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Things to do in Jaén

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The top 483 attractions in Jaén

Nature Reserves in Cazorla
Sierras de Cazorla
From the Parador de Cazorla begin many hiking paths that are not very well signaled but that can be an alternative to those that, like us, arrive at the Parador and are not too eager to take the car again to get to another interesting place of the area, taking into account the numerous curves that we left behind in order to get here. It is our first contact with Sierra de Cazorla. In the Parador’s reception, they informed us about many paths and, taking into account that we had just ate and felt like napping, we left our laziness behind and decided to take the route towards Puerto de Tejo, which was semi-difficult and about two hours long. We did almost three hours, since we took our time, delighting with the landscapes and its numerous animals: fawns and deer that crossed our way. The path starts after crossing the bridge that gives way to the Parador. There you turn left and take the forest path that starts next to the forestall house of Sacejo. After passing a barrier between beautiful pine trees, we started to go up. The first part is quite steep, but afterwards it gets a lot easier. It is about 300 meters above sea level, and you go back the same way. It is a route in extraordinary natural surroundings. It is ideal to start an appetite, before going back to taste a fantastic dinner at the Parador.
Cathedrals in Jaen
Jaén Cathedral
Jaén Cathedral is huge. It is almost impossible to process such beauty. The inside is also immense, made in order to accommodate thousands of pilgrims from Europe and Spain. You really should visit and admire the amazing views from the viewpoint at the end of the road from the Parador of Jaen.
Villages in Úbeda
Úbeda, also called "City of Hills" is in the province of Jaen, the capital of the region of La Loma de Ubeda in Andalusia. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003, thanks to its Renaissance buildings and the urban environment.
Villages in Baeza
Baeza is one of the most interesting towns to be found in the region of of Jaén. Cultural and artistically speaking, of course. Unfortunately, on my trip travelling around Andalusia, I did not have much time to stop and spend much time there, since I practically came just for dinner, to sleep and I left the next morning with the first rays of sun. But one thing is clear to me that I have wanted to go back and enjoy the city. Its historic center is tremendous, with many properties from which you get goose bumps. Throughout the city there exudes a special historical flavor and it is easy to realize that you are in a city that had a glorious past.
Nature Reserves in Cazorla
Closed Elias or Borosa River Route
The closed Elias is at the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla on the route that starts in Borosa, which is one of the main tributaries of the Guadalquivir River. Leaving the Pacific and going toward the source and walking along the river for about an hour, is where you'll find the closed Elias part of the walk, which honestly is a spot you won't forget.
Castles in Jaen
Castle of Santa Catalina
The Castle of Santa Catalina is one of the most important legacies of Hispanic Arab culture in Jaén. It is the most beautiful viewpoint of the capital, at 800 meters high. You can enjoy a walk, dine, relax ... on hot summer nights there is also a special atmosphere.
Cathedrals in Baeza
Cathedral of Baeza
Baeza Cathedral, also known as the Nativity of Our Lady, is built-as are most of the cathedrals of southern Spain, on an ancient mosque, which itself was originally constructed on a former pagan temple. The style is from the XVI century Renaissance period. It is not very big but it is pretty and the entrance (unlike others) is free. You can also arrange tours.
Villages in Cazorla
Cazorla is a charming little town. You can visit the main plaza, Ivy Castle as well as some other historical sights. The area's cuisine and customs are both worth getting to know. I recommend eating at any restaurant in the Plaza. Travelers Enjoy!
Viewpoints in Cazorla
Viewpoint of the Puerto de Las Palomas
When we went to La Iruela toward Arroyo Frio by the Puerto de las Palomas we found this viewpoint, from which we had some incredible views of the Guadalquivir Valley and its people, as well as its extensive olive groves. Although the space for parking your car is very limited by a narrow road, I recommend, if possible, that you take a moment to just enjoy the view and take pictures. I was lucky enough to stop by on a clear day, and the views are simply spectacular.
Villages in Segura de la Sierra
Castles in Jaen
The Cross of the Castle
The Cross of the Castle is near the castle in Jaén. Its high location makes it a strategic point for having a splendid view of the city and taking some great photos. Together with the castle and the cathedral itself, the cross is one of the symbols of the city. It's said that the cross was originally erected by Ferdinand III after snatching up king Alhamar's fortress, which was made out of wood. The cross is now a stone replica, but it keeps all the symbols and its original charm.
Castles in Cazorla
Castle of la Yedra
A beautiful castle with Templar and Arabic influences, it is located in the heart of the village and at the beginning of the great Sierra de Cazorla. From the viewpoint of Calle del Pintor Zabaleta, an image taken on a cloudy day gives an almost spectral feeling creating something sinister. It could be a castle or an epic medieval film.
Hiking in Arroyo Frio
Churches in Úbeda
The Sacred Chapel of El Salvador
A must if you go through Ubeda. The interior is a breathtaking stay of gold, with its altar carved of Berruguete origin, you can find many busts of female nudes as you head for the sacristy. The sacristy is of overwhelming beauty and simplicity. Certainly worth the € 5 entry costing the audioguide. ! Enjoy!
Of Cultural Interest in Andújar
Museums in Jaen
( Villadompardo Palace) Arab Baths
After a visit to the cathedral I went to the Palace of the Counts of Villardompardo, I walked into a sixteenth century building and found a bright patio plus a painting exhibition. I thought that perhaps the Arab baths would just be the foundation, but when going down to the area of ​​the bathrooms I got a pleasant surprise. Photos do not do justice to the beauty of the place because of the dim lighting. A place that allows us to easily imagine crowds in the city during the golden age of Islam. A highly recommended visit.
Squares in Úbeda
Andalucía Square
Almost all the provinces of Andalusia have a square or street with the name of the region, and Ubeda is no exception. The square Ubeda Andalusia or as some know it, Old Town Square, is in the heart of Ubeda, surrounded by arcades with stores and cafes, and there is a view of the Clock Tower and the Niche of the virgin. In the center of the square is a monument to General Saro that has been dismantled and reassembled many times (last in 2007) due to works in the same square . These days it has celebrated the 12th book fair and giving even more atmosphere to this beautiful square of Ubeda
Churches in Úbeda
Santa María de Los Reales Alcázares Church
It was constructed on the ruins of the mosque after the conquest of the city in the year 1233 by Ferdinand III, and since the year 1852 it holds the title of Mayor Parish Church. It was the 3rd most significant church after the cathedrals of Jaen and Baeza. The main facade is the work of Vázquez de Molina. The constituent parts are separated by pilasters. The cover is Renaissance, constructed in the 17th century, and is made by a round arch flanked by twin columns. The church can not be visited because it takes 26 years in recreation. Hopefully they will be done sometime relatively soon.