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Things to do in Virginia

105 contributors

The top 42 attractions in Virginia

Of Touristic Interest in Arlington
Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
One of the most visited places in the Arlington National Cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknowns. The changing of the guard is a moment that is awaited by the big number of tourists visiting the cemetery, created after the Civil War of the US. It is a simple ceremony, but full of solemnity and respect. Keep in mind that this place is visited by over 4,000,000 foreign tourists and Americans. The memorial to the Unknown Soldier, is made of 7 pieces of granite, with a total weight of 72 tons and was opened to the public in the year 1932. The Unknown Soldier has a permanent guard 24 hours every day of the year. When you reach the entrance to the cemetery will deliver a brochure and map of the site, which is immense, must take into account that it is one of the largest cemeteries in the world.
Museums in Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon is a true place of rest. It is near Alexandria, Virginia, and was the home of the first President of the United States, George Washington. It was also at Mount Vernon where George Washington was buried along with his wife, Martha. I had the opportunity to spend a beautiful sunny day here, and take advantage of the gardens and the farm, without many queues to get to the president's house. The property is situated on the banks of the Potomac River, which gives it a somewhat 'wild' feel. I recommend you to make a visit to this place, as it is beautiful and a place of interest.
Waterfalls in Richmond
Dark View Falls
These falls are located on the northwest coast of the island, 38 km from the capital (Kingstown). To get there, turn right on the road from Chateaubelair to Richmond and follow a small unpaved stretch to the river. There you have to park and walk across a bridge made of bamboo and rope. It felt so fragile as we made our way across it, but we were told we could cross in groups of up to ten people. On the other side we found a pristine landscape plant, consisting of a bamboo forest. There are two waterfalls, one in the area just past the bridge, and a larger one up the hill 1.5 km away. For lack of time we saw only the nearest. The waterfall is 700 meters high, and the bottom forms a puddle, where we jumped in and swam a bit. The water was quite cold. It was amazing just below the waterfall. There, we felt the enormous force of the water all over our bodies. You feel like you will just smash into the ground!
Caves in Luray
Luray Caverns
Took a mini vacay for my birthday this year. I got to experience these beautiful, ancient caves. It was truly amazing to see these natural creations that have been around for millions of years. Then we went over to Shenandoah Valley Park to do some hiking :)
Historical Monuments in Arlington
Amphitheater Memorial
The ANFITEATRO MEMORIAL, is milestone to meet the vast surface of ARLINGTON CEMETERY, where Americans pay respects to HEROES and PERSONALITIES. The ANFITEATRO MEMORIAL opened in the year 1920 and since then there are 3 MAJOR MEMORIAL SERVICES, which take place every year on EASTER, MEMORIAL DAY and VETERENS DAY and are organized and sponsored by the AMERICAN ARMY. This marble amphitheater is constructed in Vermont State.There is also a chapel. In the frieze of the colonnade are inscribed the names of 44 Battles of the American Revolution.
Of Cultural Interest in Arlington
Pentagon Memorial
The Pentagon Memorial was built in memory of the 184 victims killed in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon. Each victim, both those on the plane and those in the Pentagon, is commemorated by an individual bench with their name inscribed. The benches make a wave formation in the the direction of the plane that hit the building. There's a nearby metro station, and it's well-signposted.
Cemeteries in Richmond
Hollywood Cemetery
It might sound creepy to include a cemetery in your travel plans, but I assure you, the Hollywood Cemetery is actually quite nice. It's located riverside in Richmond and has great views of the James River. The main reason to come here is for the history. A lot of famous people are buried here, like Presidents James Monroe and John Tyler. There are also Confederate names, like Jefferson Davis, and several prior governors of Virginia or federal cabinet members. Tours are offered, providing history on the cemetery itself, events of Richmond, and the people buried there. It's an interesting way to spend a morning and a good introduction to local history.
Streets in Richmond
Monument Avenue
Where else in the world can you walk a couple of city blocks and peer up at massive monuments within a residential neighborhood? Monument Avenue is a must-see in Richmond for this very reason. Along your walk, the highlights are the statues of Virginian Confederate "heroes" of the Civil War. Regardless on your take of whether or not these people should be memorialized, they are a big part of Virginian history. Look for Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, Jefferson Davis, and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, among others. Additional sights along your walk will include historic architecture, house gardens, and happy residents. The best time of year to come, in my opinion, is early spring when they host the Monument Ave 10K race. Runners and walkers-- 35,000+ of them -- pack the streets, along with spectators, live music, and a festival-like atmosphere. But even if you can't come for the race, plan on spending an hour walking through this great example of city planning.
Gardens in Richmond
Maymont is an enormous estate in Richmond that is now a park. It also has a children's zoo with pigs, chickens and goats. They have a bobcat, black bears and several birds that are native to Virginia, including bald eagles. It was really beautiful walking around and hiking through the woods and the Japanese garden. There is also an Italian garden but we didn't have time. I want to go back during the spring when everything is in bloom.
Gardens in Richmond
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
For a small city and relatively unknown set of botanical gardens, Lewis Ginter is a surprisingly great way to spend a day. It changes with each of the seasons, giving you a reason to return more than once and ensuring that you'll have a good time no matter what time of year you go. It's peaceful just to walk around and enjoy the aromas, colors, and great variety that the garden has to offer but there's also a playground for kids, a teahouse with decent food, and a butterfly garden which can be fun.
Museums in Richmond
The Museum of the Confederacy
A Civil War Buff, I am not, but Richmond was the capital of the south and thus there is a lot of Richmond history that stems from this time period. To better understand the city's heritage, and for a surprisingly unbiased view of the war, head to the Museum of the Confederacy. Documenting uniforms, life at camps, important battles, and local history, there's a great overview of the war itself without taking a political side. If there's a downside, it's that many of the displays are a bit dull. However, find a docent or read carefully, and you'll find the museum is packed full of interesting information. It may be a bit too sterile for most children (though they'd love the White House next door), but adults of all backgrounds should enjoy it. You can save quite a bit of money by buying a combination ticket that also includes a ticket to the White House of the Confederacy and the American Civil War Center. Plan on spending a day really diving into this part of our country's past.
Museums in Arlington
I do not know if it's interesting to someone who is not a journalist. On the terrace there are amazing views of Washington. The part of the 11 / S is moving, how could it be otherwise, and the hotspot of games was fun. The store, as always, wonderful. When I went there was an exhibition of Elvis, I´m not sure what to do with the press.
Museums in Richmond
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
While most of Richmond's museums and attractions are focused on local history, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is an incredible exception. Recently undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion, the VMFA has collections ranging from ancient times through the 21st century and is known in particular for their Faberge egg collection. Best of all, the VMFA offers free admission to their permanent exhibits (temporary exhibits are an additional fee) and is open late on Thursday and Friday evenings to make art accessible for everyone. Visitors are encouraged to join in on free guided tours or pick up an audio-guide. Additional programs include art classes, open studio time, live music, and more.
Museums in Richmond
Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Edgar Allen Poe was an interesting fellow and a distinguished author who lived in Richmond in the early nineteenth century. Even as someone who is largely unfamiliar with his work, I enjoyed my visit to the Poe Museum. The museum is home to collections of original manuscripts, letters, first editions, memorabilia and personal belongings. Visits are led by tour guides, telling stories of Poe's life (particularly while he was residing in Richmond), reading excerpts of his work, describing his prestige, and looking into the mystery of his death. One of the highlights of my visit was the Enchanted Garden in the back of the house. It's a lovely space where I can picture sitting to read Poe's works in the future.
Beaches in North Shore
Laniakea Beach
Laniakea Beach is also known as Turtle Beach because it is the place to see the green sea turtles that Hawaiians call "honu". The honu are a protected animal and cannot be touched, but many tourists like to stop at the side of the road and watch them. On the beach there are always two or three people who work as volunteers to protect the turtles and ensure that no one approaches or touches them. A trip to Hawaii would not be complete without seeing a honu.
Museums in Virginia Beach
Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum
This Museum is situated in the historic Casa de Witt right at the coast of Virginia Beach. Here there are signs of art and artifacts documenting migratory birds that pass through Eastern Virginia. Here you can see exhibits of wildfowl and shorebirds, and you can follow the evolution of this American art, from the simple, traditional lures to the current sizes of today.
Museums in Virginia Beach
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
The Contemporary Art Center Of Virginia (Virginia Beach) is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness, exploration and understanding of the art of our time. The exhibits include painting, sculpture, photography, video and other visual media of international artists, national and regional. It has a gallery of exhibitions, studio art classes, educational programs and art exhibitions outdoors.
Museums in Arlington
Arlington Arts Center
Arlington Center for the Arts was created as an art center of the community in the year 1988 by a group of artists, writers, musicians and teachers as a place where artists could share their work with the community through programs and outreach, and also find a studio space. It offers over 250 programs in the visual, literary and performing arts, most are free.