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Things to do in Jaen

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The top 49 attractions in Jaen

Cathedrals in Jaen
Jaén Cathedral
Jaén Cathedral is huge. It is almost impossible to process such beauty. The inside is also immense, made in order to accommodate thousands of pilgrims from Europe and Spain. You really should visit and admire the amazing views from the viewpoint at the end of the road from the Parador of Jaen.
Castles in Jaen
Castle of Santa Catalina
The Castle of Santa Catalina is one of the most important legacies of Hispanic Arab culture in Jaén. It is the most beautiful viewpoint of the capital, at 800 meters high. You can enjoy a walk, dine, relax ... on hot summer nights there is also a special atmosphere.
Castles in Jaen
The Cross of the Castle
The Cross of the Castle is near the castle in Jaén. Its high location makes it a strategic point for having a splendid view of the city and taking some great photos. Together with the castle and the cathedral itself, the cross is one of the symbols of the city. It's said that the cross was originally erected by Ferdinand III after snatching up king Alhamar's fortress, which was made out of wood. The cross is now a stone replica, but it keeps all the symbols and its original charm.
Museums in Jaen
( Villadompardo Palace) Arab Baths
After a visit to the cathedral I went to the Palace of the Counts of Villardompardo, I walked into a sixteenth century building and found a bright patio plus a painting exhibition. I thought that perhaps the Arab baths would just be the foundation, but when going down to the area of ​​the bathrooms I got a pleasant surprise. Photos do not do justice to the beauty of the place because of the dim lighting. A place that allows us to easily imagine crowds in the city during the golden age of Islam. A highly recommended visit.
Churches in Jaen
Church of la Magdalena
This church is beautiful at night, when you can see the tower wonderfully lit up and the street that it is situated on is a nice walk. The Magdalena Church was built in the early sixteenth century on the ruins of an ancient mosque. It has four naves separated by pillars and arches. It has an Elizabethan Gothic style with a beautiful image of Magdalena next to a beautiful bell tower.
Of Cultural Interest in Jaen
The Lizard of Jaén
The statue with the legend of the lizard of Jaen. Fountain. It's showing the statue of the well-known Jaen lizard situated in the picturesque Magdalena district, which is almost in the center of the city of Jaen. You should definitely go see it if you're in this beautiful city.
Historical Monuments in Jaen
Santo Domingo Royal Convent
The Santo Domingo Royal Convent was built on a former Moorish palace that was given to the Dominicans in 1382, and later became St. Catherine the Martyr University in the mid 16th century. And from 1847 on it was a hospice. Today it houses the facilities of the deep Historical Archives. Inside it there's a magnificent cloister courtyard, a square and two buildings. One is the church that's now closed for worship, which has a single nave, and the Mannerist style facade.
Palaces in Jaen
Palace of the Provincial Council
The best example of civil architecture in the city is behind the magnificent cathedral, built on the ruins of the convent of San Francisco. Pedro I gave permission for the Franciscan convent in 1354. It was constructed by architect Jorge Porrúa, winner of the 1878 Provincial Exhibition. It is a traditional building, in an Italian Renaissance style. It has an open space which leads to a large courtyard, two floors and basements. The main facade of the Plaza de San Francisco is highlighted by triple arches. It has lovely windows, with a balcony on the second floor, and a clock with the shield of the province.
Hiking in Jaen
Rivers in Jaen
Of Cultural Interest in Jaen
Objective ¡Fly!
Objective ¡Fly! was a small presentation put on by the La Caixa Foundation in collaboration with other organizations such as the Air Museum. Inside the exhibit you can find models of all types of aircrafts and various experiments that show the aerodynamic conditions that make an airplane fly.
Museums in Jaen
International Museum of Naive Art
The International Museum of Naive Art is the only museum in Spain that's dedicated to this trend, which was made possible by the donation of numerous works of art by Miguel Garcia Vivancos. He's a famous art collector in the City. The museum is housed inside Villardompardo Palace, along with the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs and the Arab Baths. Inside more than 400 works are saved, most of which are paintings and sculptures by Spanish artists. This is a fun show that's kind of rare.
Bars in Jaen
Museums in Jaen
Squares in Jaen
Of Cultural Interest in Jaen
Bars in Jaen
St. Patrick´s Irish Pub
I love this pub - the environment, wood decor, the music and especially the fact that you can walk in and find a friendly face straight away. Whether you are enjoying a coffee or a pint, you will have a great time. PS: Do not miss St. Patrick's Day here.
Bars in Jaen

The best things to do in Jaen

One of the first places to visit in Jaén is the Cathedral of the Assumption, a Renaissance cathedral located in the Plaza de Santa Maria, opposite the City Hall and the Episcopal Palace. It's a great location, because the palace is also counted among the best things to see in Jaen and it is close to the cathedral. In the palace you can see the chapter house, the sacristy, and the main facade, which is one of the major Spanish Baroque works.

Another of the most important Jaen activities is a visit to Jaén Castle, a set of three castles or fortresses that make up a large enclosure. These three forts are the Alcázar Viejo, Alcazar Nuevo, and Castillo de Santa Catalina, and they are high on the list of Jaen attractions.

Other attractions in Jaen of great importance are the Arab Baths, located in the basement of the Palacio de Villardompardo. In the same building you can find more stuff to do in Jaen, like the International Museum of Naïve Art and the Art and Popular Customs Museum.

For historical things to do in Jaen, take a look at the Battle Monument, which commemorates the great battles that took place in the province: the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa and the Battle of Bailén. Still wondering what to do in Jaen? Try a visit to the Jewish district, also called Barrio de Santa Cruz, a maze of narrow streets and steep hills and a symbol of the history of the city.

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