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Things to do in Puerto de la Cruz

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The top 83 attractions in Puerto de la Cruz

Zoos in Puerto de la Cruz
Loro Parque
A long time ago I went to this zoo. The entrance is somewhat expensive. It is located in Puerto de la Cruz (north of Tenerife). In Naturavisión, the pretty crystal cupola inside de park, we can see nice landscapes of our planet and the flora and fauna of the different natural parks in Spain. Next to it, there is a big lake with green grass and a few flamencos. It has various restaurants and gift shops.
Villages in Puerto de la Cruz
Puerto de la Cruz
El Puerto de la Cruz is a small coastal town of the northern coast of Tenerife. It is a town with a pretty historical area, besides this, it receives a lot of tourism in its numerous hotels. In general, the southern coast is more popular, since the weather is usually better in the south of the island, but in Puerto de la Cruz there is a lot of tourism. The majority of people go there for the day, to visit the famous Loro Parque. But the center of town, with its ancient colonial houses, the port and streets are also worth a visit. The town is near the city of Orotava, and it is reached with the Titsa buses. In general, the hotels offer weekly packages, but in low season they have very good offers.
Lakes in Puerto de la Cruz
Lago Martiánez
This place forms part of the Martiánez Complex, and it is the work of art of Manrique in Tenerife. He, our genius, was able to create an oasis next to the sea, made of volcanic rock, palm trees, cactuses and a spectacle of lights strategically located and sculptures worthy of praise. In fact, these pools were inaugurated in 1977, and in 2005 they were declared “Historical Garden”. By 2008 it had received 26 million visitors. One of my favorite characteristics is that under the restaurant that is located in the central island there was a recreation room with a great spectacle called Andrómoda. It is now in the Casino de Tenerife, which used to be in the Taoro Hotel, which will see further along. As a curious fact, it takes six hours to fill with clean water from the sea that goes into the pools through high pressure pipes. It was so much fun to go up to the promontory so that the ice cold water fell on top of us… I remember the huge lines to go in during the first months. I also remember the feeling of taking a swim in the lake with the completely white bottom and the light blue water. I haven’t been there in a long time, I’m getting nostalgic…
Beaches in Puerto de la Cruz
Playa Jardin
For me, it’s the best beach in Puerto de la Cruz, since its quite big, approximately 700 meters long, and its location is good, since it’s only about 1500 meters from the center (Plaza del Charco). For example, if you go by car you have to take exit number 18. It is an original beach, since I usually go to beaches with fine golden sand, and here it is the complete opposite: black and rough volcanic sand, it looks like small stones. You must be careful with the waves when you go inside the sea.
Squares in Puerto de la Cruz
Plaza de Europa
The Plaza Europa is an architectural monument shaped balcony that overlooks the sea fort and was built in 1992. From here you can see how the waves have shaped the wall when breaking against it. The fence of the top of the square is adorned with six guns from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Churches in Puerto de la Cruz
Ntra. Sra. de la Peña de Francia Church
Walking in Puerto de la Cruz, near the fishing port, you come across this religious building. Obviously, it can't be compared to the great cathedrals of the peninsula, but it still has great charm. The exterior features a bell tower and inside, one can find several chapels. In this church, we saw two of the most revered images of the island: The Gran Poder and the Virgen del Carmen.
Beaches in Puerto de la Cruz
Beaches of Puerto de la Cruz
This "beach" is a small cove located on the Paseo de San Telmo, between volcanic rocks. This give it its charm, as the rocks form small pools at low tide, where bathing has become a tradition. There was also a small jetty, so there is a breakwater, where people get to sunbathe (though it must be very uncomfortable to lie on a towel over a load of boulders) and there are steps leading down directly the sea. The sea itself is very clean and has the Blue Flag accreditation.
Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz
Parque Taoro
The old Mount Misery has been transformed into a magnificent look-out. From here you can see the Puerto de la Cruz and the Orotava Valley and the green lung of the city with it's hundred thousand square meters of various styles and areas. One thing that stands out the most is the Watchtower, with it's staircases, waterfalls, fountains and a mosaic of the Portuguese tradition that makes the image of the harbor from the same viewpoint from where it is located. Remember that there was a major English settlement in the city that influenced the development of tourism and brought it's traditions and architecture. Within the enclosure, which is now also training track for many amateur athletes, there are several examples like the Anglican Church (which has a separate corner). Fortunately the terrain park has been carefully restored and now receives great care, so it is a delight to travel places where, for example, the British bourgeoisie held the horse races ....
Streets in Puerto de la Cruz
Promenade of San Telmo
This is the busiest street around the Puerto de la Cruz. Thousands of individuals, locals and tourists, pass through here every day to shop, stroll or just to see the sea. The dozens of shops, restaurants (the delicious Rancho Grande, which is also a German pastry shop), hotels, jewelry and handicrafts stalls are a magnet for tourists. Moreover, it is fully accessible for people with disabilities. The mesmerizing ocean view is one of the best things. The street leads to the Ermita de San Telmo, another point of interest in the city.
Castles in Puerto de la Cruz
San Felipe Castle
The Castillo de San Felipe is located on the west side of the city, about 900 m from the historic center, next to Playa Garden. Actually, it is more than a castle, it is a small fort, which was built by mason Antonio Gallegos (according to Cassola Prospero project) in the seventeenth century to defend the Old Port from attack by pirates. The plant is an irregular pentagon with two heights, being surrounded by a moat. Now a municipal cultural center where concerts and art exhibitions are held. When I was there it was the Night of San Juan, and you could not get inside the castle as they were preparing for the event, but the center's regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11-13 h and 17-20 h.
Statues in Puerto de la Cruz
Beaches in Puerto de la Cruz
Churches in Puerto de la Cruz
Anglican Church of Taoro
This Anglican church is located in the upper area of ​​the city, at around Taoro Park, next to the Ring Road. It was built in 1890 according to plans by the architects Mr. Franey and Mr. Woods in a typically Anglo-Saxon style. The reason for its existence is that this area of the ​​town was where the British settled and this was their place of worship. It is built of stone, with three ships and neo-Gothic facade. Next to the church there is another building that is the parsonage (depends on the Diocese of Gibraltar). There's a memorial garden surrounding.
Festivals in Puerto de la Cruz
San Juan Feasts
TRADITION IN THE EVE OF SAN JUAN PUERTO DE LA CRUZ The day before San Juan Bautista enraman public sources (jets) that supplied water to the inhabitants of Puerto de la Cruz. Although they no longer function, they are maintained despite the passage of time. They are a part of its history. With different flowers, fruits, vegetables, such as garlic leeks, peppers, onions, bubangos, cauliflower, eggplant, etc being sold around this area.. TRADITION BATH GOATS The Orotava Jesus Dorta Eustaquio Díaz, better known by Chucho Dorta, or as he liked to be called Benahuya, was the man who bathed goats in Puerto de la Cruz . Ethnographer and folklorist, died at 52 in 2002 on the eve of St. Johns shepherds, whose flocks are launched from the hills into the ravines. People traverse rough roads, streets with traffic etc. but thanks to their dogs the goats are kept together. You must arrive very early to the port, where continuous currents are bathing the animals, goats, horses, donkeys ... The flocks come in the spring. At eight o'clock start, one by one, to introduce them into the water. This tradition ends at two in the afternoon.
Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz
Squares in Puerto de la Cruz
Plaza Concejil
This place is also known as Plaza del Pozo, the Augustines Square and Square popularly Concejil and is located in the pedestrian and shopping center of the city. It is surrounded by old mansions and palaces that are typically Canarian in their architecture, such as Casa Iriarte (which is a craft store today and a Naval museum), Casa Posada Hermano Pedro (currently a nursing home) and Windy Palace (which is under construction, and in its day was the Town Hall). There are many good restaurants and bars in the square.
City Halls in Puerto de la Cruz
Squares in Puerto de la Cruz

The best things to do in Puerto de la Cruz

This city is one of the most important tourist centers of the island, so you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to stuff to do in Puerto de la Cruz. You'll find everything from historical monuments and religious buildings to the thing that the Canary Islands are most famous for -- the beach!

Let's start our tour of the things to do in Puerto de la Cruz by walking along
the pier and promenade up to the Lake Martiánez, a set of pools and lakes designed by Canarian architect César Manrique. Here we can relax and consider which Puerto de la Cruz activities we should indulge in next.

Lovers of the natural environment can not only enjoy the sun and volcanic sand beach, but they can also walk to the botanical gardens or another of the top things to see in Puerto de la Cruz, Loro Parque. This zoo has been open for more than 30 years and specializes in the conservation of different varieties of parrots. If your kids want to know what to do in Puerto de la Cruz, be sure to take them here!

Also on the list of Puerto de la Cruz attractions are the Orotava Valley and the stunning peak of Teide, the highest mountain in Spain. If you want places to visit in Puerto de la Cruz that don't need such a trek, there are plenty of historical buildings like the
Castle of San Felipe, the Ermita de San Telmo, or the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña. As you can see, there are attractions in Puerto de la Cruz for everyone!

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