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Nature Reserves in Ethiopia

14 nature reserves in Ethiopia

Nature Reserves in Negele
Abidjatta-Shalla National Park
We left direction south of Addis Ababa via Debre Zyet. During our journey we paused at the National Park Abiata-Shala Lake. They are very salty lakes which brings together a multitude of flamingos, unfortunately the day of our visit it was far too windy and there weren't any flamingoes. We took a little tour and we could see a few antelopes and ostriches, although it was very hot. It is not a park that I would recommend to visit but once the park rangers were very good.
Nature Reserves in Arba Mintch
Nechisar National Park
The Nechisar National Park is part of the area containing Lake Chamo, the most visited of the two lakes near the city of Arba Minch. Lake Chamo is home to some of the world's largest crocodiles, although we were not lucky enough to see any, as well hippos of which we could only see their heads from the boat. There are many more types of animals living here although we were only able to see pelicans and more pelicans, along with some other birds. Nevertheless, there is a special charm here and the walk through the reserve and the lake is highly recommended. Keep in mind that the lake shore is full of mosquitos.
Nature Reserves in Debark
Pastors and Waterfalls
Walking through the nature reserve with our armed guide was quite necessary. We met some shepherd children who were very kind and we spent some time singing and dancing with them in the unique surroundings and they asked for nothing. Then we toured around and appeared at the end of the landscape of the Simien Mountains, which are a waterfall with no name but are of a beauty and hard to beat. I recommend them because they are unique and unrepeatable.
Nature Reserves in Dinsho
Nature Reserves in Dinsho
Nature Reserves in Turmi
Mago National Park
Mago National Park is made up of an area of ​​2,162 square kilometers, along the Omo River, and in the area of the Mursi ..we didn´t try too much though, considering the difficulty of the tracks in the rainy. We had to give up a night of camping . Without a 4x4 . On our way to meet the Mursi, we had the chance to see how life is here. They kept animals across the track as nice as the "gerenuk" , a gazelle giraffe, also like gazelles but a smaller version, and always in pairs . Even some of those with boar tusks are huge! They say there are giraffes, lions, elephants, buffalo ... ie large mammals of Africa, but the human siege has made their populations decline and of course go to the most remote places. We approached the place where we were supposed to have camped that night, and aside from hearing the monkeys in the forest closed (luckily not camped there, frankly), next to a creek we found a wonderful little scene. Lots of butterflies, pretty quiet on the sand, piled, beyond our presence. We approached a lot, and did not move (the wings themselves, constamente). We conclude that they were mating, and of course, we passed a lot of them!
Nature Reserves in Asela
Nature Reserves in Addis Ababa
Nature Reserves in Gondar
Parque Nacional de las Montañas Simien.
Mainly you can start from a town called Debark.
Nature Reserves in Debark
Nature Reserves in Gambela
Nature Reserves in Asela
Nature Reserves in Asela
Windy Point
Windy Point is the English name given to one of the most beautiful parts of Ethiopia, although that is not really what it is called. This is a wonderful location very near Omo Park, east of the country, it is stunningly beautiful, especially the impressive gorges and precipices. It is not very well known and is rarely visited for two reasons, because Ethiopia still not a major tourist destination, and least not this part of Ethiopia, and because the only way to get here is via a few dirt roads that are quite complicated and inaccessible in the rainy season (they become really muddy and impossible to drive). This area separates the valleys of the Kivish and the Rift through a very narrow passage, it has some impressive courtyards of more than 500 meters. When you look out these cliffs seem to just be the world, really, you feel incredibly dizzy (even those who do not suffer from this phobia). Reportedly, in the military era dictator Mengistu came here to charge people, something incredible. In this area the vegetation is completely wild, everywhere you look you find hundreds of different greens that create an idyll, like out of a science fiction movie. The fauna is very diverse, and you can see all kinds of animals, the most prominent being vultures.
Nature Reserves in Gewane
Mount Ayelu
Mount Ayelu is one of the most important in Ethiopia and is located in the Afar territory, in the region of Gewane. This peak is isolated from people as it spectacularly rises from the plain reaching an altitude of 2,145 meters. It is a volcanic peak, located east of Gewane. Being isolated and the only major mountain in this area has always been very important to the surrounding population and has for many years been a place of pilgrimage. According to tradition, those who come to this peak will enjoy good health and success in war. It is complicated to climb this peak as temperatures are high during the whole of the year. We wanted to climb the peak but could not do so due to this very reason. Anyway, to simply admire this mountain without climbing it, is also a great privilege. Around the mountain the landscape consisting of shrubs and areas filled with all kinds of insects, that leave you amazed by their sheer size, is quite beautiful. This mountain is located in one of the most important nature reserves in Ethiopia, namely Yangudi Rassa National Park. This is a park that extends over more than 4,000 square kilometers, which was created in 1977 with the aim of protecting one of the most beautiful animals in the country, the African wild ass. The park has several mountains and breathtaking green areas.
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