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Things to do in Murcia

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The top 1.046 attractions in Murcia

Ruins in Cartagena
Roman Theatre of Cartagena
Discovered in 1992, the Roman Theater in Cartagena is worth the visit. You go in through the museum, which is fine, with interesting pieces and audiovisual explanations. The state of the theater is quite good, even though it has been built again copying the original so you can get a more complete idea of what it was. I recommend the visit.
Cathedrals in Murcia
Cathedral of Murcia
Another must if you go through Murcia. It's a pleasant surprise that you wouldn't necessarily be able to find while wandering through the city. I liked seeing the perfect state it retains, as it is so clean, above all, the stories from inside the chapel. Dates from 1465 but has undergone several additions and some remodeling, besides its Gothic origin, expect influences from Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. Important curiosity: in one of the chapels is the heart of Alfonso X the Wise. That said, between cover and cover, do not miss this great cathedral.
Bays in Cabo de Palos
Cape Palos
This beautiful lighthouse is found in one of the most touristic places in Cartagena, La Manga. Its location is very special because it is located on the highest point of Cabo de Palos, a rock (like you can see from the pictures). As a historical anecdote: in ancient times they said that the rock where the lighthouse stands today used to have a temple dedicated to Baal Hammon, known as Saturn in Roman times. As you can see it is the perfect place to enjoy views of La Manga, of the Mediterranean Sea and some beautiful beaches. If you visit Cartagena, this is a great place to relax and enjoy nature.
Beaches in Cartagena
Playa de Calblanque
It is a natural park located between the municipalities of Cartagena and La Unión, in the vicinities of Mar Menor, declared Natural Park for its biological diversity and the presence of numerous botanical endemisms, with paths, beaches and amazing coves available throughout the year. There is also a salt marsh called Salinas del Rasall, where you can observe a diversity of birds. It is easily accessible in the summertime, a bit more complicated on winter, since the roads are not well kept. Diverse hiking routes cross this park. There is no kiosk on the beach, so be sure to take a cooler and a an umbrella, since the sun in Murcia is strong.
Harbors in Cartagena
Port of Cartagena
Cartagena port is a place not to miss in the city, how rewarding it is to stroll through the various interesting visitor leisure offers such as a comfortable boat ride which, at a rate of 2.5 knots, cruises along a circular route, skirting the Curra and Christmas lighthouses, the Algameca girl and Escombreras Island and where you can learn about the fortification/defense system, its shores, legends and the history of what Cartagena represented. It also offers bicycle tours, a bus tour, a lot of restaurants and pubs and the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
Nature Reserves in San Pedro del Pinatar
Salinas de San Pedro Regional Park
This park is a wetland with sandy areas, surrounded by beaches and ponds created to exploit salt, giving way to a reserve of aquatic and migratory birds. There are various paths ideal to enjoy the landscape. Let’s enjoy it while it exists, before the urban monster attacks it. Remember that here you will find the mud baths.
Casinos in Murcia
Real Casino de Murcia
The casino of Murcia is declared a national historic monument and is a private entity that has social and cultural character. The casino is one of the most iconic building of Murcia, located in the center near the cathedral. The building dates back to the nineteenth century and combines different architectural and decorative styles, highlighting the Arab courtyard, library, powder room, dining room, patio Pompeian and dance halls and pool. It was recently restored.
Beaches in Cartagena
La Cala Beach
If you want to enjoy one of the best wild coves in the coast of Cartagena, you need to come here. To access it you have to go inside La Manga Club, cross the security post and follow the sign that says “La Cala”. You will see luxury villas on both sides of the road until you get to a dirt road where you will start to see beautiful views of the Callblanque Regional Park. Take your camera! Continue until the end of the road, after various curves, and then you will find a parking lot (there is also a bus stop, for those who are staying in the La Manga Príncipe Felipe Hotel). From there you will see this beautiful cove. Its restaurant is closed on low season. If you are there on a full moon you will see how spectacular it looks. There is an area where you can rent umbrellas and chairs, and another empty one. Usually it is full of foreigners and some Spanish people. Many people think that it is a private cove, but it is not. It is the perfect cove for snorkeling and the sunsets are amazing. It is accessible and it has bathrooms.
Gardens in Caravaca de la Cruz
Nature Reserves in Bolnuevo
Las Gredas of Bolnuevo
They call it the enchanted city of Bolnuevo, where there are some strange rock formations eroded by wind a few million years old. They just need to get rid of the sign in front because it ruins photos.
Churches in Murcia
Virgen De La Fuensanta
The shrines houses the patron of Murcia, the Virgin of the Fuensanta. It's located in the countryside though is just walking distance from the city. Baroque Temple. It's a work by Toribio Martinez de la Vega. What I like is that this shrine is visible from all Murcia. Also you can regain strength in the terrace Quitapesares. Worth the visit.
Villages in Santiago de la Ribera
Santiago de la Ribera
It is lovely to see the Eagle Patrol aerobatics on the Mar Menor, a show within reach, while enjoying a swim and sun, the Air recreates you a game, where the laws of physics are challenged by a group of "supermen" to reach the top of the world. Santiago de la Ribera, the beaches, the weather, the sky, the Eagle Patrol, defying the laws of gravity, creating compositions, an empty space, full of color harmony and softness, my favorite spot, the blue sky sea covering less "broken" by the eerie sound of the reactors.
Historical Monuments in Murcia
Plaza Cardenal Belluga
Plaza de Cardenal Belluga is the historical centre of Murcia. In this square you can feel the life in Murcia through different decades and centuries. Starting from (In my opinión) the most impressing building in Murcia- The Cathedral of Santa Maria the “Ayuntamiento de ciudad/ Casa consistorial” which is built in neo-classicism style, the “Episcopial palace” and the very newly built City Hall of Murcia and many restaurants and tapas bars. I love it because it’s a combination of so many different styles of architecture, side by side to each other existing in harmony. This square is one of the Murcia’s symbols and is loved by inhabitants and tourists. Whenever some new Erasmus student or a friend came to Murcia, this was the place we visited the first. Taking pictures of Cathedral, dining in one of the restaurants with a magnificent view of Santa Maria and trying most popular tapas like Russian salad, fried potatoes with salsa, paella, squid rings, and mussels accompanied with Spanish wine or sangría. All the times I have had dinner in this square the one and the same man in his late 50thies has been serving me, which in my opinión makes this place absolutly cute. It is always full of people- it’s like a heart of Murcia- always beating with a noise of people talking and footsteps while people crossing the square during the day, closer to the evening you can see all the restaurants full with people dining, talking and musician bands playing Spanish romances. In Plaza de Cardenal Belluga it is possible to admire the main facade of one of the most magnificent buildings in Spain- cathedral of Santa Maria. Whenever I see the Cathedral it takes my breath away- it is so majestic, big and decorated with so many sculptures with small details. Every time I see it makes me wonder, how it was possible to build it 600 years ago. The history of Cathedral of Santa Maria is very interesting- I read that it was created in 1394 year in a place where in the past has been a mosque. It is interesting, that the Cathedral of Murcia is built in different styles- façade is Baroque, but the interior in gothic style, the building of the 93m high tower took more than 200 years and many architects. The entrance is free, but be aware that to enter you have to be properly dressed- no shorts and bare shoulders, it’s a catholic church and they are very strict about it. If you want to admire the view of the city from a bird’s point of view, you should go up in the tower for only 5 euro. The Cardenal Belluga square is the official place for religious celebrations. Esspecially beautiful it is in the “Feria de Christianos y Morros” in September, when city celebrates its origin with parades and religious events in plaza de Cardenal Belluga. The other famous building in this square is “Episcopal Palace Murcia”, which was built as a residence for bishop Mateo for him to be able to admire the newly built Cathedral from his residence. It was built in 18th century and I really don’t know what is happening inside it right now, but for me is even more interesting- to imagine how was it back in the days, when bishop were living there and going out in one of the many balconies to admire the city at his feet. Almost next to the Episcopal Palace is the very new and very modern building of Murcia City hall by the architect Jose Rafael Moneo. The first time I saw it I was shocked- how it is possible to put such a different object in such a historical and religious place in Murcia. It feels strange how something so different from other buildings can find its place in this square. But that is what I love about it- it’s almost as with humans- many generations living together, coexisting, and it is the same in the daily life of people of Murcia- different generations and types of people coexisting: people going to the Cathedral to pray, busy people crossing the square in a hurry to catch a bus in the following square- Glorieta de Espana, people having meals and conversations in restaurants and cafes located in the same place, tourists making pictures, young people riding skateboards. My apartment is located near this place and if I have to choose the way to get to some place in city centre I will try, as often as possible, to cross this square, just to feel the excitement when crossing the corner of Ayunamiento in front of my eyes appears the Cathedral in its glory. This is and definitely will be the place that I’m going to show to people visiting Murcia. I will take them to eat tapas in one of the many restaurants with a view of cathedral and will try to make them feel the heartbeats of Murcia. This is definitely a symbol of Murcia, a MUST visit place that will make an impression to everyone.
Beaches in Bolnuevo
Playa Bolnuevo
Deep water from the first Step so not the best spot for little kids but perfect for sports, friends, couples.
Beaches in La Manga del Mar Menor
La Manga Beach
As a child my grandparents took me to spend a summer in La Manga. I have beautiful memories of me running along endless beaches collecting all kinds of shells and snails in the Mar Menor dunes, which are no longer there). There was a girl my age with an older brother who lived in the house next door. One night, we watched the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and I think that when I found my passion for science fiction. I spent the rest of the night looking at the sky in case aliens were coming. I returned to Madrid and years later, when I moved to Cartagena, I remembered those times. Perhaps it was because of the summer or because everything with my grandparents was special, but I always preferred La Manga to the Mediterranean with its overcrowded and urban nonsense. It has almost all amenities. The only downside is that there is only one access road and the traffic there might kill you.
Harbors in Cartagena
Christmas Lighthouse
In the port of Cartagena you can feel the history of past civilizations. Of particular interest is the Chistmas Lighthouse, a spectacular sight.
Churches in Caravaca de la Cruz
Vera Cruz Sanctuary
Caravaca de la Cruz was named by John Paul II as one of the 5 holy cities, thereby having the privilege of celebrating a jubilee every 7 years. It's a sanctuary for the miracle of the reappearance of a piece of the Cross of Christ in the 18th century, the reconquest of the Kingdom of Murcia by Alfonso X the Wise. The Sanctuary is in the Basilica of the Holy Cross, has a Latin cross plan and the front face of the building is made of local marble. It's one of the finest examples of Baroque Murcia and has therefore been named a National Historic-Artistic Monument.
Nature Reserves in La Manga del Mar Menor
Calblanque Natural Park
Calblanque Natural Park is one of the best places to go around the beaches of Alicante. The beaches are wide and open spaces and the sea is wonderful. The water is fresh and clear. However, be warned that there are no beach bars etc closeby so you have to take some things with you.