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Things to do in Wisconsin Dells

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The top 8 attractions in Wisconsin Dells

Theme Parks in Wisconsin Dells
Monster Truck World
On our last trip to Milwaukee, we decided to walk three hours one way and three hours back in order to visit this attractions. My son is a fan of monster trucks, and these ones are especially American with big engines and monstrous wheels. How could we deprive him of an experience like this? The attraction is a monster truck ride in the back has that has been adequate to carry passengers. The set-up is not very impressive (there is a sign indicating that it is a family business and are no naughty words) and it takes a good while for the passage fits into their seats, because you have to balance the weights for the junk not tip. I thought the ride would have a scenic character, but is limited to a few laps of a circuit within the same property. It was nice, but would not repeat.
Nature Reserves in Wisconsin Dells
Dells of the Wisconsin River
Wisconsin Dells is a tourist town that got its name due to the bizarre rock formations on a stretch of the Wisconsin River, the Dells. At the end of the last ice age, melting ice and snow transformed the limestone in the substrate into uniquely shaped mounds and hollows. Native Americans sheltered here and they are now filled with animals. Currently it is a protected natural area and a tourist attraction operated from the nearby city. There are many tours that allow you to visit some of the Dells (which extend for about 8 km) and enjoy the beautiful landscape. In this long stretch, there are steep cliffs on either side of the river and the Dells seemed to form canyons and inlets. It's a good place to see the area by canoe or boat, but there are many options for commercial tours (we did it in an amphibious vehicle) That give you a good idea of what the Dells are like. If you are in the area it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to enjoy this natural resource.
Theme Parks in Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin Deer Park
The Deer Park (Deer Park) is located on the Strip in Wisconsin Dells and is one of the many attractions that can be found there, also, it is one of the most popular attractions there. We had planned to visit but in view of the deer, my son was thrilled, so it was a success because we had a great time. More than just a park, it is a what Americans call a 'petting farm', a farm where children can interact more with animals, pet and play with them. I guess there is no child who has not seen Bambi, so for them, to touch a deer is like meet in dream ... not only deer, but many other animals: ducks, llamas, lemurs ... some locked and other loose. But the players are the deer, big and small, that roam his wide and left to the Arabian marranerías factly. Deer do not bite and they also are so used to human presence that are practically pets. Follow you and make you cuddle to give them a cookie ... According to what time of year it is, the females may be separated from males so the kids don't need to see an embarrassing show ... But even the males, with their huge antlers are meek as lambs. Perfect for families.
Of Touristic Interest in Wisconsin Dells
Amusement Parks in Wisconsin Dells
Amusement Parks in Wisconsin Dells
Ghost Outpost
This is a Haunted House in the Wisconsin Dells, on the main road that connects to many other attractions, but which is not comparable to anything in Disney. It's a suitable place with 13 rooms through which you take a dark journey and see a series of ghosts in different situations. Since the attraction effects are scary, it's not recommended for young children.
Waterparks in Wisconsin Dells
Noah\'s Ark Water Park
Noah’s Ark Water Park is famous for being the largest waterpark in the United States and boasting over 50 different waterslides. The park is located in the Wisconsin Dells area of Wisconsin, a beautiful region that’s famous as a refreshing summertime escape for many in the upper Midwest. As far as the rides go, you have just about everything you can imagine: wave pools, children’s’ activity pools, surf stations, tube slides, lazy rivers, and much, much more. One of the most exhilarating rides is the “Black Anaconda,” a raft ride that clocks in at over a quarter mile long (yes, you read that right). You go spinning around the loops and drops of the ride at incredible speeds before splashing down into the water below. Keep in mind that this is Wisconsin so it can sometimes seem chilly in summertime, especially those from the south who are used to steamier temperatures. It’s usually no problem just make sure to bring a nice dry towel and if you ever get the chills you can had to the heated Wave Pool to relax. The park also has several snack parks to grab a bit to eat and ample grassy areas to sprawl out for an afternoon nap. Have fun!
Lakes in Wisconsin Dells