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Things to do in Amarillo

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The top 2 attractions in Amarillo

Of Cultural Interest in Amarillo
Cadillac Ranch
An essential stop on Route 66 in the U.S. is on the side of the highway passing through Amarillo (Texas). It's a curious visit. There are ten Cadillacs half-buried and covered in graffiti. It was an initiative of a group of artists in the 70's who turned it into a place of pilgrimage for tourists, who could also participate in the "work". Some cars and spray cans are easy to find to add your particular note. It's a little nerdy, but you'll always be sorry if you don't stop for 5 minutes.
Of Touristic Interest in Amarillo
Cowboys & Cowgirls of the West
Cowboys & Cowgirls in the West on Los Cedros Ranch offers the true Texas horseback experience. Grab the reins and enjoy a ride overlooking beautiful Palo Duro Canyon. You might even get to ride into the Canyon depending on your expertise.
Activities in Amarillo
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The best things to do in Amarillo

Amarillo get its curious name from Spanish for the yellow color of the banks of Amarillo Lake. This is a great place to enjoy a true cowboy environment -- at times it feels like the Wild West starts right at the city limits, and this makes up a lot of the great Amarillo activities. Among the many attractions in Amarillo, you will find magnificent landscapes with big canyons, and one of the finest art
collections in the state at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum. There is also the Harrington House, which documents the history of the Harrington family.

The landscape is truly noteworthy as it is one of the most striking things to see in Amarillo, and most notably, the rock formations in the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Another one of the many
attractions which is known internationally is the Cadillac Ranch, a piece of art featuring painted cars slanted into the ground next to the legendary Route 66. There are other places to visit in Amarillo of great interest that cannot be found in guidebooks. Among the list of things to do in Amarillo, you can attend a livestock auction, going horseback riding, or simply drive across the high plains, admiring their vastness.

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