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Things to do in Murcia

508 contributors

The top 212 attractions in Murcia

Cathedrals in Murcia
Cathedral of Murcia
Another must if you go through Murcia. It's a pleasant surprise that you wouldn't necessarily be able to find while wandering through the city. I liked seeing the perfect state it retains, as it is so clean, above all, the stories from inside the chapel. Dates from 1465 but has undergone several additions and some remodeling, besides its Gothic origin, expect influences from Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. Important curiosity: in one of the chapels is the heart of Alfonso X the Wise. That said, between cover and cover, do not miss this great cathedral.
Casinos in Murcia
Real Casino de Murcia
The casino of Murcia is declared a national historic monument and is a private entity that has social and cultural character. The casino is one of the most iconic building of Murcia, located in the center near the cathedral. The building dates back to the nineteenth century and combines different architectural and decorative styles, highlighting the Arab courtyard, library, powder room, dining room, patio Pompeian and dance halls and pool. It was recently restored.
Churches in Murcia
Virgen De La Fuensanta
The shrines houses the patron of Murcia, the Virgin of the Fuensanta. It's located in the countryside though is just walking distance from the city. Baroque Temple. It's a work by Toribio Martinez de la Vega. What I like is that this shrine is visible from all Murcia. Also you can regain strength in the terrace Quitapesares. Worth the visit.
Historical Monuments in Murcia
Plaza Cardenal Belluga
Plaza de Cardenal Belluga is the historical centre of Murcia. In this square you can feel the life in Murcia through different decades and centuries. Starting from (In my opinión) the most impressing building in Murcia- The Cathedral of Santa Maria the “Ayuntamiento de ciudad/ Casa consistorial” which is built in neo-classicism style, the “Episcopial palace” and the very newly built City Hall of Murcia and many restaurants and tapas bars. I love it because it’s a combination of so many different styles of architecture, side by side to each other existing in harmony. This square is one of the Murcia’s symbols and is loved by inhabitants and tourists. Whenever some new Erasmus student or a friend came to Murcia, this was the place we visited the first. Taking pictures of Cathedral, dining in one of the restaurants with a magnificent view of Santa Maria and trying most popular tapas like Russian salad, fried potatoes with salsa, paella, squid rings, and mussels accompanied with Spanish wine or sangría. All the times I have had dinner in this square the one and the same man in his late 50thies has been serving me, which in my opinión makes this place absolutly cute. It is always full of people- it’s like a heart of Murcia- always beating with a noise of people talking and footsteps while people crossing the square during the day, closer to the evening you can see all the restaurants full with people dining, talking and musician bands playing Spanish romances. In Plaza de Cardenal Belluga it is possible to admire the main facade of one of the most magnificent buildings in Spain- cathedral of Santa Maria. Whenever I see the Cathedral it takes my breath away- it is so majestic, big and decorated with so many sculptures with small details. Every time I see it makes me wonder, how it was possible to build it 600 years ago. The history of Cathedral of Santa Maria is very interesting- I read that it was created in 1394 year in a place where in the past has been a mosque. It is interesting, that the Cathedral of Murcia is built in different styles- façade is Baroque, but the interior in gothic style, the building of the 93m high tower took more than 200 years and many architects. The entrance is free, but be aware that to enter you have to be properly dressed- no shorts and bare shoulders, it’s a catholic church and they are very strict about it. If you want to admire the view of the city from a bird’s point of view, you should go up in the tower for only 5 euro. The Cardenal Belluga square is the official place for religious celebrations. Esspecially beautiful it is in the “Feria de Christianos y Morros” in September, when city celebrates its origin with parades and religious events in plaza de Cardenal Belluga. The other famous building in this square is “Episcopal Palace Murcia”, which was built as a residence for bishop Mateo for him to be able to admire the newly built Cathedral from his residence. It was built in 18th century and I really don’t know what is happening inside it right now, but for me is even more interesting- to imagine how was it back in the days, when bishop were living there and going out in one of the many balconies to admire the city at his feet. Almost next to the Episcopal Palace is the very new and very modern building of Murcia City hall by the architect Jose Rafael Moneo. The first time I saw it I was shocked- how it is possible to put such a different object in such a historical and religious place in Murcia. It feels strange how something so different from other buildings can find its place in this square. But that is what I love about it- it’s almost as with humans- many generations living together, coexisting, and it is the same in the daily life of people of Murcia- different generations and types of people coexisting: people going to the Cathedral to pray, busy people crossing the square in a hurry to catch a bus in the following square- Glorieta de Espana, people having meals and conversations in restaurants and cafes located in the same place, tourists making pictures, young people riding skateboards. My apartment is located near this place and if I have to choose the way to get to some place in city centre I will try, as often as possible, to cross this square, just to feel the excitement when crossing the corner of Ayunamiento in front of my eyes appears the Cathedral in its glory. This is and definitely will be the place that I’m going to show to people visiting Murcia. I will take them to eat tapas in one of the many restaurants with a view of cathedral and will try to make them feel the heartbeats of Murcia. This is definitely a symbol of Murcia, a MUST visit place that will make an impression to everyone.
Of Cultural Interest in Murcia
Puente de los Peligros (Puente Viejo)
From Pointe du Dangers or Old Bridge one side of Murcia's center can be seen (City and Cathedral) and the other is the entrance to the Barrio del Carmen. On both sides you can look ot upon Mills River (old flour mills, now a museum and exhibition hall). From there is also the entrance to the Malecon walkway.
Zoos in Murcia
Terra Natura
I must start by saying that it is okay to spend the day here, but I have had enough with sloppy zoos. The bears didn't have a drop of water and the lions didn't seem to be in good condition. I missed animals like elephants, tigers and monkeys .. otherwise fine performances especially of birds and mammals amphitheater was very entertaining and educational. I just hope they try to improve the animals a bit because the price is quite high and they charge you for everything.
Of Cultural Interest in Murcia
Puente de la Fica
This Puente de la Fica is the third oldest and last bridge over the river Segura in its pass through Murcia. It was designed in 1965 following the growth of the southern suburbs and the subsequent traffic problems that stemmed from the fact that there were just two bridges at the time. It was built between 1967 and 1969, and its name refers to its location in the district of Vistabella, near the site of the International Fair of Canned Food. It's a reinforced concrete structure, open to traffic in both directions.
Shopping Malls in Murcia
La Noria Murcia Outlet Shopping
A very smart mall. Outlet brands at lower prices than usual, without being cheap. Carolina Herrera, Nike, Pepe Jeans ... The only thing is that there isn't much for food, only two places. The access from the highway is instantaneous.
Palaces in Murcia
Palacio Almudi
Almudí Palace is an impressive looking building located in the lovely city of San Francisco. It is from the 15th century when it served as a grain store of the city, later to become Judicial Court. Currently the first floor houses the Municipal Archives of the city and it also houses the municipal art center, which two exhibition roos.
Shopping Malls in Murcia
Zig Zag
Years ago this was a great place, with its cafes, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, there was the boom time of the zig zag, downtown, parking, cinemas, a comprehensive site .. The nightlife changed now, and the place has changed. It's pretty dead now.
Gardens in Murcia
Jardín de Floridablanca
Right in the Carmen neighbourhood, this garden is where fairs and important festivals take place. It's been used traditionally as an area of recreation and relaxation for the people of Murcia, because of its convenient location and great connections with the rest of the city.
Universities in Murcia
University of Murcia
I found it curious that the university, or part of it, I'm not sure, is FOUND in the heart of the city, which also includes student housing. The university is quite big, so I felt pretty small there, and as I said, it has parts outside the city.
Of Cultural Interest in Murcia
Churches in Murcia
Iglesia del Carmen
A baroque church which gives its name to the neighbourhood in which it is located, facing the Floridablanca garden. Inside is a picture of the Precious Blood of Christ, the work of Nicolas de Bussy. This image is reminiscent of the procession that we see on the Wednesday of Easter week in the streets of Murcia, with red robes representing blood.
Of Touristic Interest in Murcia
Edificio Moneo
This controversial building is the expansion of Murcia's city hall and has both many admirers and detractors, but certainly there is nobody that views it indifferently. It's right in front of the facade of the cathedral which is reflected in its windows and one could say that is the counterpoint. Rafael Moneo always creates controversy with his work and this is to be expected. The Baroque square may not be the best environment for it, so perhaps it could have been better appreciated elsewhere in the city.
Of Touristic Interest in Murcia
Christ of Monteagudo
The Christ of Monteagudo looks over Murcia and is widely appreciated in the city, but it's a shame that it's so poorly preserved and full of trash. This is not the original statue: the old one was destroyed by a bomb and subsequently replaced.
Bars in Murcia
Papa Juan
Every time I return I remember why we stopped going. An unpleasant job. I did this for about eight or ten years. the truth is that I will not go unless you have somewhere else to go.
Churches in Murcia
Church Of Nuestra Señora De La Luz
La Ermita de La Luz is located in the countryside, in the Valle Natural Park, near the Sanctuary of La Fuensanta. Is accessible by road from Murcia towards Algezares and the Sanctuary. From then on, follow a paved road towards the national park. You'll find a small church and monastery which opened its services to the public in 1701.

The best things to do in Murcia

A good place to start touring the essential things to see in Murcia is at the Cardinal Square Belluga, located in the heart of the old town. The great Baroque
façade of the Cathedral of Murcia dominates the square and has one of the highest towers in Spain; it should definitely be one of the first places to visit in Murcia. Next to the cathedral is the Episcopal Palace and City Hall, two more Murcia attractions. Wandering from the square you'll reach the Segura River, where you can admire the famous bridges of the city.

More things to do in Murcia include visiting the Old Bridge (aka Bridge Hazards), Bridge Vistabella (with the signature of Santiago Calatrava), or the footbridge Malecón, which resembles the deck of a boat. Another one of the many Murcia attractions that you should not miss is the Grand Casino, one of the most emblematic buildings of the city. Among its rooms are the Arabic Patio (inspired by the royal halls of the Alhambra), the Library, the Ballroom, and and the Patio Pompeyano. The Casino is located on Tatters Street, which is one of the main arteries of the city and also holds other interesting attractions in Murcia, such as Almodóvar Palace.

Only 6 kilometers from the city is more stuff to do in Murcia: the Regional Park of El Valle and Carrascoy. These recreation areas and numerous hiking trails have made the area popular on travelers' lists of what to do in Murcia. Browse through experiences shared by minube users and discover all the Murcia activities waiting to be done, like visiting the route of baroque churches led by the convent of La Merced, San Miguel church, and the monastery of Santa Clara.