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Things to do in Bolívar

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The top 96 attractions in Bolívar

Nature Reserves in Puerto Ordaz
La Llovizna Park
An excellent park located in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in Venezuela (Pto Ordaz) you can spend time here relaxing, having fun, doing sport and cultural activities... There is no denying that there is a total contact with the environment and with nature at its best! Really a place you must not miss if you come to Guyana ... How beautiful Venezuela is!
Waterfalls in Canaima
Angel Falls
Angel Falls is in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. In Canaima National Park, there's diverse Wildlife and it also has the most beautiful Tepuy and rivers in the region. There are amazing waterfalls there and many people that will help you get to know the area and its legends. In this park is where you'll find the highest waterfall in the World- Angel Falls (Kerepacupai vein) its indigenous name of the selected to enter the competition for the New 7 Wonders of the world .. . It is quite an extreme experience that you must see if you come to Venezuela!!
Nature Reserves in Canaima
Parque Nacional Canaima
The Canaima Natural Park is a place where nature reigns supreme. It's full of beautiful landscapes, traditional villages, indigenous culture, and so much more that it's hard to put into words. If you're looking for paradise in Venezuela, Canaima awaits.
Viewpoints in Ciudad Bolívar
Tepui Roraima
A gigantic table mountain belonging to the Guyana plateau, Mount Roraima is one of the most beautiful tepuys (table mountains) of southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil. O On its top surface, Roraima its landmass with three countries: Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. A hike up takes six days round trip. Its landscape became legendary after Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle immortalized it in The Lost Word book, which became an inspiration later for Disney's UP movie.
Nature Reserves in Sabana Grande
La Gran Sabana
One of the most beautiful landscapes are in Venezuela. It is quite an experience to share and experience with family and friends. The weather is great but sometimes is a bit rainy and at night it is very cold so you have to bundle up. Please keep in mind not to destroy or pollute the environment and never to leave the roads. The Gran Sabana is located in southern Venezuela, in Bolivar State, near the border to Brazil and Guyana at about 1200 km from Caracas, which is the capital of Venezuela. It can be reached by land and air. From Caracas traveling on the ground it is about an 18 hour journey. And the starting point is the tourist ground stone of the Virgin welcoming us to Canaima National Park at the Km98. Always remember to keep the site clean and free of trash. Enjoy La Gran Sabana and take care of it.
Waterfalls in Canaima
El Hacha Falls
El Hacha Falls is one of the most popular excursions in Canaima and is really worth it. It's only a few minutes from the town and you can also go by walking around the lake, perhaps a more interesting option given that you can see the falls from different angles and see the rainbows. What you can't miss, however, is the chance to see the falls from inside. During the rainy season, it's practically impossible due to the incredible quantity of water. I'd suggest checking out the video I uploaded to see the noise and the power of the waterfall (and that's taking into account that we went during the dry season). It's a 100% recommendable experience. Remember to take a plastic bag for the camera, if not, it's sure to get soaked!
Wetlands in Puerto Ordaz
The Guri Dam
You cannot miss this majestic place! As I stood in front of it today, I was speechless. The guided tour is free and there are 4 per day Monday to Sunday: 9 and 10:30 am and then 2 and 3:30 pm.
Rivers in Ciudad Bolívar
Beaches in Canaima
Canaima Lagoon
One of the world's most unusual beaches. Since then the color of the water in the Canaima lagoon called enough attention. But of course, when the heat is not so bad to take a dip in its waters, surrounded by [poi = 46242] waterfalls [/ poi] and with sandy beaches that have nothing to envy to those of Caribbean.
Of Cultural Interest in Ciudad Bolívar
Ciudad Bolívar Old Town
The Ciudad Bolivar is, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in Venezuela. The historic centre is a pleasure for the eyes with the pastel houses. Its streets are steep. It's very hot, day and night, so I recommend having a midday nap in a hammock hanging on an airy porch. The best is the sunset over the Orinoco River from the Angostura lookout. Unfortunately, after dark, downtown streets are deserted because of the fear of crime.
Of Cultural Interest in Ciudad Guayana
Castles of Guayana
Located in Delta, Amacuroes is a great place to share and spend the day with family ... You can learn a lot about the history of Venezuela and how these Castles served as backup to Spanish troops .... It is a very nice and warm place!
Squares in Ciudad Bolívar
Plaza Bolívar
This pretty square has a lovely garden and in the center there is a statue of Simon Bolivar representing the five countries that were freed: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The square is surrounded by low, pastel colored houses and an interesting library, the House of Governors of the Colony, and the House of the Congress of Angostura. On one side is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows, where Manuel Piar was shot on one of the walls. In front is the Piar Museum which is closed on Mondays. Some say it is a dangerous place for travelers, but we didn't see any danger.
Gardens in Puerto Ordaz
Cachamai Oark
It's very close to Puerto Ordaz and has several beautiful waterfalls and an outdoor zoo that is a bit tatty but has some interesting animals, like 4 jaguars, parrots, parakeets, and a pool with several giant crocodiles. Be very careful with the monkeys as they're little thieves. You aren't cautious for one minute and they steal your bag of candies and water.
Nature Reserves in Canaima
Jumps in the Grand Sabana
The beautiful landscapes of my country is often called "La Gran Sabana" (or: the big sheet) because it's an expanse of forest in the south of Venezuela where nature and the indigenous inhabitants of the area have learned to share. The climate is varied. During the day it's sunny and the nights are cold and rainy. The truth is that it's one of the most beautiful places in the world with spectacular jumps, such as those shown in these photos. I was at the Anaway Salto, Salto Zakaika, Jump Karuay, Aponwao mountain and I saw this beautiful Indian woman's face. Oh, and you should stop and visit the beautiful mission located in Kabanayen!
Unusual Places in Canaima
It is a trip of at least 8 days from Caracas (Venezuela). The bus ride is quiet, and from the flight you can see amazing scenery and the towns of Kavak and find a Pemon Indian village. Very welcoming and aware of the value of their land. Behind the small houses constructed with adobe is in a spectacular mountain ... The Auyantepuy (Devil's Mountain). Is tepuy houses the highest waterfall in the world: El Salto Angel (The Angel's Fall). It is named in honor of aviator Jimmy Angel who managed to land on its top and make famous the place (1937). The ascent on foot is tortuous, difficult, endless, hot, but for anyone who loves the mountains, is simply a pleasure. The issue of environmental protection is the most important of the whole experience and I hope to repeat it without finding trash or debris left by man.
Rainforest in Canaima
Sendero Ángel
Having traced Churún Carrao rivers in a motorized canoe for three hours, we reached the Tooth island, from where you can climb the Angel trail to the Laime lookout, in front of Angel Falls. It is an easy 1 hour walk. As such, it is quite wet and it usually rains a lot, so I would advise to bring a raincoat and a plastic bag for the camera.
Waterfalls in Canaima
Canaima Airport
This is an experience that can't be missed in [poi = 45874] Canaima [/ poi], mostly because the only practical way to get there is by plane. There's no direct connection to Caracas and people usually have to make a stopover in Puerto Ordaz (about an hour's flight from the capital). After an hour and a half flight on a four-seater plane flying at low altitude. That, to put it mildly, it's pretty exciting, if that's the right word to use. Let's say that there's no adventure if you don't take the leap first! On our outbound flight the pilot was telling me at length about his views on Hugo Chavez. I only need to say that the man is not his number one fan. At one point we crossed another plane flying virtually at our same altitude. Commenting on any instrument pilot Avia us advised of the presence of another plane he replied: "Don't worry, boy, this is Visual Flight Operation ...." I get the willies just thinking about it...
Of Touristic Interest in Puerto Ordaz
La Piedra del Elefante
It´s a unique experience to see this big rock that makes up a large mountainous landscape! When you get there, you should certainly go up to the top. You can do it by car or, as I did, on foot! It is simply amazing to reach the summit of this mountain of stone and admire the scenery. If you are in the area, don´t miss this opportunity to pump adrenaline and be a part of nature!