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Things to do in Barquisimeto

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The top 40 attractions in Barquisimeto

Zoos in Barquisimeto
Parque Zoologico y Botanico Bararida
This was awesome. I spent a marvellous day with my family and there were many cute and beautiful animals. There were many snakes. I love snakes. I'm from Valencia and we were there for Easter 2009. Thanks. Bye.
Nature Reserves in Barquisimeto
Cascada del Vino
This national monument is a few kilometers from the town of Barbecue, a national park, and is a waterfall a little bigger than 12 meters, the water color is burgundy, hence the name "waterfall of wine." It is a very busy place for visitors with its beauty, and there you can see all kinds of flora, it has space for picnics, and there are also cabins for comfort. The water is very cold ... YOu will not be disappointed ...
Of Cultural Interest in Barquisimeto
Flor de Venezuela
The structure represented Venezuela at the World Expo in Hanover, Germany in 2000. Designed by Venezuelan architect Fruto Vivas, its a system with 16 petals that open and close. Inspired by the Tepuyes of Gran Sabana of Venezuela and national flower, the orchid. There are numerous gardens and representative forests of Venezuela, fish tanks, a library, and an amphitheater.
Nature Reserves in Barquisimeto
Gardens in Barquisimeto
Campo el Parchal
It is a lovely green field with trees and landscapes that are cute and plenty of fresh air. what I liked most is the onion peppers and cabbage. A herd that is spectacular from nature.
Historical Monuments in Barquisimeto
Nature Reserves in Barquisimeto
El Blanquito
It is a place where the weather is cold, it is comfortable, and safe, you can park the car nearby. It has picnic huts, you can visit and see the vegetation that occurs there, the wildlife and the lagoon there was formed. Here you can see images of the Blanquito.
Cities in Barquisimeto
The city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela is known for its amazing sunsets, which happen every day and gives us a show. Everything happens in 30 minutes, at exactly 5:45 pm, what starts to happen is it creates a rising tone color orange, which eventually escalates until 6:15 pm. I invite you to come visit this great city that gives visitors a natural show every day.
Resort Towns in Barquisimeto
Lakes in Barquisimeto
Laguna El Blanquito
Laguna El Blanquito is a natural spring-fed lagoon near the town of Barquisimeto in the state of Lara, Venezuela. It's located in the Yacambú National Park and as it's surrounded by mountains, the landscapes are really beautiful. Around the lagoon there are nine cabins where you can stay overnight or, if you want to be more in touch with nature, you can bring your own camping equipment and pop your tent where you please. I'm more of a cabin person myself, and they local government is refurbishing the cabins as we speak so I'll be eager to check them out when they're done. They're also re-conditioning the road as it's a bit overgrown at the moment, making getting to the lake by car a difficult task. Can't wait until it's all ready!
Of Cultural Interest in Barquisimeto
Lomas de Santa Ines
It is a nice place where we find peace, and we can relax, and it has a warm climate which we would depart in hours .. I invite you to enjoy with your family intranquility.
Shops in Barquisimeto
Theme Parks in Barquisimeto
Señor de los Aliños Park
El Señor de los Aliños Park, we hope that it'll stop opening all it's areas...
Historical Monuments in Barquisimeto
Catedral de Barquisimeto
I'm Catholic and I like going to church on Sundays ! This cathedral is one of the most lovely of Venezuela! It is attended by people from many countries and different parts of the world! It is a pretty and full of faith!
Museums in Barquisimeto
Shops in Barquisimeto
Gardens in Barquisimeto
A nice place to go and relax with a picnic spot!
Of Cultural Interest in Barquisimeto

The best things to do in Barquisimeto

Upon reaching the city, one of the first things to see in Barquisimeto is the obelisk, which is undoubtedly the city's symbol. Standing 75 meters tall, it's visible from all corners of the city and is one of the must-see attractions in
Barquisimeto. For those who
are wondering what to do in Barquisimeto, they can find out from the top of the obelisk, where they will be able to identify the city's most important destinations and the many
Barquisimeto attractions. From
there you can see the original Cathedral
of Barquisimeto, a building shaped like a flower and which is among the top places to visit in Barquisimeto. It's curious to notice the steel network that holds the roof of the cathedral together. However, it's not the only flower that is in the city. There's another flower structure that you can't miss, the Flower of Venezuela, which was part of Venezuela's exposition during the world expo in Hannover in 2000.

The city is also known as the Musical Capital of Venezuela, so the things to do in Barquisimeto includes visiting Juarez Theatre, which a perfect place to enjoy the local music.

If you have time, there are many
Barquisimeto activities which don't include buildings, flowers, or music. You can stroll through one of the nearby parks, such as the Terepaima National Park. The park is full of interesting birds and primary forest, and is tops on the list of stuff to do in Barquisimeto to disconnect from the hustle of the city. For more ideas of what to see, visit minube.