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Waterfalls in Ethiopia

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4 waterfalls in Ethiopia

Waterfalls in Bahar Dar
The Blue Nile Falls
The Blue Nile Falls, or Tis Abaya in the Marina language (Smoke of Water), is one of those dreamy mythical places when you read stories about early explorers and discoverers. Namely, Pedro Paez, one Alcarrenian born in 1564 in a village in the now Community of Madrid. He was the first "modern" European there. He was a Jesuit missionary, who became an expert in indigenous languages ​​and culture, and was lucky enough to know the source of the Blue Nile in 1613. It seems that little has changed in these places. Well now there's a dam generating electricity just above the falls, making the country's wealth dwindle. But the donkey road runs parallel to the Abbai River that runs between hard volcanic rocks hard. It's the path on which we started, and later crossed the Portuguese bridge and kept walking with Amhara, who was going to market with his goods (butter, honey). Until, after climbing a small hill, we began to hear the sound of water, the sound of magical waterfalls. The noise gradually got louder until we saw one of them. We moved forward and there they were. It was believed that they were the source of the Blue Nile (located nearby, on Lake Tana). It was magnificent and brown because it was the rainy season and the river was dragging mud and silt, but also beautiful and splendid.
Waterfalls in Bahar Dar
Tis Isat
First of all I have to thank Otm Tm (Olga) and Anytime Anywhere tours for this wonderfully unique trip. When they took us here from Lake Tana my jaw dropped at what my eyes were seeing , the Blue Nile Falls. It was a spectacular sight: a landscape of waterfalls, noise and water vapor, surrounded by amazing greenery, with a rainbow included. I was able to see how pretty this world is, thank you for showing us this place, Olga.
Waterfalls in Bahar Dar
The Birth of the Blue Nile Road
Leaving behind the Portuguese bridge or Alata bridge we start a pleasant walk taking us on a continuous but gentle climb to an esplanade from which we can enjoy views of the stunning Tis Isat waterfalls . But before we get to this point we need to highlight the beauty of the green fields on this road. It's an idyllic haven of peace in which young kids who are barely 6 or 7 herd the grazing goats. These same kids act as improvised guides looking to help with the family finances. Accompanied by an army of these "small" local guides we continued on our way. I was struck by the large cross that almost all of these kids wear on their chests. We crossed tiny villages in which women were busy with their daily chores while the men chatted peacefully. Finally after a walk of no more than 30 minutes, we reached our goal. The show was really awesome, but that's another story in itself...
Waterfalls in Gambela
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