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Things to do in Venezuela

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The top 1.654 attractions in Venezuela

Islands in Gran Roque
Los Roques Archipelago
The only habitable island in Los Roques is Gran Roque and it's only habitable due to the fact that it's one of the few islands that's not flooded during high tide. So, unless you have your own boat, your base of operations will undoubtedly be Gran Roque. In any case, you only need to take a 20 or 30 minute boat ride to arrive at the fabulous, virgin key islands. Francisqui and Madrisqui were my favorite islands...the color of the water and sand will take your breath away. There are all kinds of daily excursions that leave from Gran Roque, ranging from simple motor boats to large group catamarans that hold 30 people. Honestly, the catamarans are more comfortable (and stable) but going with large groups tends to rob some of the magic from being in Los Roques. The best bet, in my opinion, is "getting lost" on one of these desert islands. Have someone drop you off with a sun umbrella and a well-stocked cooler and pick you up in four or five hours.
Nature Reserves in Caracas
El Ávila National Park
Caracas impresses with its size, its location - near the sea and surrounded by the mountains of Avila- and its ranches that are perched on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. Luckily Avila is in a protected National Park, the lungs of the city. It's interesting to leave town walking with hiking boots and in 5 minutes you are in the middle of vegetation with tough climbs, some of which you have to do backwards. The mountain has several peaks called the Western, Eastern and Naiguatá, and the highest being 2700 meters. It rewards you from the top with a glimpse of the sea on one side, Caracas on the other, and the splendid park of Avila. You should be in good shape to attempt the high peaks. It is no coincidence that there is a place there called "Don't worry."
Islands in Margarita Island
Margarita Island
I was at Margarita Island in March. It is a beautiful place; turquoise beaches, white sand, warm tropical climate. It also has all the services and attractions that you would expect from a major capital city, so you can enjoy shopping, nightlife and take advantage of bargains to be found in a free port, such as Margarita Island is.
Nature Reserves in Puerto Ordaz
La Llovizna Park
An excellent park located in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in Venezuela (Pto Ordaz) you can spend time here relaxing, having fun, doing sport and cultural activities... There is no denying that there is a total contact with the environment and with nature at its best! Really a place you must not miss if you come to Guyana ... How beautiful Venezuela is!
Villages in La Colonia Tovar
La Colonia Tovar
From Maracaibo via Tovar Colony, you can take an express to Ottawa ... from there a taxi to the terminal of Victory, there are some vans that run from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm up the mountain to reach the Tovar colony, the passage is very cheap. Just 6,500 Rs. After an exhausting night and one hour trip up the mountain you will find the most wonderful mountain scenery. It is very nice, although there are many curves so i recommend that you have good brakes. After 45 minutes you get to the German town, lots of red roofs and typical German houses, beautiful scenery and plants, peaches and strawberries are waiting, the famous and wealthy German sausages. Take a coat because it's cold ... Here I post some pictures.
Waterfalls in Canaima
Angel Falls
Angel Falls is in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. In Canaima National Park, there's diverse Wildlife and it also has the most beautiful Tepuy and rivers in the region. There are amazing waterfalls there and many people that will help you get to know the area and its legends. In this park is where you'll find the highest waterfall in the World- Angel Falls (Kerepacupai vein) its indigenous name of the selected to enter the competition for the New 7 Wonders of the world .. . It is quite an extreme experience that you must see if you come to Venezuela!!
Nature Reserves in Merida
Mifafi Moor
The Mifafi moor is situated in Merida Venezuela, via Mucuchies and it is a place that is absolutely stunning and inspires peace ... at the site where I took the pictures is where you will find a host of Inparques which is the organization that takes care of the natural reserves ... In this place you can also see the three Condor of the Andes in perfect condition. It was beautiful and impressive ... I like the place because it is nice to find places that provide tranquility in which one can release all tensions that the city gives us.
Nature Reserves in Canaima
Parque Nacional Canaima
The Canaima Natural Park is a place where nature reigns supreme. It's full of beautiful landscapes, traditional villages, indigenous culture, and so much more that it's hard to put into words. If you're looking for paradise in Venezuela, Canaima awaits.
Viewpoints in Ciudad Bolívar
Tepui Roraima
A gigantic table mountain belonging to the Guyana plateau, Mount Roraima is one of the most beautiful tepuys (table mountains) of southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil. O On its top surface, Roraima its landmass with three countries: Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. A hike up takes six days round trip. Its landscape became legendary after Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle immortalized it in The Lost Word book, which became an inspiration later for Disney's UP movie.
Beaches in Tucacas
Morrocoy Keys
Morrocoy is a paradise surrounded by water and silence! From the tucacas which leave for all of the keys, it is a short trip with really beautiful scenery .. When you get there all the chaos of the city and everyday life are forgotten by the immensity of surrounding cays, the warm sun, the soft sand, the beautiful colors of the sea and the birds that continue to walk a few yards away from you! It is deal to go with friends, with family or with your partner, Morrocoy is adapted to the tastes of everybody ... The water is so clear that walking from the shore you can see the fish, so do not leave your snorkel gear at home, and if you have one, even better your underwater camera!
Nature Reserves in Sabana Grande
La Gran Sabana
One of the most beautiful landscapes are in Venezuela. It is quite an experience to share and experience with family and friends. The weather is great but sometimes is a bit rainy and at night it is very cold so you have to bundle up. Please keep in mind not to destroy or pollute the environment and never to leave the roads. The Gran Sabana is located in southern Venezuela, in Bolivar State, near the border to Brazil and Guyana at about 1200 km from Caracas, which is the capital of Venezuela. It can be reached by land and air. From Caracas traveling on the ground it is about an 18 hour journey. And the starting point is the tourist ground stone of the Virgin welcoming us to Canaima National Park at the Km98. Always remember to keep the site clean and free of trash. Enjoy La Gran Sabana and take care of it.
Islands in Chichiriviche
Cayo Sombrero
This Key in particular has a special charm, along with the other islands that make up the national park so famous for its turtles. It's one of the best beaches in the world ... great atmosphere, perfect weather, crystal clear water, coral reefs. In short, the best of Venezuela!
Of Cultural Interest in Caracas
Teleferico de Caracas
The always open resort of Ávila Mágica and Hotel Humboldt, found at the top of Àvila and connected to Caracas by cableway, were expropriated by the Chavez government. It's worth the 20 minute trip from Caracas to the top for a stunning view of the city if the day is not cloudy.
Historical Monuments in Trujillo
Virgen de la Paz
This is one of the most emblematic places to visit in Venezuela and its majesty is absolutely breathtaking. Situated on a hill which is known as Rock of the Virgin, is has the appeal that the State identifies Trujillo: The Monument to the Virgin of Peace; sculptor Manuel de la Fuente. The structure was the responsibility of Rosendo Camargo. This monument has a height of 46.72 meters and consists of five viewpoints.
Zoos in Barquisimeto
Parque Zoologico y Botanico Bararida
This was awesome. I spent a marvellous day with my family and there were many cute and beautiful animals. There were many snakes. I love snakes. I'm from Valencia and we were there for Easter 2009. Thanks. Bye.
Beaches in Ocumare de la Costa de Oro
Bay of Cata
I live six hours from this paradise, its colours, the reefs' magnificent flora and fauna, the warmth of the locals, and the larded dogfish patties sold at the stations nearby (made with corn flour, fried in oil). The thing I find the most strange about this place, my favourite, is that this country has a bad climate, but in Bahía de Cata there is always bright sun, greenish-blue waves, and a great beach day.
Beaches in Puerto Colombia
Playa Grande
This is a good place in Venezuela to relax, enjoy and forget about your problems. The Posadas are relatively inexpensive, the food is cheap, the people are very sociable people and they take good care of the beach. When it is the main holiday season or during the festival of San Juan everything is insane as it is not just for fun but for many people both inside and outside the country to meet each other, not only on this large beach but also on the beaches surrounding this Cepe, dry valley, Puerto Escondido and Chuao village characterized by its cocoa production. When you can, you must visit!
Beaches in El Agua
El Agua Beach
Playa El Agua is one of the most famous beaches on the Margarita Island. It's famous firstly because it is huge, secondly because of the many entertainment options for all ages and finally because it is undoubtedly the "meeting point" for many people. The best time to go is during Holy Week, when they have concerts on the beach, surfing competitions (when you must be careful of the waves and not go in too deep) and finally, in the summer when the beach is full of young people across Venezuela and other parts of the world and becomes a "big party". Although, you have to walk almost to the end of the beach to avoid being among families and children running around. As for food service and restaurants, there are many at the top of the beach where you can eat the typical "fried fish with tostones" (the green plantains fried plantains are sliced ​​and fried and flattened and puts them over a salad of cabbage with carrots, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and grated white cheese). There is also the option of carrying a cooler (or champagne) with food or drink that however ultimately depends on the shops that carry water, beer, soft drinks, a drink called "cocada" made beating meat coconut milk, sugar and crushed ice and much that is simply exquisite. If you fancy something sweet, the best is the "canned coconut", but there are other options like "back to life", the "broken mattress" etc . On the web page that I have there is a list of hotels near this beach ... but I can't comment because every time I went I stayed home with family of friends.