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Stais in Guatemala

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    Where to stay in Guatemala

    Hotels in Antigua Guatemala
    Porta Antigua Hotel
    Situated just 3 blocks from the Plaza Mayor. The hotel has two buildings facing each other, just across the cobbled street. It has 77 rooms, decorated in colonial style and quite big. Upon entering the hotel at the reception there is a very nice fountain, always adorned with flowers, and we must also highlight the pool area. It has a very cozy atmosphere for its guests to enjoy.
    Hotels in Ciudad Vieja
    Vilaflor Hotel
    The Vilaflor Hotel is a small 9 room hotel. All of the rooms are individually decorated, spacious and cozy, right down to the colonial style that includes details in wood and iron. The view of the surrounding area is spectacular, with a beautiful view of the volcanoes Agua and Fuego, which can be seen from the terrace or from the road that leads to the hotel. The condo where it is is very safe and quiet. It's ideal for relaxing and it has a lot of nature which makes it very special. Rates include a delicious breakfast. Prices are from $75 to $200. Visit it!
    Hotels in Morales
    Finca Tatín hotel
    I was here a few years ago-Unparalleled beauty, a spectacular jungle with wild sounds and wonderful sights ... The place is perfect for spending a quiet time and relaxing in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature.
    Hotels in Antigua Guatemala
    Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo
    It was a nice experience to have been a few days at Casa Santo Domingo!! The service is excellent and the rooms are super cute .. They have a minibar, and a nice view of a beautiful garden, the museum is an attraction where many people come to visit. I still remember those beautiful moments that happened when I visit the page: http://www.Casasantodomingo.Com. This is where I was able to choose my room and it was beautiful!
    Hotels in Sololá
    Bambú Hotel
    The Bambu Hotel can be found on the shore of beautiful Lake Atitlan, in Solola, which is west of Guatemala. To get to the hotel, you have to go to Santiago Atitlan. It is a tourist town and the best way to get there is to take a speed boat from Panajachel that'll go around the lake for about 20 quetzals. It takes half an hour to cross, which is much faster than going by bus by St. Luke Tollman, and the shabby, zigzagging road around the lake. The hotel has a dozen small bungalows that are tastefully decorated and made of bamboo. Some have an apartment, others have two, and you can rent that or a single or double room, as well as a full bungalow for up to 6 people. A couple of years ago they put in a pool, which is back in a beautiful garden. You can also jump into the lake from the hotel dock. There's no actual beach. But the nicest thing about this place is its restaurant which serves good international food and Guatemalan dishes, and delicious roast with the most beautiful views of the lake.
    Hotels in Guatemala City
    Hotel Mansion Del Rio
    I celebrated my birthday at the Mansion del Rio which is in Rio Dulce Izabal and I was actually surprised by how nice it was. It was the perfect place to de-stress and let your worries float away! Among Guatemala's Caribbean regions, Izabal is my favorite. The mix of sun, sea, and Afro-Caribbean culture makes for a magical and exotic experience. It's a tropical paradise where reggae thumps and the sea breeze wafts through the green palm trees and tropical forests. In short, it's paradise. There are lots of rivers, waterfalls, lakes, caves, and canyons to explore in the area as well.
    Hotels in Taxisco
    Rancho Rocarenas hotel
    Monterrico ranches and Puerto Iztapa are huts with thatched roofs, built on the beach of the Pacific coast of Guatemala. They serve very fresh food, mainly fish. The specialty is ceviche, a raw fish (normally snapper), marinated in lemon and what we call inglesia sauce with chopped onions and tomatoes. It comes served with crackers. It is delicious. You can also ask for flounder, snapper, whole fish or fillet. Be careful, the shrimp is usually from the mangrove behind, not from the sea. The ranch also is a small hotel, which is around 50 Quetzales per room, where up to three people can sleep. It is very cheap to spend a few days on the beach. The rooms are simple huts with a wooden door, walls and thatched roofs. They are generally quiet places and you don't have to worry about your stuff, but it's always better to leave money in a safe place.
    Hostels in Lanquín
    Las Marias hostel
    If you go to visit the caves I recommend the Marias hostel in semuc-champey. It's an ideal place, being very comfortable as well as giving you cheap discount for cave entrances, entrance costs you 40 quetchales. Opposite the guest house there's a river with a swing and it offers you fantastic views. The hostel has wifi but only from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00 which is when the hostel has electricity. Other times you get given a candle to move around. An amazing place in the middle of the jungle that certainly will not disappoint.
    Hotels in Chichicastenango
    Santo Tomás Hotel
    5 mins walk from the Indian Market and the Church of St. Thomas. 43 rooms, each with fireplace and very spacious, decorated in colonial style, a corridor overlooking a beautiful courtyard with a fountain, reminiscent of Andalusian patios. In the corridors and in the rooms are a collection of Spanish colonial art. The breakfast is pretty good, not a buffet, it's served at table. It also has a pool where, after a market day, you can take a dip.
    Hotels in Guatemala City
    Plaza Hotel
    The Plaza is straight out of a James Bond film, with its pool and waterslide Trampolines to jump into the water, their metal umbrellas and concrete benches with round shapes and their simple, elegant staircases, one really believes in 007! Beyond that, the place is nice and well kept. It offers rooms overlooking the pool and others overlooking a garden. There is also a restaurant decorated in the same period style. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner without any problem. Next to the restaurant area is a small office where guests have computers for internet access. There is also Wi-Fi. Obviously, as in any other place in town, you can hear cars in the background, but nothing too loud. Zone 4 is quite central: 10 minutes in zone 10, zone of restaurants and bars, or Zone 1, the historic center. That itself is not the cheapest thing there is. It'll cost $50. But if there are several people do not hesitate to ask if you can share the room (there are obviously multiple-bed rooms) and if the price is attractive, stay there!
    Hotels in Guatemala City
    Quinta Real Hotel
    Excellent 5 star hotel in Guatemala City. It is situated in the residential area of ​​the city about 8 miles from downtown, the hotel is exceptional, rooms very good and Staff a 10. The hotel has shuttle service to the city center. If you go to dinner you call them on the phone and reserve a table.
    Hotels in Chahal
    Villa Santa Elena Hotel
    A new hotel to have a relaxing and special, home-like experience. Guests here are always well received and attended to by the staff who work there. While staying, you have the opportunity to tour the town of San fernando New chahal, and it's 15 minutes from Old San Agustin Chahal, which has its own history. It also gives you time to get to know the tourist attractions such as the waterfalls of Las Conchas, the Se'Tzol Caves, the Rio Chiy to name just a few. The restaurant Villa Santa Elena is probably the best option that is in Chahal. You can enjoy regional dishes as well as international food. All cooked with great safety and hygiene, a friendly atmosphere and good service.
    Hotels in Santa Catarina Palopó
    Restaurant Villa Santa Catarina hotel
    The Restaurant Villa Santa Catarina has excellent Guatemalan as well as international food and drinks, with gourmet touches. It has a friendly atmosphere, that's nice and quiet. Really good experience. Staff members dress in the people's costumes.
    Hostels in Antigua Guatemala
    Yellow House
    This hostel is situated in the heart of Antigua but in a fairly quiet street, is the perfect place to rest. A very affordable -5 euros-we had a double room with breakfast included and free internet. The hostel also organizes tours to the nearby volcanoes, has a minibus service to the main destinations in Guatemala and adjacent places. It is usually pretty crowded, so a reservation is recommended. Anyway there are three hostels within twenty meters that also are also very good looking and with similar characteristics. The rooms are simple but very clean. If you can choose to ask the lady for an upstairs room, completely made of wood and with a view to Antigua and the volcanoes. We stayed in one of them and it was amazing. Probably the best place to sleep throughout Guatemala. The windows have screens, you can use the kitchen and drinking water is free. What more could you want! I completely recommend this place to visitors to Antigua.
    Hotels in Livingston
    La Casa Rosada
    The pink house is a colonial home on the sweet river, in the Caribbean town of Livingston. We're right in the village, but at the mouth of the river, in the middle of nature. It's a bit far from the beach, but there is a spring which you can take a nice little dip. Anyway, Livingston beach isn't very nice, it's better to go for a swim in the White Beach. The owners are Javier, a Guatemalan boy and his Belgian wife, Sandra. They are very friendly, helpful and will do everything to help you during your trip. When the hotel is full, you can stay at their home. In general, you sleep in small wooden bungalows, simple and tastefully decorated, which cost $ 20 per night for two people, or 25 for three people, with a mattress on the floor. It includes breakfast and if I remember correctly, the restaurant food is delicious. You can even order your meal in advance. The typical dish is covered Garifuna, fish soup in coconut milk. They also help you organize your excursions, to seven altars, white beach or back to Morales.
    Hotels in Morales
    Finca EL Paraíso Hotel
    The Hotel Villa Paradise is a farm that became a hotel, on the banks of the Rio Dulce in the area of Izabal. You arrive by boat from Morales and the bridge of Rio Dulce (free for guests) or by car and on the way you can take in the wonderful landscape that surrounds you. The Villa has all the comforts you need with mosquito nets, a pool, a restaurant Guatemalan food, shrimp cocktails or fish marinated in lemon, cilantro and chopped tomato, guacamole. It's 3 euros to spend the night in a bungalow for two people, but if you go as a group of friends can rent a two-story bungalow that can be shared by up to eight people. They offer many activities, boat rides, walks in the Villa, which is immense, rides on horseback or on foot, there is a canopy where you pass through the trees, and the pool to cool off, it gets pretty hot and humid. Do not forget your sunscreen and mosquito repellent, as it is built on the mangrove. The restaurant has an internet station, where you can organize the rest of your trip.
    Hotels in Panajachel
    Hospedaje El Viajero hotel
    If you are looking for something cheap, but good quality, this is a good spot. It is a small two-story house with a central courtyard full of flowers, which makes the place fresh and tranquil. The rooms on the ground floor are the worst, they don't have much light. On the second floor are the double, triple and even quadruple (with two beds) rooms that are large and very bright. All have private bathrooms with hot water. The mattresses are somewhat soft, but don't ruin your back. They allow you to pay daily, an advantage if you travel without a definite plan and do not know how long you will be there. There is laundry service (the owner of the hostel hand washes clothes in a small fountain in the courtyard, as did our grandmothers). It is situated in the busiest street of Panajachel, two minutes walk from Lake Atitlan and Sunset Café, the best place for lunch, dinner, coffee or a drink with incredible views of the lake. It is less than 5 minutes from any restaurant, cafe, travel agency, shops and other services. Worth it if you travel with a somewhat tight budget. Ideal for backpackers. The price of the rooms are between 6 € and 10 €.
    Hotels in Santiago Atitlán
    Posada de Don Rodrigo Atitlan Hotel
    This is a beautiful hotel where all the amenities mix well with the typical style of the surrounding area. It has beautiful gardens where it is lovely to have a drink, especially noted for its views of the lake. From the hotel you can arrange trips to various villages around the lake (by boat), bike tours, hikes to volcanoes etc.
    Campsites in Uspantán
    Regadillos Uspantán Quiché
    I visited this place in mid-October, however, the Barbara forest has been depleted. Soon, this place will hold a village and the site will cease to exist. It's really sad so take advantage of it because it's closed, unless the people begin to understand that there are other ways to get power for everyday chores.
    Hotels in Flores
    Mesa de Los Mayas Hotel
    When we saw the hotel room we had a new idea. We had thought was going to be a tough stay in the Peten jungle. It was spotless and very new, wide and comfortable bed. The best thing was the shower basin of powerful jet of hot water, even had a partition. Cable TV and remote control all a treat and for only 5$ more than the filthy hotel we had been in before is amazing. After showering down to dinner at the restaurant that was famous in the village for their dishes. I ordered a plate of meat which could taste deer, armadillo, wild turkey, and agouti, a rodent the size of a rabbit. The agouti is one of the best steaks I've ever had, is a joy. We wanted to take an evening stroll through the village but we no longer had the strength after two days traveling by bus, van, boat and truck won. In two days we covered the distance between San Cristobal and Flores.
    Activities in Guatemala
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