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    Paradors in Jarandilla de la Vera
    Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera
    I heartily recommend visiting the Valley of La Vera in the north of Cáceres and while there, staying at the Parador of Jarandilla de la Vera. You should remember that the area has more activity in summertime when the temperatures are more agreeable. Jarandilla serves as a good starting point and you can do day-trips to the Monastery of Yuste, Plasencia, the mountains, the spectacular Valley of Jerte, and, of course, buy some local paprika. Jarandilla has been a key area for various civilizations since times immemorial. You can find various examples of the area’s historical, cultural, and archaeological legacy from the Celts, Romans, Visigoths, and Arabs. However, one of the area’s most notable events was the arrival and stay of the Emperor Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany. He arrived in Jarandilla on November 11, 1556 and stayed in the Castle of the Counts of Oropesa which is now the Carlos V Parador. In the courtyard, you can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere with fountains and palm trees which really help you relax. There’s also a restaurant serving what, in my opinion, could be the best food in the area. I’d definitely recommend visiting Jarandilla and, if you do, staying at the Parador.
    Hotels in Caceres
    Hotel Casa Don Fernando
    We were taken by Hotel Casa Don Fernando from the very first instant. First of all, it’s located in the heart of Cáceres, near Plaza Mayor (in one of Spain’s most beautiful historic districts) and we were really wowed by the wonderful decoration and service. The rooms are comfy and quiet and the bathrooms are large. They offer family rooms which are perfect for couples with kids. One of them is in a cute attic room with a wood-slat ceiling. There is free wi-fi in all the rooms and it runs with a code you need to renew every hour. There isn’t a restaurant but there is a colorful tapas bar where you can try all kinds of well-prepared snacks. Highly recommended. The hotel has every comfort and is in an unbeatable location.
    Resorts in Valdastillas
    Hotel Balneario Valle del Jerte
    Located in the natural paradise of the Jerte Valley, this Spa-Hotel stand out as an exceptional option for spending a few memorable days in the area. It’s located in a valley near the mountains and has some unbeatable views of the surrounding area. The hotel has fantastic rooms with all the normal comforts (the truth is that I didn’t stay there, but I did take a look at the rooms to get an idea) and they have a suite that’s just breathtaking. What we did do, though, was enjoy a complete spa circuit and a cherry-therapy (yes, cherry-therapy) treatment to finish up our trip to Extremadura. As you can imagine, cherry-therapy after a relaxing spa circuit was unforgettable. It turns out that cherries (they’re like weeds in Extremadura) possess properties that revitalize your skin (trust me on this) and make for a wonderful treatment. This is a highly recommended place and not just in the springtime when the cherries are in bloom, but throughout the entire year. Besides, it’s an excellent place to celebrate an event like a wedding or a baptism and has some really nice exterior gardens.
    Paradors in Guadalupe
    Parador de Guadalupe
    This hotel was built on what was once the Palace of the Marquee de la Romana and a grammar school. It’s a splendid architectural work from the 16th century that’s connected with the old 15th-century St. John the Baptist Hospital. Nowadays, it’s a Parador. The entire complex has historically been a place of learning for grammar, medicine, and surgery. From the windows, you can almost touch the magnificent Sanctuary of Guadalupe and the square with all its shops and restaurants is only a few feet away. The rooms are a bit too monastical and austere and they could use a touch of modernity and happiness. The cleanliness is perfect and everything was well-organized. The staff was also very, very friendly.
    Hotels in Las Mestas
    Hospederia Hurdes Reales
    The Hospedería Hurdes Reales is an oasis of peace. It’s a true luxury establishment perfect for visitors looking for a few days of rest in the countryside. It’s an undoubtedly good choice. The rooms are enormous, the restaurant is delicious, and the interior pool and surrounding countryside are just wonderful. It’s definitely a good place to spend a few days relaxing and forgetting about the worries of day to day life in the city.
    Paradors in Plasencia
    Parador de Plasencia
    We arrived at the Parador and it looked impressive even from the outside. It’s a 15th century convent (although it was expanded in the 16th and 17th centuries) and is currently a magical place to spend a few quiet days with modern comforts like large beds, sunny gardens, wi-fi, and a swimming pool. To explore the interior is to discover new details with every step. The stairs (especially those leading to the bar), the cloister, the halls, the rooms…everything has a special charm that’s worth experiencing. The service, as always, is perfect. They’re friendly and very attentive. What stood out most about this Parador, besides the food (simply spectacular), is the nighttime bar. The relaxing atmosphere of sofas and divans makes for the ideal place to enjoy a gin and tonic or a glass of local wine. It’s definitely the perfect place for a magical stay.
    Hotels in Garrovillas de Alconétar
    Hospedería Puente de Alconétar hotel
    We arrived at night and entered the plaza with all its archways lit up and the Hospedería at the end, and we were pleasantly surprised. It’s strange that places like this are still not widely known. I think, though, that that’s part of its charm…it’s just another lovely place to discover. The hotel is a 15th century palace that’s been lovingly restored and now offers tons of modern comforts without sacrificing any of the old-fashioned charm. The service is great too…it really deserves a 10! They saw to all of our needs and were very professional. The rooms are very comfortable and had stupendous views of the garden and a church which lights up at night. It’s an unforgettable sight. The restaurant is warm and has a wide variety of plates and a good daily menu that’s affordable and tasty. We did various outings to points of interest in the area. I’d like to go back because the receptionist told us that we’d missed a few things in town and I’d like to explore more. Very recommendable!
    Hotels in Hervás
    Hospedería Valle del Ambroz hotel
    This beautiful hotel is located in the former convent of Trinitarian from the seventeenth century. The building is perfectly preserved but has the necessary amenities to make it a unique and charming place to rest. All rooms overlook Hervás, Extremadura - a precious corner and ideal for those seeking a rural vacation getaway with an set of artistic, enviable and numerous museums. In addition, routes can be found in the Valle del Ambroz del Jerte, where you can enjoy the natural charms of this beautiful area of ​​Caceres.
    Hotels in Trujillo
    NH Trujillo Palacio de Santa Marta hotel
    This is a beautiful hotel with a very nice staff. It's been a while since I was at a hotel where they helped with luggage and guided you where you wanted to go in the area. The hotel is beautiful, it smells good everywhere and it has a very full and delicious breakfast buffet.
    Hotels in Alcántara
    Hotels in Trujillo
    Posada Dos Orillas
    La Posada Dos Orillas was the hotel I booked when I passed through Trujillo. It spent two unforgettable days there and the hotel was a real surprise. At first glance, I liked the old-fashioned decoration in the reception and the service they gave us. They showed us a lot of respect and took us to the room personally. By coincidence, we ended up having the largest room at the hotel. What I didn’t expect, though, was that we’d have a 4-post bed, luxurious and detailed decoration, pristine cleanliness, and an indirect light that gave the whole place a relaxing air lacking in many hotels. Besides, the views of the church are spectacular. If you’re hungry, you can eat at the hotel and the food is flavorful and affordable. I especially remember the pork chops and the mandarin orange sorbet I had for dessert. The location is excellent and it’s only 300 meters from the Plaza Mayor where you can find the tourism office and a guide to give you a tour of the city. It’s been a while since I stayed in a hotel like this with such a good value. As I said…few places in Trujillo are as nice as this. It’s the type of place I’d like to stay at again and a place that has given me some good memories. What I especially liked was the rustic-style bathroom with the warm, relaxing colors. The only downside would be that the only available parking is rather far away. Again, it’s really been a while since I stayed in a hotel I liked so much.
    Country Houses in San Martín de Trevejo
    El Duende del Chafaril
    An oasis of peace. A truly wonderful country house. Surely, one of the most spectacular I have ever visited. When one enters and sees inside it is hard not to be surprised. The village, San Martin de Trevejo is beautiful, it has a special charm. The house has managed to respect all of that and, also, add touches that make you feel that rural luxury throughout your body (if that term exists or can be understood). A cosy house with an amazing pool (including spa), lounges ideal for stopping a while to let time pass and relax and an excellent cuisine make this country house accommodation much more than the recommended.
    Hotels in Caceres
    NH Collection Cáceres Palacio de Oquendo hotel
    This hotel is located in downtown Cáceres only a few meters from the Plaza Mayor. It has everything you’d expect from a 4-star member of the NH chain. The rooms are spacious, comfy, light, and modern, but still retain that classic touch you’d expect from a renovated 16th century palace. The bathrooms are very functional and modern, although the shower walls are quite low and the bathroom can get wet when you shower. But, it’s the details like the wooden ceilings and the rustic objects scattered around the hotel that really create an agreeable atmosphere. The breakfast buffet, starting at 16€, is typical of the NH chain. It offers fresh fruit, juice, milk, pastries, bread, yogurt, and savory treats that you can order directly from the kitchen. It was very complete and tasty. All in all, the hotel is pretty, well-located, and has a delicious breakfast.
    Hotels in Caceres
    Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa
    This spa hotel is housed in an old palace from the XVI century and its refurbishment has combined respect for traditional architecture with minimalist interior design. It has a total of 46 rooms and the spa area is small but has all the latest technology. It is located very near Caceres, just 15 kilometers away.
    Country Houses in Perales del Puerto
    Hotels in Torrejón el Rubio
    Hostels in Cuacos de Yuste
    Country Houses in Hervás
    Beit Shalom Rural Cottage
    The relationship between the people of Hervás and the Jews has come a long way. While it is true that it has surely gotten better over time, as the Jews were a minority population, today it is an interesting tourist attraction. So when Abigail decided to establish a rural Sephardic house, everything smelled like it would be a good idea. And so it proved. She, Sephardic, has created next to the hospedería (inn) and a few steps from the Jewish quarter a very curious and friendly rural hotel. The treatment you receive is so familiar that you even begin to believe it is your home. Abigail and her husband live there on the floor above, and offer to help you with everything you need. What’s more, they have recently inaugurated a restaurant also Sephardic in the centre of town, although I was not lucky enough to test their apparently delicious dishes. Beit Shalom is an ideal place to enjoy a charming and different accommodation.
    Country Houses in Herrera de Alcántara
    Paradors in Trujillo
    Parador de Trujillo
    The Parador of Trujillo is in the heart of historic Trujillo in the 16th-century Convent of Santa Clara. It’s been converted into a 4-star hotel that’s part of the Parador chain, although the renovation respects the original architecture and a distinct rustic and monastical atmosphere still remains. You arrive via a cobblestone courtyard where there’s an old stone well. Once inside the building, you’ll find the reception area and the entrance to the café and restaurant. From there, you can visit a gorgeous cloister which has corridors leading out to the rooms and various halls (a lounge, TV room, etc.). On the top floor, there are 4 rooms for meetings or conferences. The decor is rustic, with hardwood floors, heavy furniture, and lots of wood. The rooms are spacious and some have small balconies. All are equipped as you’d expect from a 4-star establishment (minibar, AC, safe box, cable TV, wi-fi, desks, etc.). The bathrooms are very nice and feature wonderful granite countertops, mirrors, hairdryers, and a large bathtub. Oh! And in the back, there’s a pool for summertime but it was closed since we went in the off-season.