of the city.
Citadels in Jaca
Citadel of Jaca
The Citadel of Jaca is a fortification that they started building in 1592 when it was commissioned by Philip II when a French invasion was the big fear. Its real name until the 19th century was Castillo de San Pedro (or, St. Peter's Castle). Today it's all called the Jaca Citadel, and is surrounded with greenery. The Citadel is undoubtedly an impressive construction. It's one of the two in tact citadels in Europe. Its green lawn is often used by locals as a place to relax, walk their dogs or relax. I must admit, I do love the view at night from the Citadel, especially being at the bottom of the moonlit Oroel. This is a must-see site if you're going to be in Jaca.
Churches in Jaca
The Parish of the Cathedral
The Parish of the Cathedral is one of the largest churches in Jaca, right in the center where there's more of a fun atmosphere. The parish was built in the 11th century and it's one of those places that you can't miss. It was recently renovated. At night it gets a lot of attention because it's very bright.
Sports-Related in Jaca
Pirineo Aragonés
The Aragon Pyrenees are without a doubt one of those places in Spain that never disappoint you if you are seeking adventure and great scenery. The mountains are like a big game. The time of year dictates what you wear and what footwear you should take with you. They take you wherever you want to go. The limit is set by the stars.
Historical Monuments in Jaca
The Clock Tower
The Jaca Clock Tower is situated in the historic city center, in the Marqués de la Cadena Square. It was built in the year 1445 in order to act as a private residence, but in the year 1602 they began to use it as the headquarters of the city´s prisons, and it is now popularly known as the Prison Tower. The building displays a Gothic architectural style, and it is now used as the headquarters of the "Working Community of the Pyrenees". Located next to the tower, you can see also a bronze sculpture of Ramiro I of Aragon.
Cathedrals in Jaca
Bars in Jaca
This is without a doubt the best place I've been to this summer. Walking through the beautiful city of Jaca, I stumbled upon this wonderful garden where you can enjoy a great cocktail, soft drink or a glass of wine. It is a modern bar with low lighting. There is also a beautiful garden where you can enjoy the company, at the same time you see an exhibition of paintings by a local artist. If you want a bit of relaxation and good energy, do not hesitate to go to Sansanet.
Of Touristic Interest in Jaca
Jaca from Rapitan
In Jaca, this place was known and is known as the Pearl of the Pyrenees, it's not just the beauty of walking around the streets, but observing the atmosphere and environment that is present there. The Fort Rapitán is a castle that used to guard the valley in case of an attack by the French. Today, of course, it is not used for this purpose, but it is a key place where you can climb and from which you can see Jaca from above. I recommend that you go there at night, it is amazing, and if the moon is full and the sky is full of stars, you can spend pass hours and hours there.
Hiking in Jaca
Peña Oroel
Jaca is the capital of the region of La Jacetania. It's bout 70 kilometers from Huesca. It's in the north of the province, in the Aragon Valley, in a depression called The Channel Berdún, at 820 meters above sea level, in the shadow of Oroel Rock. It's in the central Pyrenees, which makes it one of the best places to do winter sports like skiing in Spain.
Resort Towns in Jaca
Hiking in Jaca
Walk of la Cantera
After a long day this walk has a special magic that can even tame the wildest beasts. If you get tired, it is very easy to find a bench to sit on, or better yet, you can lie down on the grass and watch the stars. It is a place where you can do sport, read, relax, be inspired or think. Used to disconnect and start over if something has gone wrong, or to sweat exercising.
Hiking in Jaca
Aragon Adventure
I have visited the aragon mountains for adventure, canyoning and trekking. I am often accompanied by guides but I often find that they are more interested in their adventures than mine and I prefer to keep to my own timetable. If you can find a good guide that is more like a friend then this is the best thing.
Nature Reserves in Jaca
Churches in Jaca
Church of El Carmen
The Iglesia del Carmen is situated in the old town of Jaca. It stands out mainly because of its front, which was sculpted by Rafael Leante in the year 1657, in a Mannerist style. As for the interior, which you can visit during services, the most important things to note are the altarpieces and altar, all baroque style.
Sports-Related in Jaca
Aragon Aventura raquetas de nieve en Pirineos
The other day I was with Aragon Adventure guides in an area that was incredible for its beauty, in the Aragonese Pyrenees,I love open spaces and I did something I had not done before, hiked in the snow. Skiing didn´t look like it was somehting I could learn and it was the only way to the snow... when I got a call from John and he told me me ... come with us to the snow. I thought that I would not walk through it, sinking ... I used to walk with them, rode a spectacular valley with peaks of 3000 m around and to top it off, I was able to go at a pace, without stress, watching the vastness of the snowy plains Anheu Valley, I can only say , that this holy week I planned to go away to those trips that seem exotic, I canceled and go to the Pyrenees with juan and guides to make snowshoes, that if after a great restaurant rackets affordable and good cooking Aragonese Escarrilla Casa Mingo. Just that if you have no plan and you want to see what pure nature is, and also walk on it as in hiking, do not hesitate. By the way I stayed in hotel Biescas at the foot of the Tena Valley. I like to be treated well. Jose Lopez Madrid
Churches in Jaca
San Salvador and San Ginés Church
The Church of San Salvador and San Ginés is situated in the old town of Jaca, forming part of the remains of the ancient city wall. The sarcophagus of the Infanta Doña Sancha, daughter of the King of Aragon Ramiro I, is stored in this church. This sarcophagus is Romanesque. It was the first place that we visited when we were in Jaca, and we parked at the bottom of the city, and climbed the stairs to the top part, where the old town is located. When we got there, we found ourselves faced with this church.
Museums in Jaca
Diocesan Museum of Jaca
The Diocesan Museum of Jaca, which is situated inside the Cathedral, houses what is considered to be one of the most important in terms of Romanesque wall paintings in the country. It has two floors, the ground floor houses lyrics and a music room, another musical paintings, and a Romanesque Bagüés room. The second floor contains a Secretum and library. The opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 20.00. It is closed on Mondays. The normal admissions price is € 6 and € 4.5 for a reduced price: the photos are not mine, sorry ...
Sports-Related in Jaca
Pirineosur Guide of High Mountain and Ravines
The company Pirineosur mountain guides is situated in Jaca. More than a tour guide company, here you will find some friends who truly want you to enjoy the Pyranees mountains, where you will find canyons and the most amazing mountains on the planet, you will find a world of sensations at Pirineosur. It is a company which has been selected by the ministry of innovation and technology to provide services in the Antarctic campaigns

The best things to do in Jaca

Are you preparing a trip and wondering what to do in Jaca? Great! This is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and although it's a small town, there are many things to do in Jaca while you relax.

Among the most popular places to visit in Jaca are the mountains, which are especially known for being wonderful places for winter sports. Astún and Candanchú are the nearest ski resorts to Jaca, and are well-known and preferred by athletes who are looking for Jaca activities related to sports. Monte Oroel is another one of the things to see in Jaca. It's perfect for walking and hiking. If you climb to the top, the view of the city in the middle of the valley is beautiful.

he historic center of town houses many of the attractions in Jaca. The city has a long history because many peoples and civilizations have lived there, therefore it has an important legacy that can be explored and admired, especially the outstanding Romanesque Art that splashes across the city. The Cathedral of St. Peter is one of these historical Jaca attractions, and is an example of the local Romanesque style dating from the eleventh century. Don't miss the interior frescoes known as the Sistine Chapel of the Romanesque.
The Jaca Citadel is a stronghold from the sixteenth century, and is currently home to the interesting Museum of Military Miniatures, which recreates scenes from different historical battles. Other stuff to do in Jaca includes visiting the Iglesia del Carmen, the convent of the Benitas, the Bridge of San Miguel, the Clock Tower, and the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña. What else you need to know about Jaca?