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Things to do in Ticino

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The top 63 attractions in Tessin

Lakes in Lugano
Visiting Lugano is like stepping into a city where peace reigns on all sides. In this Switzerland is a country that is known for being very quiet and clean, and Lugano is a town that is set on a lake. Where taking a walk by night in August with a comfortable temperature is one of the magical moments of any holiday. No monument is characterized by any star, yet the tranquility breathes through its streets, the friendly people and the fact that it has the lake bordering gives the city a buccolic air.
Churches in Lugano
Our Lady of the Angels
The church of Santa Maria of the Angels is on the shore of Lake Lugano and has great treasures inside that, from the outside, no one would imagine. Above all, the frescoes are priceless paintings created by master Bernardino Luini, an apprentice of Leonardo. Both the Crucifixion and The Last Supper (very reminiscent of his teacher) are spectacular and well worth the visit. A surprise to find in a place like that.
Cathedrals in Lugano
St Lawrence Cathedral
This cathedral is located at the highest point in the city. It's white on the outside, and in addition to offering a great view from the exterior, it's well worth a visit inside. There are a bunch of important works of artistic interest, especially in the chapels, on display. Its exterior facade is decorated in Romanticism, but inside you can see many Baroque works. Just outside the door of the Cathedral, under the Renaissance façade, travelers can stop and look ahead. Cathedrals have always been built on top of cities and they always have great views from the top. It's a fact that here is not much space (in fact, it is difficult to take a picture of the cathedral from there), but it's enough to admire the scenery with Lake Lugano and the mountains in the background.
Gardens in Lugano
Ciani Civic Park
If you walk on the left side of Lugano Lake, you inevitably end up in Civic Park Ciani, and you will appreciated it because once you wander inside, it's wonderful. It's well maintained, green, and surrounded by an ancient palace with an interesting and photogenic door facing the water. This park is full of flowers and greenery making it a perfect place to relax, sit a while and enjoy the benefits that a place like Lugano offers - a city surrounded by nature.
Castles in Bellinzona
Just a few km from the border with northern Italy is this spectacular place in Switzerland. It's near the famous Lake Como, and is well worth a short detour just to contemplate its history. A medieval castle that retains most of its walls and with free public access. From the top you can see the beauty of the Altes and imagine ancient battles and city defenses. In addition, the green Swiss Lawn contrasts with the red brick. The strangest thing is the entrance to the site: an elevator that goes up from the town square (and well hidden there at that). It gives the impression that it's abandoned. In fact, it's quite the opposite. There is even a restaurant upstairs where you can stop for a drink.
Viewpoints in Lugano
Mount San Salvatore
One of the best tourist spots in the city of Lugano is Mount San Salvatore, and for a good reason. It's located at about 900 feet and from there, after taking the funicular, you can enjoy absolutely fascinating views, especially on a clear day. When I went up, there was some fog, but I could still enjoy this marvel. I can imagine that on a clear day, with the Alps in the background, it would be overwhelmingly beautiful. From the lake below, the hikers look like ants against the immensity of the mountain and water. You also get a 360 degree view. It's an ideal place to lose yourself for a while and forget everything around you.
Lakes in Lugano
Lugano Lake
Lake Lugano is definitely the city's hallmark. In fact, it's the reason that the city specializes in holidays and summer break. Many boats eagerly wait for the sun's first rays to appear so they can go sailing or boating. It's also known by the name of Ceresio (in fact, it would be more appropriate), and it's a Swiss alpine lake shared with Italy. At its deepest point, it reaches almost 300 meters.
Bridges in Lavertezzo
Ponte dei Salti
The Ponte dei Salti is a stone bridge which has two arches in the Verzasca Valley, and it is near Lavertezzo (Ticino). It has been reconstructed as it was partially destroyed in 1868. The road goes through the valley until it's arrival to the bridge, it is quite nice.
Of Touristic Interest in Lugano
Funicular San Salvatore
To go to San Salvatore, which is one of the really essential things to do in this city, take the cable car which is in the area of Paradiso. It rises in two sections and, therefore, you need to do a kind of transshipment. It's a quick trip and you can, as with most of the chain trains of this type, have a great view during the climb. What you see then is better told separately. But it is really spectacular.
Squares in Lugano
Dante Square
Dante Square is the busiest place in Lugano. At least, is the meeting point for young people. Probably as a result of shopping centers that have been raised here and there a handful of stores or shops in which you can drink in the vicinity. Its central location also helps.
Villages in Gandria
Lake Lugano is surrounded by lush green mountains and small villages, mostly fishermen, and it is built on steep slopes. Gandria, is located east of the city of Lugano (an hours walk approx) and it is a small village of about 200 inhabitants.
Lakes in Ascona
Lake Maggiore
Romantic place, facing Italy. The views of the lake, especially after dark, are spectacular. All the surrounding villages, lit up, and the moon reflected in the water. An ideal place to visit the vallys of Verzasca, Locarno, Lugano, etc.
Streets in Lugano
Streets of Lugano
Lugano had a much more beautiful old town, but today almost everything is collapsing towards modernity. Still, there are quite charming streets that contrast with the traditional and commercial streets. That being said, it is a very tiny and comfortable city; you should take a little walk around it while enjoying the lovely weather that it usually has.
Historical Monuments in Lugano
Next to the lake and the Congress Centre, and in front of the casino, this obelisk stands to honour the memory of the men who fell in the battle between the Luganese volunteers and the Cisalpini during the French Revolution. The obelisk dates from the 16th century and has an important symbolic value for the city, since it recalls the area's most turbulent time and, in turn, its foundation.
Squares in Lugano
Square An Carlo
In this square, and the streets that converge on it, is concentrated commercial area of ​​the city. It's a large pedestrian area and is very pleasant to walk around. There are shops and malls for to suit every taste, but predominantly the super luxurious and antique shops, but not forgetting the street stalls where you can buy fruit, rolls and drinks. Lugano is a very lively area that you can't stop watching.
Viewpoints in Capolago
Cities in Locarno
Castles in Bellinzona