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Islands in Italy

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96 islands in Italy

Islands in Venice
If you have time and want to leave the bustle of Venice, look around your environment and you will discover some of its picturesque islands, like the island of Burano in the north, which is extremely striking for its charm and color. Take a vaporetto (water bus) around and within 45 minutes, you'll stop at various islands, one of the most enchanting being Burano. This island is very touristy but highly recommended. It will surprise you, like a picture painted by children, all different colored houses, along with their boats. There are several theories about it, some say seeing a fisherman's homes or boat painted in a bright color was the only way to recognize them in the distance. It is an area with a dense fog and was a form of recognition. Lose yourself in its streets full of clothes hanging on the doors and balconies. Don't follow the crowd when they leave the water bus, stop, look and go your own direction.
Islands in Capri
On our trip to Capri we were pleasantly surprised. It is an island with a lot of places to discover (for visitors, of course). It's on a mountain, so the houses cascade down the side, the roads are narrow as can be, and space is valuable. The people are as happy as all good Italians are. You can not miss taking a shot of limoncello, despite the hot weather in August.
Islands in Sardara
Unos días fantásticos
Islands in Favignana
Island of Favignana
One of the best, more fascinating sea of all the world
Islands in La Maddalena
Maddalena Archipelago
The Maddalena Archipelago is made up of several islands in the Strait of Bonifacio between Corsica and Sardinia. The main island (Isola Maddalena) can be reached by ferry from Palau in just over 20 minutes. There’s a tour that includes several islands (Spargi, Maddalena, and Santo Stefano) which you can book in Palau or Santa Teresa di Gallura. I’d really recommend booking your boat tour in advance, especially if you go during the high season.
Islands in Procida
Procida Island
The small island of "Il Postino". It is one of the gems that can be found in the Gulf of Naples. It is the beautiful island of Procida. It always falls in the shadows of the more famous islands of Iscia and, above all, Capri, Procida. The two islands are not really overwhelmed by mass tourism. Because it is quite small, you can get around the island very easily on a small bike or scooter. The pace of life is so relaxed that it is very difficult to get used to the "outside world" after a few days on it, and this is especially because the outside world refers to the overly chaotic city of Naples, which is quite the contrast to this quiet and peaceful island spot. The island is only a little less than an hour to Naples, by ferry. It's so close to Naples that on the coast you can see the imposing Vesuvius on the continent, which sometimes gives the feeling of being on an island completely. Procida had its 15 minutes of fame when he appeared on stage in the beautiful film "Il Postino" (The Postman of Pablo Neruda). You can still visit the cafe where they filmed many of its scenes and one of the beaches that appear in the film. Both site are known respectively as coffee and Postino Beach. Naruda was never here, as the film moved the events of the book of Antonio Skarmeta from the town of Isla Negra, Chile, to the coast of the Gulf of Naples.
Islands in Rome
Tiber Island
Long walks in November along the city's most charming streets, full of history. The Circus Maximus, Piazza Navona, the Vatican ... Rome is a city to visit and revisit a thousand times. Walking the streets is sometimes a dream come true.
3 activities
Islands in Messina
Aeolian Islands
In 2000 this volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO (for the wealth of their ecosystems and the beauty of its landscapes, preserved in some places and others altered by uncontrolled tourism). The largest island is Lipari, which is why the archipelago is also known as Lipari Islands. The other islands include Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea. 100% recommend visiting this wonder of nature. From the ports of Milazzo, Messina and Cefalu there are frequent ultra-fast ferries..
Islands in Murano
A 10 minute vaporetto in Venice, there is absolutely nothing. A few odd restaurants where you can eat well and glass shops. If you like the glass figures, lamps, pendants, or earrings this is your place! If not you will be bored, so do not bother going.
1 activity
Islands in Livorno
Elba Island
I went to the Tuscan Archipelago because they say that Napoleon did not want to leave because it was in love with their fantastic wine (Alleático). The Alleático is exceptional. The vines grow on the banks of the Mediterranean and collect the sea flavor together with the late harvest until the wine becomes an exceptional broth. Besides that, there are fantastic beaches, islands and islets, charming ports ... A marvel.
Islands in Lampedusa
Lampedusa Island
Lampedusa is the biggest of the islands that make up the Arghipíelago of The Pelagie, in the Mediterranean and belongs to Italy. It is 205 kilometers from Italy, the southernmost territory belonging to this country and 114 kilometers From Tunisia. From a political and administrative point of view it depends on Italy but geographically it is a part of Africa, since the seabed between the 2 does not exceed 120 meters. It has a total area of ​​20km which is mostly rocky and with little rainfall. It has a population of about 5,000 people who make their living off fishing, agriculture, and tourism. When you see the pictures you'll see why ...... The water is blue and turquoise tones and it is extremely limpid, so that in some areas you see the fish and you can not believe it. It can be reached via a ferry service that leaves the Port Empedocle, close to the town of Agrigento in Sicily. But it also has a tiny airport that receives only domestic flights, especially in the summer. It is a paradise in every way.
Islands in Stromboli
Just a few miles from Sicily, in the middle of the Mediterranean, this is an impressive mass that smoke rises from. There are some while houses, and it is amazing that someone is so courageous to leave there as it is truly spectacular.
Islands in Olbia
Tavolara Island
Tavolara is a small island in Sardinia not far from Olbia. It’s a beautiful, unspoiled island that you can reach by ferry in only a few minutes. The island is about 6 km long and 1 km wide, and reaches a maximum altitude of 565 meters. It makes for a very interesting visit if you’re holidaying in Sardinia. There are no shops or bars here, just beautiful panoramas and lots of plants and sea life.
Islands in Stintino
Ansinara Island is a national park. On our trip to Sardinia we made an excursion to this unspoiled paradise in 4x4 jeeps. More than words, the pictures speak for themselves. The island terrain is very hilly and full of coves with typical Sardinian beaches. However, the upper part has the tallest tower lookout with a unique and magical view. Until then you can only reach the road by jeeps as it is not quite flat. A very enjoyable experience that I recommend to everyone.
Islands in Lampedusa
Isola dei Conigli
Isola dei Conigli is a protected marine area and part of the Lampedusa Island Natural Reserve on Lampedusa, a small island in Pelagie Islands near Sicily! Loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs on these beaches, so you can't stick beach umbrellas into the sand here. To get to the beach, you need to leave the car or motorcycle behind, and take a walking trail with beautiful views for about 15 minutes, a walk which is really worth it! Before you get to the beach, there is a panoramic viewpoint which is totally breathtaking; I would have spent hours enjoying the view! The sea around the beach is incredibly beautiful and it is one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world!
Islands in Taormina
Isola Bella Beach
Isola Bella Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and it's located near Taormina in eastern Sicily. Its clear waters join the spectacular island there, where there are buildings and a small stretch of rocks right up on the beach. It's really worth seeing.
Islands in Iglesias
Pan di Zucchero
The small island of Pan di Zucchero (“sugarloaf”) is located in the beautiful bay of Planusartu along the Costa Iglesias. Pan di Zucchero is a limestone cliff 133 meters high that’s recognizable for its light color and various levels that make it look like a gigantic cake. The island was formed by wind and water erosion and you can see the karstic ravines at its base on one of the many boat trips that leave from the beach front.
Islands in Trapani
Levanzo Island
Levanzo is the smaller and wilder sister of Favignana. Based on advice from the information point at the port we set off walking along the costal track to Cala Minnula. It is worthwhile to get a recommendation as finding the right cove will depend on the weather and tide. The cove had easy entry into the water and good visibility and looked ideal for snorkeling. Unfortunately it was also full of Pelagia noctiluca jelly fish which can give you a nasty sting. Too wild for us! So we headed back to the port and enjoyed fish couscous at Paradiso the only restaurant on the island.
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