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Things to do in Geneva

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The top 95 attractions in Geneva

Lakes in Geneva
Lake Geneva
I spent a week in Switzerland with a heat that I could never have imagined in Central Europe. It is a country of great contrasts and extraordinary landscapes. Undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life was watching a sunset over Lake Geneva with views of Mont Blanc in the background.
Lakes in Geneva
The Jet d'Eau
In Spanish we know it as the jet of Geneva. It's the of the highest water sources that in the world. It reaches 140 meters. It really is the most emblematic part of the city can be considered a historical monument, therefore. It's located at one end of Lake Lehman, in fact if the wind is strong the moisture caused from the jet can be noticed from the center of the city.
Cathedrals in Geneva
St. Pierre Cathedral
This Calvinist Protestant Cathedral offers a unique opportunity to enjoy stunning panoramic views of Geneva. For only €4, you can climb up to the viewpoints and take pictures and marvel at the the views of the city. The inside is not anything special in and of itself, all very sober and somber. Keep in mind that the majority of Switzerland are Calvinist. By the way, you can also leave a comment in the cathedral guest book.
Squares in Geneva
Place du Bourg-de-Four
In Geneva's historic area, just a short walk from the cathedral, there is a busy square that is the heart of this part of the city. If the time is right, the square will be filled with visitors taking advantage of every available seat on the three or four terraces that serve coffee or beer while the rest of the city continues walking. It is a very small "French" square, and worth stopping to rest in it for a while.
Of Cultural Interest in Geneva
Les Grottes Neighbourhood
Geneva is a city that never ceases to amaze you. Underneath the cosmopolitan appearance and full of foreigners who work in official positions, exist a handful of hidden places that you can discover. This time, what I found most surprising was the Les Grottes district (actual translation is the grottoes, caves). A neighborhood steeped in history which became something of a bastion of bohemians and artists in the city for several decades, even harboring a significant amount of hippies. Currently, it very impressive with its amazing constructions. Full of Gaudi curves, of colors, unimaginable shapes ... In fact, its called the neighborhood of the Smurfs because it seems like on every corner you can find one of these blue things inhabiting any of the beautiful buildings you enter.
Of Touristic Interest in Geneva
Bains Des Paquis
For many people this is their favourite corner of Geneva. It's in the middle of Lake Lehman, and when the sun comes up, it has everything you're looking for. For starters, there are some pools where you can swim. Plenty of places to sit and enjoy the views. Plus, from there you can see the best scenery of the city. And last, but not least, it has a restaurant that offers the best combination of value for money in town. Do not miss it, it's one of those places that you have visit.
Lakes in Geneva
Cruise on Lake Geneva
These yellow boats function as transport between the different shores of Lake Leman in Geneva and are a delight for tourists as well as locals. Tourists enjoy a pleasant lake crossing, and locals use them as a convenient and cheap method of transportation to get to work. The same bus ticket (3.50CHF) can be used in any of the 4 lines: M1: Pâquis - Mollard - Pâquis. M2: Pâquis - quai Gustave Ador - Pâquis. M3: Pâquis - Genève-plage - Pâquis. M4: Genève- plage - Perle du Lac - Genève-plage. They run every 10 minutes from 7.30 am - 18:00 pm (approximately and depending on the line) and I advise going on a sunny day, as the lake is calmer. It offers a nice view of both sides of the lake and, of course, the Jet d'Eau, apart from that it saves time as there's no traffic on the lake.
Of Cultural Interest in Geneva
United Nations Office at Geneva
Geneva is known for having a huge number of international organizations and even corporations. But the most famous building in the city is the United Nations headquarters, located in the Nations Square. You have to travel a little bit out of the city center, but it's easily accessible by public transportation, or by tram. Its entrance, with the flags of all member countries, makes the visitor feel like they're in a spy movie or like they're politicians. It's not that it's a particularly pretty place, I mean come on, but it's that it's one of those places that you just have to visit.
Gardens in Geneva
Parc La Grange
The rose garden is the most spectacular thing about this park. It's awesome. It has many different species which I knew because of their colours. There is a variety of spectacular colours that make this park one of the most special in the city. If you get a good day and you live near this park in Geneva, do not hesitate to go for a walk.
Streets in Geneva
Geneva Old Town
Geneva is best known for being cosmopolitan, for its lake and for the many institutions that have established their headquarters there, but it also has an interesting old town. Regardless of especially notable monuments, it never hurts to wander the cobbled historical streets and discover the depths of the popular southern cities.
Of Touristic Interest in Geneva
Flower Clock (L'horloge Fleurie)
It is located on the lake's left bank, close to the famous water jet, within English Garden, one of the liveliest of the city. Created in 1955, it is internationally famous and probably the most photographed icon in the city. It consists of about 6,500 plants and flowers. Interestingly, the needle that marks the seconds, is the largest in the world, with a length of 2.5 metres. If you look towards the water jet, you can see Mont Blanc.
Squares in Geneva
Place des Nations
Switzerland is a country of contrasts. In front of the building of the United Nations children play with the water jets coming out of the ground to beat the heat (or sometimes women in bikinis!). A tour of the United Nations is impressive, and then, sit and watch the people.
Museums in Geneva
Maison Tavel
In Geneva, the old town, a few meters from the cathedral, is the Tavel House, a house museum in some streets that are interesting due to the many celebrities ve have lived there or been born at home. If one looks up at the facades you'll see numerous plates for Jorge Luis Borges ve walked there, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Jean Calvin. The Tavel House is XIV century, but has been reconstructed and restored, it keeps a collection of objects from daily life, gargoyles, doors, tables, etc. from the XIV-XIX centuries. In the basement there's an exhibition on the growth of the city. A courtyard staircase connects the different floors and admission is free.
Churches in Geneva
Russian Church of Geneva
One of the most surprising places in Geneva was the beautiful Russian Orthodox Church. It seems that no expense was spared to build it, no doubt a reflection of the power (and money) of Switzerland's large Russian community. The golden domes are quite a sight when they reflect the mid-afternoon sunglight, and inside (where photography is prohibited) you have the smell of incense typical of orthodox temples.
Villages in Carouge
Carouge is a municipality in the Swiss region of Geneva. It is known because of the Old Carouge (Vieux Carouge), a neighborhood that has a real charm. You can find everything here - from small markets and antique shops to sports clubs and places where you can learn to crochet.
Gardens in Geneva
Parq Des Eaux Vives
I went to Geneva in November, and the first thing they said to me was that it did not usually snow. Well it snowed and well ... It was Sunday and we went to the park to enjoy the snow, full of families with children playing. I loved seeing the children making snowmen and participating in snowball wars. What surprised me most was to see everyone without gloves, ... but of course people are more than accustomed to the cold. From here enjoy really cool views of Lake Geneva.
Museums in Geneva
International Museum of the Reformation
500 years after the Reformation, this museum opened in Geneva. It consists of 12 rooms that display the history of the Reformation from its origins to today. It's open 10h - 17h, admission costs 10 CHF and it's just before you get to the Cathedral of Saint Pierre.
Of Touristic Interest in Geneva
Monument Brunswick
Going down the Rue du Mont Blanc, at the junction with Quai des Berges turn left and a few meters away you'll find, in addition to several luxury hotels, a small park with this monument and a small garden pond. This is the monument to the Duke of Brunswick, ve was a benefactor of Geneva, it is built in Gothic style and has been recently restored.