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Cathedrals in León

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4 cathedrals in León

Cathedrals in Leon
León Cathedral
A sight for sore eyes. Leon is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, but it’s cathedral is the gem of the Northern half of the peninsula. It’s of gothic style and was built in the 13th century. It’s a smaller-scale replica of the cathedral in Reims, France. Visit it on a sunny day, if possible, looking towards the sky and taking in how its towers, almost becoming needle points, melt into the sun. It’s an astonishing view that I’ve only seen in a few places. It’s said that the most important building were constructed in the gothic style, tall, with slender shapes, as a way to try to reach the heavens, to reach God. It’s historically the city’s third cathedral. Two were built before, between 900 and 1000, but due to wards, fires and the lake of maintenance, they became ruins. It seems as though the third time has been the charm for Leon, although it’s had its “ups and downs,” because part of the building, the South part, has been rebuilt on more than one occasion. According to one of the local legends, the culprit of the building’s imperfections was a mole. It would do all the damage during the night, while the workers were sleeping, and they’d have to spend the next day repairing much of what they did the previous day. Angry, the workers tracked down the animal until they killed it. Legend says they built its cadaver into the wall, hanging above the Saint John entranceway. There’s currently a hide that hangs there, reminding everyone of the legend and protecting the building. The inside of the cathedral is a perfect place to reflect, relax and admire the impressive decoration, especially the stain-glass windows. They’re perfectly placed to capture the light of day and have different colors, creating a unique atmosphere inside of the cathedral. Afterwards, if your Schedule allows it, sit down in one of the many benches found in the plaza. Take a short rest there, enjoying the sun. From this point on, you’re free to get back to your tour of the city.
Cathedrals in Astorga
Cathedral of Santa María
Astorga Cathedral holds the title of Apostolic "Holy Apostolic Cathedral" and consists of three parts:-The area of ​​worship: Church Cathedral. -The area of ​​culture: The diocesan Archive and Museum. -The area of ​​charity: Hospital of San Juan Bautista. Entrance is free.
Cathedrals in Crémenes
Cathedrals in Astorga
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