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Things to do in Eureka

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Top attractions in Eureka

Lakes in Eureka
Paradise Lake
Paradise? Well I guess that depends on who is doing the defining, but this tiny alpine lake is certainly nice by anyone’s reckoning. The lake is just about 100 yards across, but occupies a sprawling expanse of alpine bowls and peaks. The lake is easily accessible just off the popular trail that leaves from Little Therriault Lake. The trail, shown on some maps as the “Pacific Northwest Trail”, is a gem of a jaunt which circles high basins, passes lakes, and climbs a pass below Green Mountain. Green Mountain will forever be legendary to me, as this was where I had a terrifying run-in with a grizzly sow and two cubs. I emerged unscathed, and you probably will too, but it’s worth remembering that this is bear country – treat it with respect.