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Things to do in Santa Pola

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The top 61 attractions in Santa Pola

Nature Reserves in Santa Pola
Salinas de Santa Pola Natural Park
This is the yellow route in the natural park situated only a few meters from El Pinet. This route through the salt grasses takes an hour and a half and you can stop at various observation decks along the way. If you do the route in June, like us, everything is at its peak: the ponds are fully of water and are ready to be harvested. Everything is balanced in these salt lakes too; the red color indicates that there are brine shrimp present and this circle of life guarantees that the flamingos and other birds can live and eat at these salt lakes. The salt lakes also have an exceptional dune system, pine forests, the Tabarca island there on the horizon, and, of course, the wonderful beach. It’s a cool place to bring binoculars at sunset.
Beaches in Santa Pola
Playa Carabassi
Playa del Carabassí is, by far, the beach of choice for those that live in Elche. There´s always a great environment and the water is always crystal clear and at an ideal temperature. It´s easily accessible by a tiny bridge that the town hall built to help visitors cross the beautiful sand dunes and fallen pine trees. There´s a nudist area, and another for snorkeling at the end of the beach behind the curve, as well as various paths to follow that the rocks form, which are both easy and fun do follow. There´s a woods of pine trees, which makes for a great place to take a siesta in the shade. Just about perfect… This is, without a doubt, the favorite beach of the Elche locals. The waters are always crystal clear and the temperature is perfect. It’s a great environment and also very easy to access thanks to some boardwalks that the town hall has set up to help cross over the beautiful dunes. There is a nudist area, another for snorkeling, and finally a part where the beach curves and there are natural pathways through the rock which are very fun. There is also a piney area perfect for taking a siesta in the shade. It’s perfect!
Viewpoints in Santa Pola
Cabo Santa Pola Lighthouse
This is a perfect place to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend, whether it be someone new or your long-time parner. Almost all the guys in the area have taken advantage of this picturesque place, with the lighthouse, the cliff, the sea and the impressive view of Tabarca island off in the distance, to seduce a woman. I personally have tried it several times with different results. But, if you’re there, you have to bring your significant other. Head out from Santa Pola towards Alicante (capital) on N-332. Once leaving Santa Pola, you’ll find the road leading to the lighthouse within about 2 minutes.
Harbors in Santa Pola
Santa Pola Marina
The Santa Pola port still maintains the light and color of old fisherman’s wharfs. It continues to fill up with broken nets that the fisherman sew back together themselves, as well as the constant coming and going of small ships. You can also calmly converse with any fisherman about how the day went, how the water was, and how the catch turned out. It’s something that I’ve always loved to check out whenever I'm in a port town. It’s always interesting to see the names they give their boats. One thing’s for sure, they don’t name them after saints. The names are always fitting, however, just like a cat or dog’s name.
Harbors in Santa Pola
Boat to the Tabarca Island
The ferries leave from Santa Pola port, offering one of the most interesting excursions you can take on the White Coast, and I’m not joking. Tabarca island is a different kind of place. It’s a tiny island, but has been inhabited since ancient times. It was an Italian prison for many years. As a matter of fact, the majority of the dozens of people who still inhabit the island maintain Italian last names. The ferry ride lasts a little more than half an hour and takes you right to the island. There are several times to return to the mainland during the day, but the most typical thing to do is head over at the beginning of the afternoon, eat there, and enjoy the beach.
Beaches in Santa Pola
Santa Pola Beach
We wrapped up our White Coast adventure at this beach, and what a surprise! It’s enormous. Gigantic! I didn’t know anything about it beforehand and I had no idea it was so big. I also didn’t expect it would be so windy (about the same as Tabarca island). As a matter of fact, because of the strong wind, this beach has become a paradise for water sport enthusiasts. Off in the horizon you can see the silhouettes of windsurfers and kitesurfers.
Villages in Santa Pola
Castles in Santa Pola
Santa Pola Castle
A castle full of life these days, it's fantastic castle both inside and out and especially at night all lit up. The playground for many children ve play in the interior, while parents talk quietly. The celebrations of Santa Pola are also nice, the castle is full of people with outfits of the patron saints, recalling the history of this fortress.
Harbors in Santa Pola
Club Nautico Santa Pola
It is located almost in the centre and is visibly separated from the fishing port. Not overly fancy nor is there surveillance like other luxurious Spanish Mediterranean ports where you can not even walk or watch the yachts. It has a very modern small building containing a café-restaurant and a few water sport shops. The prices are a little higher. Many weekends have outdoor exhibitions of cars, motorcycles or something that of course can be outdoors. A good place to visit if you are vacationing around here.
Amusement Parks in Santa Pola
Pola Park
The amusement park in Santa Pola is open in winter for weekends and trips, and in summer every day from 5 pm until 1 am. it has performances by singers, great attractions for the young, all kinds of not so small restaurants, playgrounds (machines, billiards, foosball and darts), trade show booths, cotton candy booths and caramel apples. Don't waste any.
Beaches in Santa Pola
Calas Santiago Bernabeu
So, I have to admit, I had low expectations for Santa Pola....but I must admit that I had a very fun morning at the beach at the Santiago Bernabeu Coves in downtown Santa Pola. The beaches are wide and quite crowded, but it's a very fun, family-friendly atmosphere and the crowds are a mix of elderly people, families, young people, and tourists. Sometimes there can be algae in the water, but if you stick close to the rock jetties a.) the water is a lot clearer, and b.) it's less crowded. One of the curious things about Santa Pola is that literally everyone brings beach umbrellas and chairs, then crowds together and creates that amounts to a canopy of sun umbrellas. It's quite odd, actually, especially when there are large stretches of open, unoccupied beach and then hundred of people clumped together. But, the spirit of summer fun hangs over this beach and it's infectious! I, for one, like small, desolate beaches, but I had a blast here. We spent the morning swimming, walking out on the rocks, and having some refreshing beers at the Peña Grande beach bar. Tip: if you're looking for peace, quiet, and good swimming, head out on one of the rock jetties like the locals. It's not great to lay down, but it's uncrowded and the water is crystal clear!
Shopping Malls in Santa Pola
Gran Alacant Shopping Centre
A great place for a drink of best wine at incredible prices. In the heart of the shopping center, there is a charming bohemian corner, in addition to wine, you can exchange books, connect to the Internet, eat tapas and listen to good music. Yesterday we had a few glasses of delicious wine, the owners are very nice people ve apparently just opened the store, and from the first days continuously had customers. It has a terrace with very high tables, and to be in a shopping center they have not done anything wrong. Ideal to go for an aperitivo after shopping, or just to hang out after the beach.
Shopping Malls in Santa Pola
Polamax Shopping Center
A shopping center small enough for Santa Pola. It has 3-4 stores, 2-3 cafes, an entertainment area, balls for the kids, swings and films. The truth is that he needs more life, weekend moves or something more.
Sports-Related in Santa Pola
Club Wind Surf Área
Located in Playa Lisa in the popular and busy Santa Pola. It is a pleasure to come to see how they train these guys (and not so kids), especially if you come during the week, when they have the entire beach. The beach in question has temperate waters, very shallow, almost no waves and a steady easterly wind that makes the wonders of the athletes in question. In 2008 the "skite-surf" European Championship was held there and was a success. It shows the roots of water sports in this small coastal town and the authorities have always maintained a great interest to keep water sports fans - not just amateurs but also professionals.
Of Cultural Interest in Santa Pola
Beaches in Santa Pola
Playa Lisa
This beach is the best exploited is the city. Its inhabitants allow all sorts of activities without having to "fuss" continuously: here the motto "live and let live" is seen in its greatest exponent. Midweek those ve need quiet enjoy themselves peacefully. There is an area where athletes can train without anyone being blamed for healthy young athletes and hobbies. Families come in droves to enjoy its wide fine sandy beach. The traditional bars and resturants are still there after more than 30 years with the same success as before and, to top it off, at night it transforms into an area of ​​bars, pubs and nightclubs that delight thousands of young people throughout the long summer, slightly longer than in the rest of communities. In the Costa Blanca it all starts in "Easter" and ends at the end of September. In short, "chapeau" for this area of ​​Santa Pola has adapted more than any other to change and the evolution of their city.
Sports Competitions in Santa Pola
Half Marathon
I have attended this event for a few years and it is amazing! It's amazing how many people turn up to a sporting event like this. Every year I go to see my parents run the half marathon and it's great to see them achieve their goal. You see many people from many places, many of whom just come for fun and see this marvel, full of music, fun and joy.
Nature Reserves in Santa Pola
Sierra de Santa Pola
Take the Paseando en Moto through the Sierra de Santa Pola, enjoy its corners, its smells, its trees and animals.

The best things to do in Santa Pola

Are you organizing your trip to the city and don't really know what to do in Santa Pola? Don't worry, there are many things to do in
Santa Pola
that will surprise you. Beaches, monuments, and museums -- there is a lot to do in this city. The city is located in the province of
Valencia and is bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Santa Pola is a tourist destination for sun and beach lovers. Of all the stuff to do in Santa Pola, visiting its beaches and relaxing in the sun probably top most people's lists. The coastline of Santa Pola is 13 km long. At the southern end in Elche you'll find the beaches of El Pinet and La Gola. Urban beaches and places to visit in Santa Pola include Tamarit, Lisa, and Gran Playa, which are west of the port. Other things to see in Santa Pola are the coves of Santiago Bernabeu and the Varadero, which are located next to the shipyard.

Among the buildings in the center of town, one of the most historic
Santa Pola attractions
is the Castillo-Fortaleza, which is from the 16th century. The lighthouse, the watchtowers, and the port are other interesting
attractions in Santa Pola. The port is one of the most important fishing ports in the Spanish Mediterranean. Cultural heritage is another attraction for tourists. The most notable are the cisterns and the mill. The cisterns are reservoirs used for storing drinking water from the rain and are driven by pipes from the rocky slopes of the sierra.

Don't forget that there are many
very interesting
Santa Pola
activities that you can take part in daily. There are sports as well as cultural attractions and festivities. There are plenty of things to do in Santa Pola -- check out minube to learn more.