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Museums in Ethiopia

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6 museums in Ethiopia

Museums in Addis Ababa
National Museum of Ethiopia
Lucy is a pre-hominid skeleton of the species Australopithecus afarensis, 3.5 million years old. It is in the National Museum in Addis Ababa and it was one of my dreams in this fabulous journey through Ethiopia, to see Lucy. Her name is because when she was discovered at the Beatles song "Lucy in te sky with diamons" was playing. The museum located in the city center is small but very well kept, has a bit of everything yes very interesting, has paintings of Lalibela, the thrones of the emperors, and utensils. The clothes really are worth a visit, a museum in Africa it is not common and this is worth a visit.
Museums in Dokato
Waga of Konso Museum
The Waga or totem pole of wood sculptures of Konsor is dedicated to their heroes. It is placed in the middle of the fields where the hero had died. He was a soldier who was represented by a gun. To protect it, a small museum was built with a wonderful artefacts. It is also declared a World Heritage site.
Museums in Addis Ababa
Museums in Mekele
Museum Yohannes IV
the capital town of Tigrai and the second largest city in Ethiopia next to Addis Ababa.
Museums in Aksum
Archeological Museum of Axum
Has a nice collections and tells about the ancient Aksumite civilization.
Museums in Addis Ababa
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